A Tarot Love Spell


  • Deck of tarot cards
  • Orange or lemon oil
  • Pink, red, or orange candle
  • Oil burner

When: Waxing Moon, preferably on a Friday when you’re with the one you love.

This spell is designed to draw the one you love closer to you. Choose whichever oil you like best and pick your candle colour according to what you are tyring to accomplish. Pink represents love, red represents passion, and orange represents balance.

During the Waxing Moon, before you’re going to be with the one you love, put several drops of the oil you’ve selected into your burner. Dip two fingers into the oil and anoit the candle with oil. Remove the suit of cups from your deck of tarot cards – it represents affairs of the heart. Then, select the king, queen and 9 of cups (the wish card) Place the three cards on a table top, between the candle and the burner.

Light the burner and your candle, and state your wish. Be specific. Imagine it happening. Blow the candles out when you’re finished, anoit them again with the oil, and place them in the area where you and  your lover will be spending time together. when the two of you are in that room, make sure the candles are burning.

On the night of the Full Moon, light the candles again, state your wish once more, then snuff out the flames rather than blowing them out. Throw out the candles when you’ve finished and wait for the magic to happen.


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Posted on Fri 1st Jul 2011 18:15:09