A Simple Spell to Stop Gossip

We all often A Simple Spell to Stop Gossiplove a good chat about other people, but if that chat turns out to be malicious gossip, it can be hurtful and destructive to the victim. If someone is throwing bad luck at you by spreading malicious gossip about you, try this simple spell to banish the gossip and protect you from their negative energy.

You will need

A slip of paper with the gossip’s name on it

A mixing dish

One red pepper

One green pepper

One strong onion

A knife

A teaspoon of pepper

A freezer or ice compartment in a fridge

What you do

Do this spell on a Saturday.

Place the slip of paper in the dish, then chop up the peppers and stir the mixture around. The pepper is the banishing ingredient and the onion acts as a protective ingredient. As you mix, say the following words:

May your tongue be sour from  your gossip

May your words return to you

May you realize the pain you have caused

And harm no one again.

Then place the dish and its contents in the freezer or ice compartment for 24hrs the discard the mixture in the wastebin.

Posted on Tue 29th Apr 2014 21:39:30

Queen of Hearts Love Spell

Queen of Hearts Love SpellBring a little magic into your love life with this simple to follow attraction spell. Its purpose is to become popular with the opposite sex.

Items required: Red candle, Queen of Hearts playing card, (King of Hearts, if you are male),pen, candle holder. Oil (almond oil, lavender oil, rose geranium or ylang ylang oil are all suitable for this spell)

Suggested lunar phase: Waxing moon (growing in size).

Take the Queen of Hearts from its deck and write your name in all four corners. This ensures your ability to attract from all directions. Next, rub the card with the oil of your choice, and  place it on a heat proof surface. Now take the red candle and dress this with the oil too. As you do so, focus all your thoughts on the candles and ask that you be enpowered with the powers of attractiveness, and desirability. Visualise yourself surrounding by adoring suitors. Next, put the candle in a holder and place this on top of the card and light the wick. As the candle burns down its said that it enhances your ability to attract attention of men.

Be warned though, if you don’t like to be the centre of attention, or you would feel hounded if pursued, this spell is not for you!

Posted on Thu 10th Apr 2014 21:14:13

Love charm to dream of a future marriage partner

Love charm to dream of a future marriage partnerLegend states that you will dream of the person you will marry if you sleep with a mirror under your bed.

Try it yourself on the next full moon.

First, light a pink candle and put it next to your bed (a birthday candle will do).

Gaze into a small mirror and say the following charm:

‘Goddess of the moon, lady of enchanted light, show the face of my beloved to my dreaming sight’.

Blow out the candle, and place the mirror under your bed (not under your pillow).

Posted on Tue 4th Jun 2013 15:50:55

Lentil magic for fertility

Lentil magic for fertilityLentils are a great addition to the store cupboard, but they are also said to have magical powers too.

Many cultures ate them for fertility – the Ancient Greeks were big fans, as they believed that eating them would keep a man virile and ensure a pregnancy in a woman.

Our ancestors also thought that throwing lentils in the fireplace could distract evil spirits.

Use red ones in spells for love and happiness and green ones to attract money.

 Posted on Mon 25th Feb 2013 14:59:08

Magical spell to help improve insomnia

If you’re a light sleeper, often even the long, dark winter nights can’t stop you from tossing and turning. So why not try this ‘sleep sweet’ spell it might just do the trick and enable you to get a restful night’s sleep.


In a small bowl, mix together three tablespoons of dried lavender and the grated rind of one lemon. Then sprinkle some spearmint essential oil ove the top, and light a purple candle next to the bowl (purple encourages restful sleep)

After a few mintues, blow it out and take the bowl to your bedroom. Place it near your bed, then when you turn the lights out, you’ll be nodding off in no time.

 Posted on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 20:05:47

Magic up some extra cash.

Magic up some extra cash.


You will need:
One jam jar
A handful of coins
Red ribbon
A small magnet

Fill the jar with the coins, the ribbon (for positive energy) and the magnet (to attract cash). Close the lid, shake the jar three times and say this mantra every day for a week:

‘Angel of money, hear my plea,
The money I need is for the good, and not for greed.’

Extra cash should then soon turn up. Repeat as needed.

 Posted on Wed 21st Nov 2012 22:49:58

Good luck spell

Good luck spell


We all have times when we feel that things are working against us, as if  bad luck is following us around. Here’s a simple good luck spell to banish negativity and attract good fortune to you.

You will need:
Several white tea lights
Some salt

Start by having a good spring clean in your home. Get in every nook and cranny, and don’t forget lampshades and windows, as a build-up of dirt and dust can trap negative energies. In the evening, light a tea light in every room of the house and sprinkle a little salt (to help spiritually cleanse) on the floor in each as you recite these words:

‘Ill fate be gone,
I shall have none.’

Posted on Wed 7th Nov 2012 11:59:11

Online dating love spell

Spell to find love online

If you have being using internet dating sites for awhile and not had much success, then try this simple PC passion spell.


A small bowl of caraway seed (powerful in love spells)

Your computer

A sticky note (or small piece of paper)

Online dating love spellA pink candle

If you can, cast this spell on a Friday, when the moon is full as this is the perfect time to invoke romance and friendship.


Place the bowl of caraway seeds next to your computer, to draw new love towards it. Take a sticky note and write your name, then the words ‘To find an ideal partner’ Stick this note to the corner of your computer screen. Log on to the internet and light your pink candle next to the seeds. Then say this spell three times:

‘Using powerful caraway seeds will help to fulfil my internet needs. A love will grow from this very day, my online partner is on his/her way.

Then let the candle burn down. Leave the seeds and the sticky note in place for a month. Soon you won’t be just be clicking with your computer mouse – you’ll be clicking with Mr Right or Miss Right too 🙂

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Magical spell to banish panic

Magical spell to banish panicA panic attack striking when you are outside can be extremely frightening and many people suffer from them to the point of being afraid to go out.

