How To Read Tarot Cards
Whenever I begin a tarot card reading I’m  always amazed with just  how complex the Tarot can be.

The multiple layers of information contained within a reading are impressive, to say the least. After working as a psychic reader for over 25 years, I feel that even now I still learn something new with each psychic tarot reading that I do.
There are four essential basics to consider when doing a psychic/tarot reading:

1. The Layout.
There are many types of layouts to choose from before beginning a tarot reading. I prefer the Pyramid Spread because it gives me the opportunity to look into the  past, present and future as well as detailed information about the querants personal relationships.

2. The Position of the Cards.
When you are doing a reading you need to be aware of not only the meanings of the tarot cards themselves but also the position a particular card falls in. A single card on it’s own has quite a different meaning when it’s in the middle of a tarot spread. It’s necessary to consider the other tarot cards which surround it to determine its true meaning.
3. Major and Minor Arcana.

Tarot is divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor arcana cards.

Major arcana cards have a major influence on the interpretation of a psychic/tarot reading. If there are three or more major arcana cards present in a psychic tarot reading , it suggests that there are many outside influences at work. And depending on the position of the major arcana cards in the reading, they can greatly influence the outcome of the reading.

Minor arcana cards fill in the more subtle details of a querant’s life. But, they must also be assessed by the additional influences of their number and suit. So, not only do you have to be aware of the meaning of a particular card, you must also be aware of the meanings associated with their suits and numbers.
4. Aces and Court Cards.

Court cards can be the most difficult and confusing to interpret because they have several different meaning. They may represent an actual person, or a career choice. They can also indicate a time frame and they can refer to a course of action – or they can be interpreted as any or all combinations of the above. And while aces represent new beginnings and opportunities, they can also indicate time frames and refer to the aspects of their suit. Only practice, natural intution and experience can help you arrive at why a court card is there and what is indicates.
So don’t give up, all of you who are just beginning to work with the tarot. After a while and with a lot of practice, you really will start to make sense of it all.

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Posted on Mon 30th Nov 2009 14:10:00