Romany Love Spell To Prevent DivorceDivorce is frowned upon in the Romany community, so this spell is used to heal a broken marriage. It requires only an apple, true love, and the sheer determination to keep the marriage intact.

The advantage of this spell is that a link has already been established. The marriage simply needs reinforcement or bridging.

To cast the spell: Buy a perfect-looking apple. If it is summer or autumn you can give the spell more potency by plucking an apple from a tree yourself; as an apple right off the tree has more life force to it.

Cut the apple in half. Regard it as a lucky omen if the seeds have not been severed with the knife, but don’t worry if they have.

On a piece of clean, unused white paper write your name . Next to it, write the name of your partner.

Cut out the names, keeping the paper they are on small enough to fit between the apple halves. Then place the paper with the names between the two halves and imagine the marriage being healed.

Afterwards skewer the apple halves together with two pins, inserting the pins diagonally from right to left and left to right.

When you position the pins send your love to your partner and ask for the love to be reciprocated.

Romanies then use their campfires to bake the apple. You could place your apple in the oven instead, and bake until the apple appears whole. If you can get partner to eat some of the apple (pins removed, of course) so much the better to strengthen the spell further.

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