aliceScroll through the numbers below to find out what the door you’ve chosen means for you:

Door Number One: 

If you felt the urge to walk through this door then you are likely to be longing for the simpler things in life. You are seeking peace and quiet perhaps after a period of prolonged stress,  and you may enjoy being alone at times quite content to have the chance to think things through free from distractions. When you are in the company of others, you generally prefer it to be fairly low key— perhaps just with friends and close family. A party life style is unlikely to appeal to you.

I sense your future is destined to be a happy one as you generally know what you want and when you know what you want, you are already half way there to achieving it.

You are also likely to be destined for a life free from the drama of others, though do be careful of limiting your choices as you are someone who is likely to get bored easily if you don’t experience some challenges in life.  A job where patience and a need to care for others is likely to appeal to you.
Door Number Two:
If you felt drawn to door number 2, I sense you are destined to achieve wealth — but, you know, of course, that it’s only if you put in the hard work. This is something which I sense you are more than willing to do. Achieving something with your life is likely to be important to you. By choosing the door with the stairs, you are inclined to want to climb to the top…rather like the sign of Capricorn You are seeking the nicer things in life, luxury, and you understand that to get those things, you’ll just have to work hard and take it, literally, step by step. You are patient and you will put in the effort safe in the knowledge that it will pay off in the end. You’re not afraid to climb to the top as you want the best for you and your loved ones. In fact, you find pleasure in the journey up there! Lady Luck is ‘blessing’ you.  I find that people who choose this number are often blessed with creative talent and their work is more than likely to put them in the public eye.
Door Number Three:
You must be cautious. I’m sensing a ‘real’ spirit of adventure within you. You may have the inclination to venture off into the unknown, and while your sense of adventure could eventually pay off, you’re still advised to heed any warning signs along the way, particularly with regard to getting involved in risky love relationships. The fire hydrant in the image is a symbol of the possibilities of danger, but what’s on the other side of the door is anyone’s guess. If you have felt the repercussions of taking too many risks lately, maybe it’s time to proceed with a little more caution. But of course both you and I know that you are not likely to do that! It’s just not your nature at all. The number 26, positioned above the door in the image, is an important number for many people as it symbolizes Heaven and Angels. Even though you’re taking a risky path, and whether or not you believe, take comfort in knowing that the ‘Angels’ are watching over you and will keep you safe whilst you are busy taking chances to get what you want most. I find that those who choose this door number often enjoy a job that involves travel, and if not working in travel certainly would love to see as much of the world as possible. Far away places will continue to call to you and you may even live abroad for a spell.
Door Number Four:
If you chose this door, you are someone who is prepared to go to battle. Whether it’s a legal battle, a struggle for power, or you’re looking for a promotion at work, you have taken the steps to prepare yourself, and it will pay off. The red in the image symbolizes power, as do the castle walls. You are someone who likes to be in charge and you will ultimately get want you want, particularly in a working environment. A management position within an existing organisation or even running your own business are ‘just so you’! Not much will frighten you away from claiming what is rightfully yours. You may feel that you have been locked out from what you wanted for too long, but now that you have crossed the moat, you’re ready to take the whole castle. If you have children your ambition for them will be limitless.
Door Number Five:
If you chose this door, don’t worry as things are about to quiet down. You are now perhaps seeking a more comfortable and calm lifestyle.  Perhaps you’ve been going through a rocky time professionally or personally (love issues). And you are now are feeling a strong need be surrounded by those who will be loyal and love you unconditionally. If times have been hard lately, find contentment in the fact that you know what you want. Aim for people and activities that will be consistent, and avoid those that will rock the boat.  Early winter time could bring more than one ‘happy surprise’ for you.
Door Number Six:
I sense that you have been feeling burdened lately, but the good news is that you now have enough optimism to pull yourself through! The dark times will soon be left behind you, but you have just a little bit further to go. You haven’t reached “the light” yet, but it’s within sight. If a brighter future still seems too far away, don’t give up yet as you have so much to look forward too. Think of all that you’ve left behind you. The worst is now over, and as long as you keeping working at it, you will find get the freedom that you are seeking.  Those who choose this number may be emerging from a broken relationship but they it is not their destiny to be alone for too long.
Door Number 7:
Get ready for some chaos in your future — but it’s nothing you can’t handle! I sense you’re almost more comfortable with not knowing what your next step will be. You like to keep your options open and every door is a door you’d like to step through….you see possibilities and opportunities in most places. Things may come flying at you from all angles, so prepare for some unexpected surprises, but that’s nothing new for you. You are seen as one of life’s risk takers and you have much to achieve yet. When that unexpected hurdle comes your way, just get ready to open another door.  Success will be no stranger to you in the future.
Door Number Eight:
I sense you’re most definitely the curious type, and while “curiosity” might have killed the cat, your curiosity will eventually pay off. There’s a big gap between being careless and curious, and of course you know the difference, as you have a natural inbuilt safety net. You know that it’s good to take unexpected risks, but you have to have some idea of the repercussions. This curiosity and sense of adventure is going to pay off. You know that one thing you’ve been thinking of doing, the thing you’ve day dreamed about, but haven’t been sure if it’s the right thing to do? Do it. There’s no time like the present to try it. It will most definitely work out. House moves and job changes are likely this year for those who choose the number ‘8’ which is the number of ‘fate’

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