If this is you, you could try this simple magic spell to help banish them.

You’ll need:

  • Five small white candles
  • A piece of gold jewellery, necklace or a ring.

What to do:

Gold is the sun metal so links to anything related to health and accomplishments. When it’s magically charge it can act as a charm to calm emotions and balance your mood.

On a full moon – the best time to work with mental health issues – place your white candles in a circle on a work surface and light them.

Take your gold jewellery and put it in the centre of your candles, staring into the flames for a few minutes. Visualise yourself being calm and relaxed when in public places or on public transport. Now say this spell 12 times: ‘Drive out my panic, breathe in, breathe out. My stress will vanish when I’m out and about’

When you’ve finished close with the words ‘So mote it be’

Then let the candles burn down, then wear your gold jewellery whenever you are out in public. You’ll soon find yourself feeling much more relaxed.

 Posted on Fri 31st Aug 2012 23:03:51

Can magic make you rich?

Can magic make you rich?Can magic make you rich?

Magic can certainly give you the chance to attract more money into your life, although it doesn’t mean you will win the lottery.

You’ll still have to keep your eyes wide open for opportunities, and act on them.

Grow pots of basil on your windowsill, and keep a fresh leaf in your wallet along with a pound coin that you never touch.

This will ensure that your purse is never empty. Eat porridge for your breakfast and afterwards add a spoonful of oats to a jar every day. Oats are said to encourage money growth.

 Posted on Mon 6th Aug 2012 15:49:13

Good fortune spell

Good fortune spellCan magic change our fortunes?

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of bad luck lately you may find the following spell useful. It has the effect of reversing the negative energies in your life and inviting good luck into your home.


12 white tea lights (12 is the highest spiritual number, and white represents peace & purity)

A picture or ornament of a white unicorn.


On the night of a new moon, take the white tea lights and place them in a circle on a large surface. Inside the circle place the unicorn picture or ornament. The unicorn symbolises the purest of creatures, so will bring a change of luck and an abundance of love into your life.

Light the candles and say the following spell three times:

‘Take forth this ill luck, bring peace to this place, Magical moon engulf and embrace.

Unicorn, shine your beautiful power, All that is harmful be gone this hour’

 Posted on Thu 19th Jul 2012 11:51:29

Easy Love Spell To Meet Mr Right

Easy Love Spell To Meet Mr RightThis is a really easy love spell, and more importantly it usually works very quickly.

You’ll Need:

A pink candle

A stick of vanilla incense

A bar of unscented soap

What to do:

On a Friday night during a full moon phas (the best day to cast spells for love) place the pink candle and the incense on a table and light them both. While they are burning down, take a few minutes to imagine your dream man. Now say this spell seven times:

“I call out to my soulmate dear,

to seek me out and bring me near,

The magic of this day will bring,

My love, my life, my everything.

When the candle and incense have burned down, place the soap in your bathroom. Every morning, wash your face with the soap, and within a few weeks, you should meet your Mr Right.

 Posted on Tue 19th Jun 2012 10:44:05

Romany Love Spell To Prevent Divorce

Romany Love Spell To Prevent DivorceDivorce is frowned upon in the Romany community, so this spell is used to heal a broken marriage. It requires only an apple, true love, and the sheer determination to keep the marriage intact.

The advantage of this spell is that a link has already been established. The marriage simply needs reinforcement or bridging.

To cast the spell: Buy a perfect-looking apple. If it is summer or autumn you can give the spell more potency by plucking an apple from a tree yourself; as an apple right off the tree has more life force to it.

Cut the apple in half. Regard it as a lucky omen if the seeds have not been severed with the knife, but don’t worry if they have.

On a piece of clean, unused white paper write your name . Next to it, write the name of your partner.

Cut out the names, keeping the paper they are on small enough to fit between the apple halves. Then place the paper with the names between the two halves and imagine the marriage being healed.

Afterwards skewer the apple halves together with two pins, inserting the pins diagonally from right to left and left to right.

When you position the pins send your love to your partner and ask for the love to be reciprocated.

Romanies then use their campfires to bake the apple. You could place your apple in the oven instead, and bake until the apple appears whole. If you can get partner to eat some of the apple (pins removed, of course) so much the better to strengthen the spell further.

Posted on Mon 16th Apr 2012 21:37:17

Full Moon – Job Success Spell

Full Moon - Job Success SpellThe powerful and magnetic energy of the moon affects more than just the tides – it can alter our mood and our lives too.

In a couple of weeks, the full moon falls on Thursday 8th March and, of course, the full moon is a great time to cast spells for work and business.

If you’d liFull Moon - Job Success Spellke to find a job or ask your boss for a pay rise or promotion, light a purple candle on this date and call upon the moon’s magical powers to help ensure your wish is granted.

 Posted on Wed 22nd Feb 2012 14:35:17

Magic Away Your Headaches

Magic Away Your HeadachesThere are many spells that can help with alleviating painful headaches, but this particular one has excellent results. Try adding a  couple of drops of lavender and geranium essential oil into a bowl of warm water. Soak a flannel in the water and place over your forehead. Breathe deeply and repeat over and over: ‘My pain is melting away’.


Posted on Fri 27th Jan 2012 21:48:47

Pregnancy Spell

Pregnancy SpellYou will need:Pregnancy Spell
A basil plant
Red ribbon
Two red candles
Basil is believed to possess magical properties and increase the chances of conception. Carefully snip off a little bunch from your plant and tie the red ribbon in a bow round the stems, A basil plantmaking a bouquet. Hang the basil over your bed and light the red candles. Be sure to make love that night. When the basil starts to wilt, replace it with a fresh bunch, to keep your fertility tip-top.

