Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Rose Quartz - The Love StoneCrystals have for many centuries been thought to hold magical powers and also healing qualities.

And one of the most well-known of all is the ,“rose quartz”, often referred to as the “Love Stone”

This attractive crystal which can range from translucent pink to rose red in colour has traditionally been used to enhance relationship luck. But its powerful healing powers may also help to restore health to those suffering from heart problems.

The rose quartz is said to be able to accelerate the process of those seeking true love, restore broken relationships and breathe new life into a flagging, existing relationship.

It’s also an excellent crystal for those who have difficulty loving themselves, or accepting love from others, as they don’t think they aren’t worthy of it.

An ideal crystal to have placed around the home to promote well-being, and lift the “chi” by clearing negative vibes in a home where there have been upsets and arguments .

And worn in pendant form its wearer can be optimistic that they will always attract love and warmth into their life.


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Posted on Fri 1st May 2009 22:40:41