Tarot Cards Readings - Rituals and ProceduresLooking after Tarot Cards

by Linda Preston psychic

If you are serious about reading tarot cards then the cards that you own should not be used for anything other than divination. When your tarot cards are not in use they should be kept either in a drawstring bag or wooden box. Many professional tarot readers  like to wrap their cards in a silk scarf to insulate the tarot cards from outside influences.  I have never done this, I have just kept them in a wooden box as I feel this is insulation enough!.The cards should only be used by you, the Reader, except if you are doing a personal reading when the person having the reading obviously would need to shuffle them. Others people should not be allowed to mess around with them, or they will pick up too many cross-vibrations and make it difficult to give accurate psychic tarot readings .

New Tarot cards

It’s a good idea to ‘work up’ a new tarot pack by laying each tarot card on top of the same card from an old deck. If you have no old deck of your own, you can use someone else’s but be careful whose tarot deck you use for this. There is always the danger of picking up negative vibes from someone else’s tarot pack. If this idea does not appeal to you, then just keep shuffling the cards and doing some test readings for yourself and your family until they lose their newness and you feel comfortable with going live with the new deck.

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