Posted on Fri 28th Oct 2011 22:53:46

Love Spell To Get He/She To Date You

Love Spell To Get He/She To Date YouCollect rose petals after the dew has disappeared in the morning. Place all but one of the rose petals on white paper to dry the moisture. The petals will need turning to dry completely. On the remaining rose petal, prick your name with a pin above the name of the one who you want to date you. Pour the other petals into a handkerchief or pretty scarf and sprinkle them with powdered orrisroot (available online or herbal supply shops), mixing and crumbling the two together until you have a fine powder. Put the still-whole petal bearing your names on top of the mixture. Scoop the ingredients into a ball shape and tie a red ribbon around them. Sleep with the spell pouch under your pillow and you will not be alone much longer!

 Posted on Fri 28th Oct 2011 21:45:48

A Love Spell To Invite A Special Lover Into Your Dreams



ROMANY LOVE SPELLAt midnight, light a golden candle in your bedroom. Write your lover’s name on a small piece of white paper andA Love Spell To Invite A Special Lover Into Your Dreams put the piece of paper besides your bed. Place a vase with a rose in it on top of the paper bearing your lover’s name. Look into the candle flame and dwell upon your lover saying: “Tonight I shall dream of true love.” Snuff out the candle get into bed, and enjoy loving dreams. When the rose fades, remove the petals and scatter your dreams into the wind.


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Happiness Spell

Happiness SpellIf you’ve been feeling a bit depressed of late you may find that this simple but effective spell may help.

What to do

Go outdoors on the first clear day that comes along and open your arms to the clear blue sky. Next  ask to feel joy in the good weather repeated in other things.

Afterwards light a sky-blue candle, and wish for pure happiness. Don’t be specific to any one thing – just let providence choose for you. You can repeat this as often as you like throughout the day, and you’ll be granted happiness in something important before a week is up.


Posted on Fri 21st Oct 2011 15:51:05

Spell To Silence Gossip

Spell To Silence Gossip

Write the gossiper’s name in blue ink on a small square of purple paper.

Place the piece of paper into a small, empty bottle, then fill the bottle with garlic cloves or powder. Bury the bottle outside or in an indoor pot to stifle the gosspers words.

 Posted on Mon 17th Oct 2011 22:52:46

Rites of Departure

Rites of DepartureWiccans have a positive view death seeing it as part of the natural cycle of endings and rebirth and because of this belief in the afterlife and reincarnation, they tend not to fear it. They call a funeral ‘the Requiem’ or the ‘Rites of Departure’. Most Wiccans are cremated as they don’t support the use of embalming fluids or airtight coffins that are sealed off from nature.

A ‘sending ceremony’ takes places place prior to a cremation, where close friends and family gather round a wicker casket laced with flowers. Each guest places a gift, such as a crystal or a message written on a card, on top of the casked while saying their goodbyes.

Following the cremation, the ashes are taken to the person’s favourite tree, where they are buried or scattered. Coloured ribbons are tied to the branches so that they send prayers to the angels across the winds. Finally, all guests light a white candle and drink a glass or wine to toast the passing of their loved one.

 Posted on Tue 11th Oct 2011 22:18:15

Romany Love Spell – To Encourage A Lover’s Return

Romany Love Spell - To Encourage A Lover's ReturnTo encourage a lover back all you need is a box of new pins, an onion, and the desire for your partner’s love.


Begin on a Friday night by pressing one pin into the pinonion. Imagine you are putting a thought into your lover’s mind, as you pierce the onion with pin, say:

It is not this onion I wish to stick,

But your mind and heart I wish to prick.

You’ll think of me night and day,

Until with words you arrive and say, ” I Love You.”

Leave the onion in the sunlight, to invoke enlightenment.Leave the onion in the sunlight, to invoke enlightenment.

This spell must be repeated for seven consecutive nights, preferably at the same time each evening. When the onion has seven pins in it your spell is completed. Plant the onion in the open with love’s blessings.

 Posted on Wed 14th Sep 2011 22:01:15

A Spell to Help Improve Your Flirting Techniques


If you feel you need a little magical help to improve your flirting techniques then try this simple spell.


Items Needed:

13 daisy petals
1 tablespoon of lavender bath salt or some lavender petals.
Pinch of cinnamon
Pink or red candle

Taking this  magical bath before you go out for an eveninmagical bathg of romance should really help boost your sex appeal. In your bath water,  place some daisy and lavender petals, a pinch of cinnamon, and place a candle at the side of the bath. Choose a pink candle for romance, or red for passion. Daisies represent innocent love, while cinnamon adds a touch of spice. Light your candle and fill the tub. Place the flowers and spice in a cheesecloth bag, and let them diffuse in the bath. Climb in, relax, and visualize the kind of lover you want. Don’t use soap or any other bath products. When you’re ready to get out, snuff out the candle with wet fingers. Do not rinse off, but simply towel dry. The magic of the bath will stay with you all night.



Posted on Sun 24th Jul 2011 19:26:29

Magic Spell To Lose Weight

Magic Spell To Lose Weight

You will need:
Camomile tea leaves/bags

Camomile tea can be used to magically cleanse your system and help shift that excess weight. Make a brew, and as you sip it, imagine yourself at your ideal weight. When the tea is finished, repeat this mantra:

‘I cleanse my soul to reach my goal,
The power of will I shall instill.
Healthy within, slender and slim.
So mote it be.’

Repeat at least once a day, especially when you feel your willpower flagging!


Posted on Sat 23rd Jul 2011 22:12:54

A Spell To Pass Your Driving Test

You will need:

Two teaspoons of raspberry leaf loose tea
Boiling water

The day before your test, put the raspberry leaf loose tea in a pot and add boiling water. Steep for five minutes, then strain into a cup. Place your left hand above the cup and say out loud that you wish to stay calm and focused in your test. Then drink the tea. Repeat three times in total that day, the third time just before you leave the house to take the test.

