Your Cupid Angel Message

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I asked you to choose a number to bring you a ‘romantic’ message from your Cupid Angel.

Please scroll down the page to find the number you chose, and receive your free ‘Cupid Angel message’

Did you choose number 1?
If you are currently single, expect things to change quickly – within a month. Your Cupid Angel, has fired her arrow and it’s winging its way to your true soul mate.

New love is soon set to enter your life, so this is certainly a good time to put yourself out there. Get involved, take up any invitations that come your way. The Cupid Angels, are conspiring to bring you ‘romantic happiness’ It’s yours for the taking! And it could happen anywhere. But remember, romance could pass you by, if you do not recognize an invitation.

This future relationship could result in the birth of three children and life in a house in another area of the country.

If you are already in a relationship, but looking to re-boot things between you, then do be sure to make time for your partner. Shake up your usual routine, by doing something different and fun together. Of late, you may have slipped into a bit of a rut. If you have been a little worried about your relationship. as your partner may have seemed distant of late, there is a ‘good reason’ behind this. Talk to him/her about this and your mind will be put at ease.

A romantic weekend away is just what your Cupid Angel has ordered, and it could happen before Easter.

Did you choose number 2?

If you are single, It’s a confidence thing with you, says your Cupid Angel. You may feel that it’s your destiny to never find true and lasting love. Past disappointments in love may have sapped your self-belief. But your Cupid ‘Angel’ wants you to know that, you are as truly deserving of love and affection as everyone else. Do remain optimistic that the loving relationship that you hope and dream about will soon come into your life. Trust that you Cupid Angel will take care of this. With regard to this watch out with for a day of the month with the ‘number’ 3 in it, this could be especially important romantically and could bring a meeting with that ‘special person’ that you’ve been looking for.

If you have just met someone new and sense that love is in the air, then your intuition is right.

If you are already committed, then things should be going very well. Your Cupid Angel assures you that this is a strong relationship that is mutually supportive and beneficial. If you have not yet made a commitment to one another and you are worried this may not happen – then don’t be. Your Cupid Angel, predicts that ‘you may get your wish’ on this, before June is out.

Did you choose number 3?
If you are single, your Cupid Angel, is aware that you may have a secret admirer. Someone around you has stronger feelings for you than you have been aware of. And, you will be surprised by just who this is, as this person has hidden their romantic feelings for you well. But within the space of 14 days, this will be brought out into the open when a mutual acquaintance lets it slip. And you won’t be disappointed by who it is!

If you are in already, in a relationship, your Cupid Angel says you are one of life’s sensitive souls, a natural romantic at heart. But it would seem of late, that your romantic aspirations and needs may not being met. You may feel that your partner doesn’t really listen to you anymore and you could be pulling in opposite directions in several areas of your life. Jealousy could aslo be an obstacle too.
Is this something that can be repaired? Yes, it is, but only with some open and honest discussion. But this of course, has to work both ways- it can’t just come from you.
Use the most romantic day of the year to ‘get some special time’ alone together and open your heart to your partner.

If you and your partner have already gone your separate ways and you wish they would return, then your Cupid Angel says this is highly likely.