One simple way to test your psychic abilities is to use a pack of playing cards.

Spread the cards face down on the table then pick a card at random and see if you can sense what it is.

Don’t take too long over this. The first impression that pops into your mind is likely to be the right one.

If you get no impression at all, you can stimulate your mind by asking yourself questions. Do you sense that the card is black or red? Is it a court card? etc.
You may get a mental picture; it may be just a ‘knowing’.

Don’t try this exercise too many times in succession. The mind quickly becomes strained and bored, and the concentration wavers. Practice for a few minutes a day.
Believe that you can do it and you will – not every time, but often enough to give you encouragement.

The same exercise can be tried with tarot cards. The varied designs on the cards give the subconscious mind strong images to work on. You may find that you pick up on some small detail from the design rather than the complete picture. As the tarot is full of symbolism, the symbolic significance of the card may come into your head.

Another method of practicing is to try to sense the content of any letters you receive without opening them.

Hold the envelope lightly between your fingers or press it to your forehead and see what impressions you gain.

Colours can  also be a very useful tool in developing psychic ability. Remember that whatever impressions you get are received at a subconscious level first, then filtered through to the conscious, and the subconscious is highly sensitive to colour.

Get some brightly coloured squares of paper are cloth and put them in separate envelopes.

Obviously the envelope must be thick enough so you can’t see the colour through it.

Then hold one of the envelopes and try to sense the colour inside. You may find that some of the colours, those to which you are naturally drawn, are easier to ‘pick up’ than others.


Posted on Tue 9th Jun 2009 15:21:00