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Connect ToSpirit Medium Reading by email - Connect with Spirit Loved Ones in Spirit – Spirit Medium Reading – Please note this reading is currently not available Please check back again.

Choose this unique spirit medium reading now, if you are interested in receiving messages from your loved ones in spirit.

I always recommend this psychic reading if you need a gentle reading to bring you comfort, and a sense of peace.


This reading is not available anywhere else online and is one that I’ve designed myself with the help of my spirit guides. I work with photos of departed loved ones and link with their energies allowing you to ask them questions and receive answers, and messages back from them.

I will also pass on any other clairvoyant impressions that I receive too (see my testimonial page as to the validity of my work).

This reading may give you a sense of your loved ones personality and may mention names and places familiar to you both.

As a former platform medium, I always work within the light to bring spirit messages through for you.

You can ask your loved ones up to five questions

Examples of questions that my clients have asked in the past are:

Are you now at peace and happy in spirit?

Have you reconnected with other family members ?

I’ve thought that I’ve sensed your presence in my home. Is this really you?

Have you given me any signs that you are still around? If so, what?

Are you aware just how much I think about you and miss you?

Remember these are just sample questions, you can ask whatever you feel is appropriate.


What I need from you now to prepare the reading is your name and DOB, your loved ones name and DOB, date of when they passed into spirit, and also their photograph (important so I can establish a strong link). Also advise your five questions in as much detail as possible, vague questions do tend to get vague answers from spirit.

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