How Does Tarot Compare to Other Divination Tools?Any divination tool – astrology, the I Ching, runes, medicine cards, stick and bones, is best used with the understanding that nothing is written in stone that comes out in a psychic reading.

Your free will gives you the power to write the scripts that you live, to change what you don’t like, and to create more of what you do like. You set the course of your life – not the tool, not the psychic reader, not destiny.

When the tarot cards are drawn or the runes are thrown, you have a picture of how your life exists in that moment and how it’s most likely to evolve based on your present patterns of belief. When you change those beliefs, the pattern changes, and you end up with different cards, different runes, different hexagrams.

In this way, tarot and other divination systems are a way to track what is going on in inside yourself or the person for whom you’re reading. The beauty of the tarot, however, and its major difference from other divination systems, is that its language is very visual. The artwork on a deck speaks directly to that part of us that lives and breathes in an archetypal world. Tarot is indeed the internal made real!

Posted on Sat 5th Mar 2011 20:45:43