 Posted on Tue 12th Jul 2011 10:58:18

Love Spell To Increase Feeling of Togetherness

Love Spell To Increase Feeling of TogethernessYou will need:

  • 2 candles in your favourite colours
  • A piece of rose quartz

Place the two candles somewhere where they won’t be disturbed, place the rose quartz midway between them, and leave for a month. Light the candles each day for 15 minutes and focus on the two of you becoming a committed couple. When you blow out the candles, place them a little closer together. Once the candles are touching either side of the quartz, tilt them towards each other so there’s just one flame burning from the two wicks. Let the wax drop on to the stone until it’s completely covered. Give the gemstone to your partner, and have him keep it close, ideally touching his skin. Or put it under your bed on the side he sleeps on.

Posted on Tue 12th Jul 2011 10:53:10

A Tarot Love Spell


  • Deck of tarot cards
  • Orange or lemon oil
  • Pink, red, or orange candle
  • Oil burner

When: Waxing Moon, preferably on a Friday when you’re with the one you love.

This spell is designed to draw the one you love closer to you. Choose whichever oil you like best and pick your candle colour according to what you are tyring to accomplish. Pink represents love, red represents passion, and orange represents balance.

During the Waxing Moon, before you’re going to be with the one you love, put several drops of the oil you’ve selected into your burner. Dip two fingers into the oil and anoit the candle with oil. Remove the suit of cups from your deck of tarot cards – it represents affairs of the heart. Then, select the king, queen and 9 of cups (the wish card) Place the three cards on a table top, between the candle and the burner.

Light the burner and your candle, and state your wish. Be specific. Imagine it happening. Blow the candles out when you’re finished, anoit them again with the oil, and place them in the area where you and  your lover will be spending time together. when the two of you are in that room, make sure the candles are burning.

On the night of the Full Moon, light the candles again, state your wish once more, then snuff out the flames rather than blowing them out. Throw out the candles when you’ve finished and wait for the magic to happen.

 Posted on Fri 1st Jul 2011 18:15:09

Love Spell – Make Him Notice You

Love Spell - Make Him Notice You

You will need:Two pink candlesStarting on a Friday, place the candles on either end of a fireplace or table. Light the candles and spend half an hour thinking about how happy you’d be together. Now blow out the candles and move them an inch closer. Do this every day until the candles touch. By then you should be organising your first date! 


Posted on Wed 8th Jun 2011 15:53:33

Are You Under Spiritual Attack?

Are You Under Spiritual Attack?THE WARNING SIGNS


  • You suddenly start feeling nervous and unsettled  in your own home for no reason
  • The temperature may drop suddenly
  • You start hearing or seeing things
  • Objects move on their own or vanish completely
  • You often get the feeling that you are being watched
  • You feel exhausted, depressed or unwell but your doctor can’t find any medical cause


If you suspect you or your home might have a negative spirit attachement you can either contact a local priest for advice or get in touch with the Spirit Release Foundation


You can also contact the Spiritulalists National Union, www.snu.org.uk

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 Posted on Sun 5th Jun 2011 21:36:53

Betwitching Ingredient

Betwitching Ingredient

The dew that gathers on Midsummer’s Eve is said to have magical properties.

It’s even believed to heal the sick and make the blind see!

Decant drops of dew into a bottle and mix in a couple of drops of rosemary esential oil. Add to baths when you want to feel strong, or spinkle around your home for protection.

 Posted on Mon 30th May 2011 18:15:37

Easy Magic – Banish The Evil Eye

Easy Magic - Banish The Evil EyeGarlic is well-known for keeping vampires at bay, but did you know that if you hang a string of 12 garlic bulbs over your front door it’s said to banish jealousy or someone’s ill wishes

 Posted on Sat 7th May 2011 15:33:39

A Spell of Good Health

A Spell of Good Health

According the World Health Organization, (WHO) there are more sorcerers and witches practising medicine in Russia than there are doctors!

Data collected by the WHO recently found that there were about 800,000 occult healers in the former Soviet country, compared to just 640,000 professional doctors.

Interest in the paranormal really took off in the final years of the USSR, when psychic healers Anatoly Kashpirovsky and Allan Chumak became huge stars and drew TV audiences of millions as they demonstrated their sixth senses. Even today shows like “Bitva Ekstrasensov” (Battle of Psychic) enjoy prime time slots on Russian TV.

Posted on Fri 6th May 2011 23:32:08

A Simple Spell To Keep A Lover Faithful

A Simple Spell To Keep A Lover Faithful Gypsies believe that even if your lover’s attention is wandering  the situation isn’t entirely hopeless if you try this simple spell.

Wait until Friday, because Friday is governed by the goddess Venus.

Take your favourite pen and a piece of fresh white paper, write your first name and your lover’s surname. Draw a square around them.

With your eyes closed say aloud:

“Our fate is sealed. We are one”

Cut the square out and place it insider your pillowcase, or among your most intimate possessions. Your lover will return.

Posted on Thu 5th May 2011 19:43:12

Gypsy Spell For Deciding Between Two Lovers

Gypsy Spell For Deciding Between Two LoversTHE ETERNAL TRIANGLE

If you’re undecided between two lovers, gypsy magic can help.

Take two tulip bulbs. With a new pin scratch the name of one of your admirers on each bulb. Remembering which bulb represents which lover, plant the bulbs beside each other in a pot, window box, or garden.

The Gypsies believe that the bulb that blooms first will reveal the admirer who is most deserving of you.

Posted on Sat 30th Apr 2011 11:27:50

Spooky Fact

Spooky FactDid you know that….all the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666?

Well, they do say gambling is devilishly addivictive!

