Psychic email readings

Email psychic readings: How do they work?

by your psychic guide, Linda

EmailSometimes clients ask me how an email psychic reading works. And more importantly, they also want to know can it be as accurate as a face-to-face psychic reading.

I can only speak for how I prepare psychic email readings, probably other psychics work in a different way.

When I’m preparing an email psychic reading request, whether it be a question psychic reading or a psychic prediction reading, I work with tarot cards. I also make a conscious effort to link with the good Spirits to ask for guidance and advice as to what information I pass onto my clients.

I will then draw a number of tarot cards intuitively to work with on the psychic reading.
To do this I shuffle the entire deck of tarot cards while concentrating on the client’s name and asking for insights about what energy patterns will be at work in their lives in the months ahead.

I then begin to type out the email reading as the words start to flow from the psychic realm.
This method has worked well for me over the ten years that I have worked online offering email psychic readings.

And as many, many clients return to me time-and-time again then I assume that they are happy with the psychic guidance they’ve received in their psychic email reading.

And for me that’s what it’s all about, helping people find a positive way forward in their lives.

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The advantages of having a psychic email reading

Many years ago psychic email readings were simply not available. In this age of advanced technology, it’s hard to imagine how the world was back then without computers. And some of you probably won’t believe it, but we did actually manage well without them!

When someone wanted a psychic reading in pre-internet days, they usually went to their local neighbourhood psychic reader, to help them through their problems and see what their future held.

But times have, of course, changed and the Internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities with regarding to ways of obtaining a psychic reading.

There are now many psychic companies offering psychic phone readings, but these can be particularly expensive especially if you ring a pay per minute service. Many these days are charging £1.53 per minute! And if you have a 30 minute reading that is going to be quite expensive.

Also not everyone is comfortable with divulging personal information over an open phone line.

Long time psychic email reading clients; often say the best thing about getting a reading through email is both speed and convenience. Once a client formulates a question, types it on the email message box and sends it to the reader, the questions are quickly received by the psychic, and the emails are usually attended to in a short span of time. Another good thing about email psychic readings is that all emails are treated with confidentiality.

Another advantage of an email reading as opposed to a phone reading, is that you have a written record of the reading which you can keep. During a phone reading it can be difficult to take notes , especially if you are listening intently on the information being conveyed to you. Without notes though it can become easy to forget things, especially the finer details of what was said. There’s nothing worse when, at a later date, a significant event or encounter triggers some aspect of the reading and you then struggle to recall all the details of your psychic reading.

It’s certainly true that most professional psychics will record their phone readings for you, but you will still have to sift through the entire audio afterwards if you wish to find specific snippets or pieces of information.

So having a written account of your readings is one of the distinct advantages of having a psychic email reading since it allows you to access all the information at a glance.

Another plus point for having an email reading is that it is more anonymous than a live reading. This in turn can make it a little easier to talk about sensitive or personal topics than it would be face-to-face or over the phone with someone. This in itself can help to alleviate the occasional nervousness or anxiety we might inaturally experience when seeking a psychic reading.

Here’s some of my most popular psychic email readings that you might like to consider trying:

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How often should you get a psychic tarot reading?

Sometimes clients excited by the accuracy of their psychic email reading from me, ask when they should have a psychic reading again.

My general rule of thumb is that, it’s important when you’ve had a psychic reading to allow a little time to pass and let events predicted gradually unfold.

Often some things predicted may make no sense at the time, but usually do, over a period of months.

I also think that if you consult the tarot too often that it begins to churn out what I call ‘psychic junk’ It’s almost as if it’s saying ‘hey, you’ve already asked a similar question, just be patience and wait and see’!

After all you wouldn’t pester a friend constantly with the same old question would you? If so, you’d probably soon find yourself being treated for OCD or with few friends 🙂

Having said this my regular clients are sorted of divided into three categories:

Some people are happy to have an annual reading.

Others every six months or so.

And some prefer quarterly readings.

I think the latter, i.e. three months is actually an ideal time span.

Of course, if something came up in-between times on which you needed some psychic advice or an answer too, then it would be fine to seek a question psychic reading earlier.

In this way you will find that tarot will treat you respectfully and continue to deliver it’s words of wisdom and accurate guidance for you.

And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

You see the moment readings become a sort of ‘psychic crutch’ that’s when you let go off your own free will and that is not the intention of any ethical reader such as myself.

A psychic reading is meant to ‘empower’ you to lead your own life – brilliantly.

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Psychic email readings

EmailMy psychic email reading service is one of the most popular in the UK and also in many countries around the globe.

And I can think of a couple of very good reasons for this, not only do I offer one of the widest varieties of email psychic readings to suit all circumstances, it’s also great value for money!

And you can be assured that you are dealing with me and me only. Many commercial psychic companies offer the services of self-employed psychic readers who have little training and are not professional psychics. They tend to be people who are doing psychic readings just to earn a little pin money on the side. Would you really want to trust their judgement when you’ve got a difficult personal problem? Wouldn’t you prefer to choose a psychic expert like myself who is renowed for accuracy?

Not only am I a professional psychic who has over 30 yrs of psychic experience, I’ve also been featured positively in many leading publications such as Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune, after having my psychic work tested by journalists. And I’m also a trained counsellor too having worked for several years with a national organisation that offers confidential emotional support for the anxious and depressed. So you can be sure of a sympathetic and non-judgemental approach to your problems.

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Linda x