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shell typeScroll through the numbers below to find out what the shell you’ve chosen means for you

Shell 1

This prickly shell stands out amongst the other shells, as it is rough and somewhat intimidating. The creature that once lived inside of this shell could easily rely on retreating inside and allowing the spiky exterior to protect it from negative forces on the outside.

If you chosen this shell I sense that you know what it is like to go through tough times, life has certainly challenged you in recent years. However, despite this as a result of your challenges, you are now stronger and wiser. But even though you are ‘strong mentally’ you also have a gentle and sensitive side too and can be amazingly supportive of others who have also had problems.

It is difficult for you to tolerate being around negative people, and you do your best to avoid keeping company with them.

“Know that the angels love you and want you to be able to keep your own energy – and not to feel drained by those who feed off your loving energy.”

Shell 2

This lovely shell resembles the rays of the sun radiating outwards, which suggests that you are someone who is likely to have a cheerful and generally optimistic personality. You are one of life’s givers, and always like to help out when you can. But do be careful that you don’t offer too much and as a result develop feelings of resentment. It’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes. You always do your best to provide a lot of love and light to others, which is appreciated, but don’t forget to make time for some for yourself too.

This shell is also symmetrical, and can indicate that you crave order throughout your day-to-day life. As a borderline perfectionist, you like life to be simple and balanced otherwise you tend to worry a lot. Keeping to-do-lists, and staying organized are all great traits, but don’t forget to relax a little too.

Shell 3

This shell is smooth and shiny, but closed off. If you chose this shell you may be holding onto something that does not serve you any longer. Past issues and upsets may still bother you more than they should. This may be related to a relationship disappointment or someone you care about ‘letting you down’. And although you know logically that you ‘need to let go’, you still find it hard too.

“Even if you feel that fate has not been particularly kind to you and this is now your lot in life, be sure to stay in control of your circumstances and don’t give your power over to someone else. Make your own decisions and stay positive that ‘life can and will change for the better’.  When you allow others to take the reins of your life, you give them the power to create your life.  Instead, grip the reins firmly and create the life that you want.” You can certainly do it and you certainly deserve it!