Tarot and Charms Email Reading For You

*Popular Email Reading Tarot & Charms  *

If you’ve not tried my tarot and charms email reading then you simply must. I’ve had some really great feed back on it.
I’m keeping it on on Special Offer ( for a short time only) as my clients love it . It’s one of my biggest repeat order psychic email readings. ‘Hurry….. if you want to find out what’s in store for you over the next few months, then, order yours now whilst still available

Here’s how it works:

I will intuitively select a couple of tarot cards on your behalf, whilst focusing on your energy field, to see what lies ahead in your future.  Tarot, is of course, said to be one of the most accurate forms of prediction and can often turn up a few surprising events that you hadn’t anticipated.
I will also select three charms from my ‘charm bag.
The bag contains a variety of charms and crystals, that I’ve collected over the years and use for predictive purpose in my psychic practice.

I’ve had some really great feed back from my clients about this interesting combination reading, so don’t miss out. Order yours now, whilst it’s still on ‘special offer’.

This insightful psychic reading only costs £15.00. Order yours now by following the Paypal link below:

Click here for: Tarot and charm reading


When you’ve completed check-out please let me have your DOB. Send to info@psychicreach.co.uk