Pregnancy Prediction Reading via email


Please not this reading is not currently available. You are welcome to order one of my question readings with regard to this subject.

My accurate psychic pregnancy prediction reading by email is always popular. This lovely reading has brought ‘good news and joy’, to many hundreds of my clients throughout the world.

Find out now:

1. When you are most likely to conceive.

2. The sex of your baby.

3 I will also tell you whether I see any further children for you in theFind out now: future.

As usual I work with ancient wisdom of the Tarot and astrology. This reading is suitable for those of you actively trying, or those (single or part of a couple) who are just curious about their future children. You can expect your personal reading to be around 500 words.


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Please send the following info using the form below. I cannot complete your reading without it.

1. Your full name and date of birth.

2. Whether you are currently trying to conceive.

3. Whether you already have children.

4. A photo of yourself, and your partner if applicable.

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