Posted on Sat 23rd Apr 2011 21:57:12

Spell To Deter Burglars

Spell To Deter Burglars

You will need:
One tablespoon of garlic salt
A few sprigs of fresh mint, chopped (or one tablespoon of dried mint)
A fireproof dish or bucket

Place the garlic salt and mint in the fireproof dish. Write ‘protection from intruders’ in ink on a piece of paper. Light the paper and add to the dish so the mixture smoulders. When the moon is waxing, take the cool ashes and bury them in the ground close to your house as you say:

‘I sanctify and clear this place,
Let all that trespass be banished with haste

 Posted on Tue 12th Apr 2011 16:57:12

A Protection Spell Against Your Enemies

A Protection Spell Against Your EnemiesThis simple protection spell is from Valerie Worth’s “The Crones Book of Words”

Hang an ash-bough

Over your door,

Fill your pockets

With iron nails,

Carry always

The mullein-leaf,

But say these words

Against the worst:

I stand

In Circles

of light

That nothing

May cross

Posted on Mon 4th Apr 2011 17:27:24

For Telling Fortunes by Sand

For Telling Fortunes by Sand


On a red paper

Spread dry sand;

Draw with the finger

A circle there;

Gather the grains

Outside the rim

And let them run

From the left palm, slowly

Down to the circle’s

Centre, saying:


Time is truth

Time is sand

Time run true

From my own hand:

For love

For joy

For pain

For death….


Repeat these four;

When the sand ends,

In that word

The truth will rest.

Posted on Mon 28th Mar 2011 21:39:48

Spell to Dispel Sorrow

Spell to Dispel SorrowThis spell is from Valerie Worth’s “The Crones Book Of Words.”

When world and fate
Conspire to mark Your life with lines
And characters dark,
Mould a tablet
Of earth or clay,
Write on it all
You would cast away-
All you regret,
All that you bear,
All that afflicts you,
All that you fear-
Break it and bury it
In the ground,
saying this charm
To heal the wound:

“Sorrow be dust
And dust dissolve:
Let my grief
Go into this grave.”

 Posted on Thu 24th Mar 2011 22:57:41

A Simple Spell To Make Your Wish Come True

A Simple Spell To Make Your Wish Come True

Even if your wish seems out-of-reach or impossible don’t despair try using this simple spell. This is a white magic spell so it’s power is based on not interfering with anyone’s free will.

Items you will need

A light blue or white candle

A piece of paper

A pen

Faith that ‘all things are possible’

Write your name and date of birth on the piece of paper, followed by your wish.

End it with this:
‘While many without faith may dismiss
I promise I will always believe in this wish
And in the things I am yet to learn
So grant me this wish I soulfully yearn’

Fold the paper 3 times.

Now light the candle and burn the paper whilst repeating the phrase above.

Move the candle to somewhere safe and let it burn out.

It may take some time for the wish to happen, but eventually it will, unless what you wished for wasn’t white magic or the spirits saw it wasn’t what you needed, although this happens very rarely.

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Posted on Mon 21st Mar 2011 21:52:01

A Magical Charm To Secure Your Dream Job

A Magical Charm To Secure Your Dream JobIn these days of high unemployment if you’re searching for work or perhaps just looking for a better job you may find details of how to make this good luck job charm of interest

So if you have an interview looming large, or you’re hoping for promotion why not seek a little magical help to improve your chances of securing the job of your dreams! This charm will help boost your confidence and convince future employers that they really should give you a chance to show just how talented you really are!!

On a Sunday take a clean handkerchief, preferably green in colour, and lay it flat with one of the corners pointing towards you. Place three cardamom seeds, a bay leaf and a sprig of rosemary (or a teaspoon of dried herbs) in the centre.

These herbs are believed to surround you in self-confidence and attract positive energy. The cardamom seeds are traditionally believed to sweeten your personality and bring out your natural eloquence. Bay leaves are the ancient Roman symbol of success and triumph, whilst rosemary is a herb of achievement and mental alertness.

Then tie the corners of the handkerchief together with a length of thread or string so that you have a bundle of herbs small enough to carry with you to job interviews.

Before each interview hold the little bundle and touch it to your forehead, keep it there while you close your eyes and visualize yourself walking into the interview room, radiating confidence. Imagine yourself wowing the interviewer(s) with your personality. Visualize yourself being in a position to pick and choose jobs at will.

Carry the charm in your pocket or bag to all your interviews and be sure to accept any possible rejections as a sign from the universe that this job was not right for you. When you come across a job that is perfect for you, your charm will help you get it.

I passed this charm to a lady who had been unemployed for several years.

She was of the opinion she would never work again. Her self-esteem was at rock bottom. But, once she started carrying the charm to interviews within two months she was back in the work force and re-starting her life. Why not try it. It may work faster than you can ever imagine!!

Posted on Tue 15th Mar 2011 07:11:46

Love and Lust Spell Potion

Love and Lust Spell Potion

Here’s a simple love spell that you can cast yourself.

You will need:

1 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier
dash sprite

Add your ingredients to a glass filled with ice. Sprinkle allspice on top of the drink as you chant:

Love and passion must happen,
Love as hot as fire is my desire.
So mote it be.

Share a glass with the person you desire.

Posted on Tue 1st Feb 2011 16:39:25

Candle Magic

Candle MagicCandle magic is said to be  one of the most effective and simple forms of spell-casting. It is commonly used by pagans and witches – followers of the pagan philosophy of Wicca – but we have almost all used it at some point, even if we do not realise it. Ever blown out the candles on a birthday cake while making a wish? It really can be as simple as that, but it can also be more elaborate if you choose.

Before you begin, you obviously need to have a clear idea of what it is that you wish to achieve. Think this through carefully, considering if it is what you really want and how your intended outcome might affect others. It is always good to bear in mind that the Wiccan rede, or law, “an harm it none do as ye will”, was written for a reason and anything that does not sit comfortably with this is grey magic at best.

