Ten tarot cards that can indicate that money could be coming your way.

We dream about it, argue about it, worry about it, celebrate it, spend it, and save it.

liza mAnd agree with it or not,  as top Hollywood star, Liza Minnelli sang in the hit 70s musical, Cabaret, “Money makes the world go around’.

As a psychic I find that one of the main reasons (other than love and relationships) many of my clients consult me, is to enquire whether they can expect an improvement in their financial position.

I work with Tarot as it is one of the most accurate forms of prediction, and if money is heading your way the cards will usually foretell it.

So I thought I’d share with you today,  ten of the cards that I find usually make an appearance in a tarot spread when ‘good fortune’ is  on the horizon.  As a rule of thumb, you should probably expect in a tarot spread to find two or three of the cards listed below when finances are on the up and up.

Most of the cards I associate with ‘wealth’ are from the ‘pentacle’ suit which is strongly linked with money, and business success. Also matters relating to your status and your larger possessions such as property and vehicles.


ten of pThe Ten of Pentacles: with its ‘feel good’ scene of a happy family life, signifies that money, success and a comfortable lifestyle are on the way.  And great pleasure too from your personal achievements in attaining this.

The Nine of Pentacles: is very similar to the ‘pentacles ten’ and also indicates ‘good fortune’ With its peaceful scene of a woman in a garden surrounded by her possessions it suggests that you will soon be in a position to buy all those things that you want/need to improve your home.eight of pentacles

Eight of Pentacles: This card shows us an image of a labourer hard at work. A strong indicator, there may be a pay rise as a result of your skills and efforts being recognized and rewarded. Also the chance of promotion leading to long term improvements in pay and conditions.

Seven of Pentacles: This card generally indicates that any investments you make now will pay out ‘good dividends’ in the future.

Six of Pentacles: This indicates that money will be shared out soon. This may be the result of a sum of money (inheritance, tax refund, insurance pay out) However it comes your way, you will soon be in a position to pass the good fortune on to your loved ones by helping them out financially.

Tace of phe Ace of Pentacles: I consider this card to be the most important of all the tarot’s money indicator cards and a fabulous predictor of ‘good financial energy’ set to enter your life. If you look at the image, you see a hand holding a golden coin which literally indicates ‘a golden opportunity’ to prosper. This can be in the form of a win, bonus or a pay rise, or it may be associated with a new and better paid job – a step up generally in your financial position.

The Page of Pentacles: foretells of new financial opportunities. This can be a raise, promotion, or new job.  It can also indicate the beginning of a new venture.  A new way to make money or good news about your financial situation.  Now is the time to plant the seeds for a successful future.  If you are willing to invest time and energy, you can manifest your goals.

Knight of Pentacles: All tarot knights indicate movement, and the knight of pentacles relates to the movement of money in your direction. So if you’ve been waiting to hear about any money that you are owed then take the appearance of this card as a sign that it’s on it way.


The Empress: The charming motherly figure of the Empress is traditionally associated with the ‘time of the harvest’, a time of great plenty and for sharing. Her presence in any reading will indicate comfortable times financially heading the way of the person having the reading. Also an indicator of gifts of money or even property.

the sun cardThe Sun:  This lovely radiant card is one of the brightest in the tarot pack and predicts for you a time of  ‘ great joy and happiness’. If you’ve been struggling financially take this card as a good sign that this is now coming to an end and you will experience ‘real improvements’ in your financial situation. This may be even related to success in self-employment. So don’t hesitate to put any ideas you have into action with regard to this.