Would you like a ‘White Magic positive energy spell’ cast on your behalf to bring a little magic into your life, and change it for the better?

If so, here you will find a selection of my powerful, fast acting white magic spells taken from my own personal Books of Shadows.

The spell work I undertake is totally unique to me and it is ancestral in its origin.  I carry out the traditional ‘magick spells/practices’ passed down to me through the generations. The spells I use cannot be found online at spell forums/discussion groups etc. And it is certainly not a generic, one-size fits all ‘spell recipe’ as some ‘spell casters’ offer but you can rest assured that is it ‘exceptionally potent and effective’


  1. First I cast a cleansing Spell to remove any negative energy surrounding you, that may be creating an energy blockage.  This can prevent you from receiving what you most want in life!
  2. Your name and your detailed request is then added to the collective blessings and spell rituals of the day.
  3. You will then be send full details of the casting and also some additional information to help add to the energy of the spell.

INFORMATION YOU NEED TO KNOW As a genuine psychic/witch all my spells are actually cast. You will be sent photos of the spell work as proof. It bothers me that so many people online are saying they will cast you a spell and they actually don’t! You can get a clue to this scam, when you don’t receive any details at all other than an email saying it’s been cast or something that I find concerning a ‘power word’! This is not how genuine spell work is carried out. I will send you full written and photographic details of your spell cast and also ideas how you can re-enforce its energy further. You see, I believe in the magic ‘law of threefold’ i.e. what you give out, you get back. So it is important that you are happy with the results, and this can only happen if the spell cast is actually done.


Look over the Spell menu below now,  and choose the one which is most suitable for your personal needs. I also offer customised ‘spell casts’ if you can’t see the right spell for your circumstances, feel free to contact me for more information on this. Email me at:


When you have chosen your Spell, please let me have your DOB and a detailed outline of what you would like this Spell cast to achieve for you. On the latter point this is particularly important as in order to get what you want, you must have a clear picture in your mind. Also please note that you need to allow time for the spell to gather energy. Some spells work quickly others can take considerably longer. Patience and a positive belief in magic is needed. Please send me your details by filling in the contact form.

Ready to order? Simply  select the right White Magic spell for you from the ‘spell menu’ below and I will start the spell cast within 48 hrs. (weekends excl) The full cast details will then be sent to you by email, within 3 to 4 days (weekends exc)

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