Choosing your Candle

Once you are sure of both your objective and your motives you can choose the colour of your candle. Colour has an important impact on how we think and feel. This is equally important in magic. If you can’t find the colour you need, white is all things and will always suffice. Never feel you have to use a colour you don’t like as the negativity could affect your outcome.

A Brief Summary of Colours

  • Gold – The sun, attraction, money, autumn
  • Silver – Overcomes negativity, the moon
  • White – Truth, purity, spirit, peace
  • Red – The south, summer, fire, sex, life force, energy, passion
  • Orange – Adapting to different circumstances, motivation
  • Pink – Female energies, love, romance, friendship
  • Yellow – East, air, artistic abilities, the mind, laughter, happiness, concentration
  • Light Green – Fertility, spring, creativity, progression
  • Dark Green – Good fortune/luck, earth, money, the north, growth, strength
  • Light Blue – Cooling, calming, healing, cleansing, water, west, vocal expression
  • Purple/Dark Blue – Water, west, protection, psychic abilities, spirituality, knowledge
  • Brown – Grounding, winter, security, stability, earth
  • Black – Release of deep negative energy, banishing

Naming the Day

You may also wish to pick an appropriate day on which to use your candle. Different days have different planetary influences and are believed to be governed by different deities concerned with different areas of life.

  • Monday – Psychic abilities/concerns, feminine matters, intuition, emotions
  • Tuesday – Action, sexual matters, courage, war
  • Wednesday – Mental ability, communication, creativity
  • Thursday – Money, success, business/work matters, politics
  • Friday – Love, fertility, friendship, beauty, new projects
  • Saturday – Responsibility, discipline, delay, protection
  • Sunday – Healing, strength, ambition, achievement

Decorating your Candle

Once you have chosen your candle, you might like to decorate it. You can do this in any way you choose, the more personal the better. You can use ribbon, runes, astrological symbols, or anything at all. You may also wish to anoint your candle with an appropriate oil, whatever feels right for you. Decorating your candle helps you to focus your intent for the spell.

Sacred Space

Before you actually begin your spell, it is useful to create a sacred space in which to work. This not only helps very much in focusing and being relaxed enough, but also keeps friendly energies in and negative ones out. There are many ways to create a sacred space, from the simplest to the most elaborate – used either when you have the time or most likely for reasons of ritual – and this is quite a personal thing: over time, you will find your own ways. To get started, though, sit comfortably with a plain white candle burning and all you’ll need for your spell to hand, including your specially selected spell candle. You should also remove any jewellery or watches and switch off the phone and television to remove outside distractions.

While focusing your attention on the white candle’s flame, take deep breaths, breathing in the world around you. Try to feel the white light of the candle tingle along the whole length of your spine, and slowly breathe out all your worries and the everyday world. Once you feel completely relaxed and at peace imagine a bubble of bright blue light surrounding you. If you wish you could also say a few words, such as:

North, east, south and west, help me with the magic you know best, earth, air, fire and water please guard and bless me from your quarter. Hail and welcome.

You are now ready to begin.

The Spell

Moving your plain white candle to one side and lighting your coloured candle, you may wish either to speak your objective out loud or to write it as a rhyme and then burn the paper in the candle’s flame. You may also choose to bury the ashes outside. If you want to, you can add herbs, flowers, a photograph, or whatever feels appropriate and will aid your focus on the object of your spell. However, you must always end any spell with: For the good of all and harm to none, so mote it be now it is done – or words to that effect. This ensures that if your spell is not for the good of all it will not work, so sparing you karmic consequences!.

After you have finished your spell, say ‘thank you’ to your deity of choice and allow your spell candle to burn down in a safe place such as a ceramic pot. The white one can be extinguished.

Extracted from a BBC article

Online tarot readings  here

Posted on Tue 29th Jun 2010 20:53:00

Spell For Healing A Sick Pet

Spell For Healing A Sick Pet**This healing spell is not intended to replace conventional veterinary treatment which we all have an obligation and responsibility to seek if our pet is unwell. It should rather be seen as  complimentary treatment and support to any professional treatment advised. But just like humans, pets respond well to a little magickal healing help! So it’s well worth a try.

You will need:

  • Lavender oil
  • Camphor Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Base Oil (Apricot Kernal, Jojoba, Grapeseed, or Olive Oil are good)
  • A Black Candle
  • A Red Candle
  • A Brown Candle
  • Several stones or crystals

Mix some healing oil, using:

  • 6 drops Lavender oil
  • 6 drops Camphor oil
  • 6 drops Rosemary oil
  • 1/2 ounce base oil (apricot kernel, jojoba, grapeseed, even olive oil)

Anoint a black candle, a red candle and a brown candle with this healing oil. The black is for absorption of the negativity (the illness), the red is for strength and health, and the brown is an “astral” or “significator” candle for the animal. Place the brown candle between the black and red candles, and make a ring of stones around the set-up, using stones or crystals that you associate with healing (amethyst, quartz, agate…you choose whichever type or combination of types). Place some of the oil in your hands, and begin to rub them together, generating heat and energy. When you feel that you’ve built a small “bundle” of healing energy, place your hands on your pet, stroking it and giving it the healing energy you’ve built, making sure to concentrate on any areas where you feel or sense the illness. Focus on the candles, continuing to maintain contact with your pet, and visualise the strength from the red candle pouring into the brown candle, and pushing all the sickness into the black candle. Attune with the Goddess, and when you’ve got a good grip on the visualisations above (and the animal!), say:

“Goddess, with your healing touch
Bless this animal we love so much.
God, with beasts as your domain,
Remove the sickness, heal the pain.
So mote it be!”

