Looking for Mr Rich? The key to a man’s wealth is in his fingers !

Looking for Mr Rich? The key to a man’s wealth is in his fingers !

Want to know if a man is rich? Then sneak at peek at his hands rather than his wallet. Scientists believe that the length of a man’s ring finger points to his attitude to money. In short, the longer the ring finger compared to his index finger, the richer he is likely to be.

And the greater the chance that he is a go-getter who doesn’t take no for an answer whether it is sealing a financial deal or trying to win a girl’s heart.

Academics from Canada’s Concordia University measured finger lengths and personality differences among 415 men and women. The alpha males, whose ring fingers were much longer than their index fingers, were greater risk takers in all areas of their lives. Women often fall for go-getting types, like Simon Cowell or Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar, because they are seen as fit, rich and assertive, says researcher Eric Stenstrom. He said: ‘Our findings show an association between high testosterone and risk-taking among males in three domains: recreational, social and financial. ‘Since women tend to be attracted to men who are fit, assertive and rich, men are apt to take risks with sports, people and money to be attractive to potential mates.’ It is thought that exposure to high levels of the hormone.

In women, the two fingers are usually almost equal in length but in men, the ring finger tends to be longer than the index finger, and the longer it is, the more masculine he tends to be. Researcher Zack Mendenhall said: ‘Pre-natal testosterone exposure not only influences foetal brain development, but it slows the grow of the index finger relative to the sum of the four fingers, excluding the thumb.’

The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences added: ‘What’s interesting is that this tendency is influenced by testosterone exposure – more testosterone in the womb can lead to more risk-taking later in life.’
The study did not find a link between female finger length and attitude to taking risks, financial or otherwise. This, said the research team, could be because women feel less of a need to show off when searching for a mate.

Previous studies have discovered that men with long ring fingers are more likely to be physically aggressive – and more promiscuous. Scientists also claim that finger length holds clues to a person’s sexual orientation.

Extracted from an original article in the Daily Mail.

Posted on Mon 11th Apr 2011 17:27:52

Fingernail types, health & traditional chinese medicine

Fingernail types, health & traditional chinese medicine

Emily Wang – a beauty journalist wrote an interesting article about various aspects of fingernails, including beauty tips, changes in nail colour and texture and also the meaning of fingernails types according teh ancient art of Chinese medicine.

Here’s a brief summary from her article: The Truth about Your Fingernails

Interestingly enough- according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our nails are also able to portray our innate constitutions.

If your nail shape is naturally:

Oblong – You are harmonious and well-balanced.
Stock and square – You are earthy and balanced but mentally rigid.
Long – You are artistic and creative but lack physical strength.
Oval – You are sensitive and have a weak digestive system.

Examine your own nail shapes – does this make sense? Many people find that strangely it does! Interesting.

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