5 psychic predictions for you + Good Luck Spell


Choose my ‘No 1 selling’ psychic email reading and spell package now, if you are interested in receiving 5 accurate future psychic predictions + a FREE fabulous Good Luck attraction spell cast.

As a guide to timelines for the future predictions I usually see the reading as focusing on the next six months.

The predictions will focus on all areas of your life such as, love, career, money, family, etc  These are not just one line predictions but carry some detail.

As a genuine psychic  I always work within the light and link with the Good Spirits to bring you your future predictions. I also work with tarot and crystal to add some more detail.  However, please note this reading does not have a particular area of focus nor  is it  intended to answer particular questions, if this is what you are looking for please choose one of my question readings..

I will also cast for you a powerful Good Luck attraction spell plus a FREE additional casting at the next Full Moon.

The spell works by removing any negative energy around you and replacing it with lots of positive energy that literally acts like a good luck magnet.

This is a lovely positive spell, and is ideal if you feel that you have been going through a difficult period when nothing at all seems to go right!

Many people say following the spell casting that they notice the effects after just a few days (though it may take a little longer) by things suddenly starting to go more their way, and totally unexpected opportunities suddenly being presented in their life. The spell continues to gather energy once cast and the good energy will remain with you for a couple of months.

When ordering this prediction & spell package, please let me have your DOB, your relationship status and whether you are currently working. Also whether you want any area of focus for your good luck spell:

Ready to order?  Your 5 psychic predictions  + FREE Good Luck attraction spell cast only costs £29.95,  so just add your order to the shopping cart  below now and your email reading and details of your Good Luck spell casting will be sent to you within 7 working days (usually less ).

Please use the form below to send me your details  Please DO NOT fill in the form  unless you have  first completed payment, as this is NOT a FREE psychic service If you experience any problems with the form not going through. Please email your info directly to me at: info@psychicreach.co.uk

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     Posted on Wed 12th Feb 2014 23:20:45