The accuracy of tarot predictions with a ‘magical twist’

icon_tarot-white-magicThis unique White Magic psychic tarot reading offers you both insight into your future and also  a little ‘magical’ help to improve your life for the better.


I choose two tarot cards intuitively on your behalf whilst focusing on your personal details and energies.

Then working with the help of the Good Spirits and my knowledge of White Magic, I interpret your cards clairvoyantly. The first card focuses on how the tarot sees your life now and in the months ahead, including any challenges you may be facing. The  second card offers you a simple, but powerful White Magic ritual that you carry out yourself to move your life forward positively. The ritual usually involves everyday items, such as candles, etc, no special materials are needed.

Tarot is of course, said to be one of the most accurate forms of prediction, whilst White Magic helps harness Universal energies to bring you what you  most want in your life. Any rituals offered are taken from my own personal Book of Shadows and are for the ‘highest good of all and will cause harm to none’.  You can read more about my spell work here.custom spell

This inspirational psychic reading is ideal if you feel as if your life is on hold for any reason, confused about which path forward to choose,  or you are facing a problem which you just simply don’t know how to solve.


Your psychic reading and spell ritual only costs £9.95. Simply add your order now to the shopping cart below and it will be sent to you within 7 days.

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