One Card Tarot SpreadOne Card Tarot Spread

This is probably the simplest tarot spread for beginners to start using the Tarot on a daily basis. Nothing could be easier. In a reflective state of mind, you shuffle the tarot cards and, when it feels right, you either cut the deck, lifting off the top card, or you draw a card at random from the tarot pack. Note the current date and the name of the card in your Tarot journal or notebook. This step is important if you want to learn the tarot. Review your notebook from time-to-time. You will be amazed how your knowledge of the symbols continues to grow.

Before looking up in a tarot textbook anything about the meaning of the the tarot card you have chosen, simply study its images on your own. What do you see when you look at the card? What thoughts and feelings does it stir up in you? How would you describe the card to another person?What action is taking place?Who are the characters in the card? What action is taking place?

Let your imagination roam free. And then note your observations in your notebook. Remember your personal experience with your tarot cards is your primary source of learning. The meanings you find online or in tarot books are secondary. It’s your own experiences that will eventually lead you to discovering a mulitude of hidden meanings in each card and unlocking the hidden wisdom of the tarot.

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Posted on Fri 20th Apr 2012 17:51:13