Continue the stroking and energy flow until you feel that the spell is done, then allow the animal plenty of time to rest and heal. Obviously, if you wish to perform this spell in a cast circle, that’s your choice. If you wish to continue the spell for a number of days (I’d suggest at least 3 days), and your pet has a special place where it rests or “lives” (such as a cage, etc.), ring this area, if possible, with the stones, place a red candle on one side of the area and a black candle on the other (anointed with the healing oil); focus on the red candle and project its energy into area with your pet, visualising the illness being pushed out the other side, since there’s no room for it, and into the black candle. Rub the oil onto your hands and stroke it into/onto the animal’s body as often as you feel necessary.

**If you are not familiar with aromotherapy oils you should seek professional advice as if you do not mix them correctly they can cause skin irritation.

 Posted on Mon 28th Jun 2010 20:05:00

Simple But Powerful Love Spell

Simple But Powerful Love Spell

This powerful love spell was sent in by one of Psychic Reach’s readers, Debbie.

Debbie says “This spell really does work. I have used it and actually I met my husband just a few weeks after I performed it. It is very specific and must be followed exactly.”

Best Night: Friday
Best Moon: Full

Things you will need:

  • 1 sheet of lined paper
  • 1 red pen or marker
  • 1 letter envelope
  • Your favorite perfume
  • Your favorite shade of red lipstick
  • A few pink or red flower petals

Write out the qualities you want in a lover on the sheet of paper using the pen.

Next spritz the paper with your perfume.

Fold the paper and place it in the envelope.

Now take the flower petals, hold them in your right hand. Envision yourself happy and in love, squeezing the petals tight in your hand. Keep envisioning this scene.

Drop the petals into the envelope. Seal the envelope closed and seal the whole spell with a kiss. Apply the red lipstick and kiss the envelope!

Place in a safe place. NEVER open it again. If you do, the spell will be broken.

Note: Do not use characters or qualities specific to a certain person. The spell will not work that way

 Posted on Mon 28th Jun 2010 19:55:00

The Key to Happiness

The Key to Happiness

From the time the Romanies arrived in Britain in the fifteenth century, they protected themselves with a positive attitude. Whatever wasn’t good wasn’t even worth thinking about, and they focused on their search for happiness and talismans forecasting good luck.

The Romanies believe that it’s extremely luck to find a key. It means that you will soon be opening a door to success in love, marriage, or work, or even something very specific, such as getting a new car. No matter what form happiness is guaranteed.

But the good news is  that you can still harness the good luck of a key without finding one  by taking your own personal key and carrying out the following ritual:

With the key at hand, light a white candle.  On a piece of paper, draw a door that will open to your wish.

Pour some candle wax on the drawing of the door and place the key in the wax, to weld the two together. Let the wax cool. Fold the paper around the key to form a neat envelope or parcel. Generously seal all the edges with more wax from the candle. Blow out the candle.

At night, toss the parcel into a fire, imagining as vividly as possible the door you are passing through. Pour all your energies into the flames and visual your wish being sent out into the universe. The spell has been cast. Don’t dwell on your wish, because such thoughts drag it back to earth and sap its energy. Have faith. Believe in the spell and it may come into being in the strangest of ways!

Posted on Fri 2nd Oct 2009 15:20:00

Assert Yourself Magically!

Bring a touch of magic into your day.

Girdle of fire

When you feel under stress and need to assert yourself, use this girdle of fire magic tip and your detractors will be eating out of your hand

Picture a belt of fiery flames sitting upon your waist. It extends out, giving you space to breathe, and keeping any harmful comment or thoughts at bay.  The girdle supports you, its heat stirring the fire in your root and sacral chakras, so that you are quite literally ‘firing on all cylinders!’

Posted on Tue 1st Sep 2009 13:13:00

How Unusual

How Unusual

A red flannel or chamois bag filled with a wishbone (from the back of a chicken), a pebble taken from a graveyard and a ginseng root is said to be a powerful good luck spell that will draw money to you.

Posted on Sat 22nd Aug 2009 19:53:00

Did You Know That?


Did You Know That?The most effective magical charms, powders and oils intended for use in love spells are  best created and performed on a Friday. This day is said to be the sacred day of the planet Venus, the astrological patron of love


Posted on Sat 22nd Aug 2009 19:43:00

What Are Ley Lines?

What Are Ley Lines?

In the 20 century ley lines became part of modern folklore, perhaps better described as New Age beliefs.

It all started one day in the 1920s when a photographer named Alfred Watkins was walking on the Bredwardine Hills. As he looked from his high vantage pont across the Hereford landscape he was suddenly struck by the concept of lines traversing the countryside to link pathways and ancient buildings and monuments.

Excited by the idea he hurried home and on an Ordnance Survey map ruled straight lines and linked stone circles, old churches, holy wells and other relics from the path.

As more and more lines connected such features on his map Watkins came to the conclusion that he had discovered a system of straight lines that had been used by the Ancient Britons and later inhabitants of Britain as paths across the then road less island.

After a spending much time in further research Watkins eventually published his theories in ‘The Old Straight Track’, which created a vogue for seeking ‘the leys’, the name he gave the invisible lines, across the countryside of Britain.

Since the publication of Watkins’ book, ley lines have come to be regarded as something other  than convenient pathways. As most mystical sites are situated on ley lines and psychic manifestation is associated with their junctions it has been suggested that they are channels for ‘geometric power’. Watkins did not claim the lines were anything more than ancient tracks, yet the last sentence of his book became an inspiration for ley hunters and New Age enthusiasts alike: “I feel that ley-man, astronomer-priest, druid, bard, wizard, witch, palmer and hermit, were all more or less linked by one thread of ancient knowledge of power, however degenerate it became in the end.”

Source British Folklore, myths & legends

Posted on Tue 21st Jul 2009 12:45:00

How To Create A Harmonious Workplace

How To Create A Harmonious Workplace

It’s said that lime leaves hidden about a work place helps to pacify hostile colleagues.

And that a sprinkling of earth under your desk helps relieve stress by grounding your energy.

