Why The Spirit Of Marilyn Monroe Can’t Rest In Peace

Hollywood has always had a reputation as a place of glamour but behind the glitzy facade lie many dark, sinsister secrets. Many stars drawn there by the thought of fame and fortune have died mysterious and untimely deaths, and their unhappy souls are said to haunt the luxurious settings of their past success.

Perhaps the most famous of these celebrity ghosts is one of the 20th century’s biggest movie icons, Marilyn Monroe. In life, she was a tormented individual plagued by insecurities and whose desperate pursuit for personal happiness touched a generation. So it is hardly surprising that she has remained a restless figure even in death!

Monroe’s career began at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. It was here that she posed on a diving board for her first advertisement for sun-tan lotion, brimming with aspiration. The starlet, blessed with stunning looks and an hour glass figure, appeared to have the world at her feet. But later she became caught up in studio politics and struggled with many doomed love affairs. It was thought that she had even developed a serious drug dependency. On 5th August 1962, she was found dead at her Brentwood home, aged just 36. She is believed to have died from an accidental overdose, although some conspiracy theorists have claimed she was murdered!

Since her death, Monroe’s reflection has been seen on several occasions in a full-length mirror that once hung in her favourite poolside suite at the Roosevelt Hotel, where she started out her career years before. Could it be that her sad soul is seeking to recapture her lost youth and happiness? The dark framed mirror that captured her ghostly image unnerved staff and guests so much that it was moved to the basement.

There have also been many reports over the years that she haunts the spot where she is buried at Westwood Memorial cemetery in LA. She has been seen in broad daylight hovering over her own grave.

The room where her short dramatic life ended is also said to have experienced much spirit activity and her image has been seen many times by the owners of the property.

Mediums who claim to have received messages from the screen goddess state that Marilyn will never be at rest until those who are responsible for her death are brought to justice! What do you think?

Extracted from an article in the Daily Mail 2008

Posted on Tue 9th Jun 2009 21:13:00