Special Combination Psychic Reading

Special OSpecial Combination Psychic Readingffer For You! 

I find that many of my clients often want more than one reading, so treat yourself now to a fabulous reading by picking any 3 reading topics in my psychic mini reading menu below. I will then prepare you a  combination reading of these 3 reading topics (totalling) around 1,000 words  So you can have (for example)5 psychic predictions for the coming 6 months; find out what your future lover is like, and set yourself on a different career path, all for only £34.95! Save £££s

Personalised Psychic Love Readings

  • 5 Psychic Soulmate Predictions: Learn all about your future soul mate.
  • You and your ex: will you get back together? Wish it hadn’t ended?  This is the reading for you.  
  • Who will be your future lover ?Will you meet someone special soon? If so, when? Find out about your next important love relationship?
  • Marriage Prediction Reading: Will you ever marry or be in a committed long term relationship.
  • Want to attract a particular person? Find out how to attract the person you’ve got your eye on with a little psychic insight. Learn their innermost thoughts, and how to attract them into a love relationship.
  • Astrology love compatibility reading What can your Star Sign tell you about your relationship? Is he/she right for you? Is it a match made in heaven or hell? Find out now!

Other Psychic Readings

Other Psychic Readings

  • Quick Questions: Got a question which needs a quick answer?  Choose this 400 word reading for an accurate answer…
  • 5 Psychic Predictions for You: what will happen in the next 6 months in your life?  Find out some of it here…
  • Are you in the right career?  Struggling in a job you hate?  Find out your true career path here…
  • Will my Finances Improve?  Worried, and looking for ways out?  This is the reading for you.
  • Name Analysis What does your name mean? Using the ancient art of numerology I’ll work out exactly what your first name says about your characteristics and what will be your destiny in life Get a quick evaluation of your own name or a potential baby name
  • Messages from your angels. A psychic spiritual reading. Get loving and uplifting messages from the angelic realm to illuminate your path.

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Please include the following information: Your name & DOB, and details as to whether you are single or in a relationship. I also need your photo by attachment. And if you are  requesting the star sign love compatibility reading  I will also need both your sign & your partner’s

Don’t forget to let me know your reading choice too 🙂

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