Also a dark coloured crystal placed before or above a computer screen helps to absorb stress-causing vibrations radiating from the computer.

Worth a try before resigning!

Posted on Fri 17th Jul 2009 12:24:00

The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye

To give someone the ‘evil eye’ is a well-known saying but did you know that it has origins in the belief in witchcraft?

One of the most feared aspects of witchcraft was the Evil Eye, the ability of a witch to inflict ill luck and even death by staring at the victim.

In the west of England the practice is known as ‘overlooking’ and there is no shortage of stories about crops been ruined and animals becoming diseased by a witch gazing across a farm.

Belief in the Evil Eye dates back to Roman times and was not restricted to the witches of Britain but was – and in many cases still is – dreaded in different cultures around the world.

Protection was given to animals by hanging bells from their collars and to children in the form of red ribbons which they wore beneath their clothing.

It’s said the most effective way to stop the power of the Evil Eye is to spit in it!

Posted on Sat 11th Jul 2009 16:46:00

Death Spell

Death Spell

One method by which witches believed they could commit murder was explained by Elizabeth Southern, better known as ‘Olde Demdike’, when she confessed to witchcraft at the Pendle Witch trials, at  Lancaster Assize Court in 1612.

She declared that in order to kill someone by sorcery witches would: ‘Make a Picture of clay, like unto the shape of the person whom they meant to kill, and dry it thoroughly, and when they would have them to be ill – and…have any part of the body to consume away – then take part of the Picture and burn it. And when they would have the whole body to consume away, then take the remnant of the said Picture and burn it, and so thereupon by that means the body will die.’

Posted on Fri 26th Jun 2009 22:02:00

Never Accept An Apple From A Witch

Never Accept An Apple From A Witch

An example of the power of  a witch’s spell was recorded in Yeovil, Somerset, in 1657.

According to the account at her trial a young boy, forgetting his parent’s warnings, accepted an apple from an old woman reputed to be a witch.

Evidence given at her trial stated that no sooner had he bitten into the apple than ‘he rose in the air and flew about 300 yards’.

With such charges laid against her the witch had little chance in a culture of superstition and fear – she was found guilty and hanged the following year.

Posted on Wed 24th Jun 2009 17:56:00

Apple Pip Love Spell

A magical love spell to help you decide which lover to choose:

Apple Pip Love SpellIf you’re lucky enough to have several suitors but can’t decide which one’s for you then here’s a simple little spell to help you decide:

Items required: White candle, oil of your choice (jasmine, almond and rosehip are all excellent), apple pips.

Suggested lunar phase:  Best done when there’s a full moon.

First, dress the candle with oil, moving from both ends to the centre of the candle.

Next, take as many fresh apple pips as you have suitors and stick them in a line around the candle, naming each pip after each one of your suitors as you do so. Now light the candle and watch to see which pips falls first. The last pip to fall from the candle is the one you should choose.

Posted on Fri 19th Jun 2009 20:53:00

Magical Protection Charms

Magical Protection CharmsThere are countless little magical charms and amulets traditionally used to protect yourself and your property from harm. Some of the most effective are outlined below.

Mirrors are said to frighten away dark spirits and tiny pieces of silvered glass are often sew into Indian cotton dresses as are bells which are also used for this purpose.

A tiny silver bell worn about the neck is a very potent protective charm as evil spirits are said to hate the sweet ring of any bell.

Mistletoe, carried in a little hand sewn cloth bag is an ancient Celtic method of protecting the self and is also used by the followers of magic from America’s South.

Marjoram or wild oregano is believed to absorb dangerous negative energies when powdered and sprinkled around the home. In Italy the followers of Italian witchcraft make this herb into a tea and add to the water when washing clothes to protect the home and inhabitants.

Cuban and Puerto Rican followers of the folk religion known as “santeria” regularly burn brown sugar, a pinch of sulphur and garlic powder on charcoal within their homes to cleanse them of negative energies.

Travellers are especially in need of protection when in a foreign land.   A tiny mirror smeared with a clove of garlic and placed beneath the bed is said to protect the sleeper when away from home. The mirror may be also carried for the same purpose.

Posted on Mon 8th Jun 2009 22:09:00

Lift the “Chi” In Your Home With Magical Sage

Lift the "Chi" In Your Home With Magical Sage The herb Sage symbolises domestic virtue, wisdom, skill, esteem, longevity, good health and brings protection. And, it’s said that Sage leaves hung above the threshold will trap dark energies and prevent them entering the home.

Also Sage tea with salt added may be sprinkled about the home in every corner to lift the “Chi” and disperse negative energies.

Sage has a long and respected history -the Romans considered it to be a sacred herb and held highly elaborate ceremonies for its planting and harvesting.  A sage gatherer would have a ceremonial bath to ensure his feet were clean and pure before walking on the earth where the sage grew.  After bathing, offerings of bread and wine would be made to the soil before finally harvesting.

There is also an old saying, of Greek origin, ‘How can a man die when sage is growing in the garden?’

 Posted on Thu 4th Jun 2009 16:16:00

The Book of Shadows

book of shadowsThe Book of Shadows is the name used for a book that contains magical and religious texts in the religion of Wicca and other witchcraft traditions.
A Book of Shadows typically contains details of the witch’s personal spells, rituals, practices, ethics and philosophy of Wicca.

In British” Traditional Wicca”, which generally revolves around the structure of the coven, the book is traditionally copied by hand from that of one’s initiating High Priestess or Priest, who copied theirs in turn from their initiator.
But in” Eclectic Wiccan” (solitary practitioners) a Book of Shadows is usually a personal journal of the witch’s journey in witchcraft.

Witches usually make their own books but for “the curious ” like most things these days “The Book of Shadows” has been commercialised and can be found for sale in New Age shops and even on EBay.

Posted on Fri 1st May 2009 22:42:43

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