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On my Facebook page, I asked you to choose a flower colour  to find out what it says about your personality and also a little about your future. Scroll down the page now until you find the colour you chose.


Pink is associated with love, romance, femininity, sweetness, innocence, and affection. Pink people tend to be romantic, generous and sensitive towards others. As they are often in love with the idea ‘of love ‘they can at times be a bit too forgiving of romantic partners and a little too trusting, resulting in heartache at times. Those who love this colour are natural nurturers and care-givers, and know how to be there for others …they make really good loyal friends. They can often wear their heart on their sleeves too, but they still remain positive and are open and loving to all.

People who like pink are often drawn to jobs in businesses relating to the female market such as cosmetics, fashion and beauty. Or the caring side of their nature may attract them to working as nurses, teaching/nursery assistants, etc.


Turquoise lovers usually have highly developed intuitive abilities and generally seek spiritual fulfilment in life. They could be described as an ‘old soul,’ as if they have lived on Earth before, as they seem to have an inbuilt wisdom and knowing (as if something is set to happen).

Although presenting a cool, confident and calm exterior, and appearing to be stable and balanced, beneath the surface the lover of this colour may be prone at times to roller coaster emotions. No one really know the inner world of a turquoise person as it is usually wrapped up tightly as they don’t like to bother others with their own worries.

Most turquoise lovers are good organisers and generally have management skills, so make excellent bosses. Good at multi-tasking as focusing on one thing at a time may bore them. Although they can also be prone to an over-active mind and find it hard to relax easily.

Turquoise lovers aren’t generally fond of being alone and function at their best if in a committed relationship. As a result they may go through a few in their life time. To be alone, is not usually a choice they would make!


Lilac is very much a spiritual ‘other-worldly’ type colour and those who are drawn to it are often blessed with a good measure of psychic insight. People with a fondness for this colour are often deeply insightful too about life in general and are often either creative in expressing themselves, or have great admiration for the creative endeavours of others. Among lilac loving-people there is usually a longing for peace and tranquillity for everyone, they don’t like negativity or arguing, and will do their best to avoid it. Lovers of this colour are also often attracted to the mystical arts and spiritual matters and are likely to own tarot or angel cards or certainly be interested in reading about this subject. It’s said that often lilac people are easy to live with but hard to know. They can be secretive, so that even when they seem to confide freely, their closest friends never completely know or understand them.


The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness and those who have a passion for the colour orange are inclined to be outgoing, young- at-heart and friendly. They are generally pleasant people, make friends easily and tend to smile a lot. Orange-lovers truly enjoy fun friendships and always try to think the best of people. They can easily engage in more deep discussions with people yet they are also typically light and affectionate. Orange people are generally at ease with large groups of people and also meeting new people. They wouldn’t find it particularly difficult to walk into a crowded room of strangers and would soon be mingling.

This is a stimulating colour and those with a fondness for it generally like to entertain and are often good cooks. They may even be found working in restaurants and the hospitality industry.


This is the colour of balance and harmony. It is the colour of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy.

Green people are generally natural peacemakers, but have to be careful not to give too much of themselves and end up being used.

Naturally sympathetic and caring, they make good counsellors, nurses and social workers. Many are involved in voluntary charity work and are usually a helpful and caring neighbour, particularly when they know someone is vulnerable.

Green people generally a strong sense of right or wrong, and hate any form of injustice to others and as a result with do what they can to stand up for the rights of others, especially those to whom they are close.

The lover of green usually also has a strong love of nature and loves nothing more than to be outdoors and as a result they are unlikely to feel at ease living in crowded cities or high-rise blocks of flats. Most green people are fond of their family and friends and love nothing more than spending time with them.

Financial stability is also important to ‘green people’ and they usually budget well and like to save money for the future when they can.


The colour red is usually appealing to the extrovert, who  loves people and usually has lots of friends. Red is associated with optimism, strength, energy and a desire to live life to the fullest. Red people tend to be risk takers in life and more often than not it pays off for them.

They tend to live, fast, interesting lives. But they  are prone to getting involved in love dramas and may get themselves caught up in relationships with people who are not really free to be with them. Red can sometimes be associated with aggression and impulsivity, and as result of the latter they could have money problems on occasions. A person who likes red may be also be prone to moodiness with many ups and downs in feelings. But likewise they tend to release emotions quickly and not stay annoyed too long. Reds feel that life should be happy and can be a bit resentful when life challenges this.

Due to the ‘outgoing nature’ of red people, they can often be drawn to the world of entertainment or jobs that puts them most definitely in the public eye.