What does your hand reveal about you and your future?

Since ancient times, people have studied the palms of the hand looking for signs of character, love, marriage, children, prosperity, happiness, etc

Every line and mark  on your hand has  hidden meanings.

What does it mean if you have a broken life line? What does a heart line with lots of chains mean? Do you have a headline that slopes? What does it mean? And what does it say about your personality? Do you have a psychic star on your hand?

From studying your palm print, I can also tell you whether you will marry (if you aren’t already of course), how many children you may have, what kind of career you are suited for, whether you will always live in the country of your birth, etc, etc. I’m one of the few psychics in the UK who are experienced enough to offer this service by email.

Send me your palm prints now and I will analyse your hand and sent you an accurate palm reading. It will cover areas such as your characteristics, what the future is likely to hold for you , including love, marriage, career, finances, business, etc. I usually see a palm reading as looking more to the long term rather than the immediate months ahead.

What I need from you to prepare your email palm reading.

A clear print of both sides of your dominant hand (the hand you write with)

You can either send me a photocopy or a scan.

If you normally wear rings please leave these on, as even the fingers you choose to wear your rings on (apart from the wedding finger)has a hidden meaning. 



Ready to order?

Your ‘Palm Reading’ only costs £24.95 Click the button below right now and your psychic palm reading will be sent to you via email within 7 days (usually less)

And then email a print of both your hands to Also let me know your DOB.  Please note this is NOT a free psychic service.