A Nose For Numerology

A Nose For NumerologyChanel No 5  the world’s most famous perfume was so named because it was  the lucky number of it’s co-creator fashion designer, Coco Chanel.

Apparently she told perfumer Ernest Beaux, who created the fragrance on her instructions ‘I always launch  my fashion collections on the 5th day, of the 5 month, so number 5 seems to bring me great luck’

Since it’s estimated that 90 years on from its launch that  a bottle of it sells every 30 seconds somewhere in the world, it would seem she was right!

Chanel No 5


One of the most famous quotes about the iconic perfume was made by 1950s Screen Goddess, Marilyn Monroe, who when asked what she worn in bed replied: ” “What do I wear in bed? Why Chanel No. 5 of course”.

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Numerology – Discover Your Personal Number

Numerology - Discover Your Personal Number

In Numerology, your personal number (or life path number) is the number that represents who you are and the purpose for which your journey on earth is intended. To calculate your personal number is really easy. What you need to do is total the numbers in your birth date until you come to a single digit. For example, a person born on November 3, 1975 (03/11/1975) would calculate their number as follows:

3 + 11 = 14
14 + 1975 = 1989
1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27
2 + 7 = 9

Once you have your digit, you have your Personal Number. Below is a basic guide to personality traits relating to each number from 1-9.

1: The Leader
Ambitious and original, these are innovators whose positives include enthusiasm and drive. Negatives include selfishness and the tendency to bowl people over in pursuit of their goals.

2: The Idealist
Fixers by birth, those with this number are peacemakers who seek to right wrongs and to create balance. Faced with obstacles, 2s can become pessimistic and thwart any ability to make progress.

3: The Artist
Creative and expressive, 3s live to the fullest and experience many highs and lows. Fun to be around, they are optimistic (sometimes overly so), mercurial, and sometimes escapist as well as occasionally intolerant of others.

4: The Planner
Gifted in practical matters, 4s have the ability to make things happen. They are willing to work to get things done, but as a result can be stubborn and often lack the tact it takes to deal with people’s feelings because they exist in a world of thoughts.

5: The Adventurer
Freedom-loving by nature, 5s are dominated by the desire for thrills. As a result, they’re trail-blazers and risk-takers who can get restless and self-indulgent when they feel fenced in.

6: The Nurturer
Numerology’s mother (or father, as it were), people born with the personal number 6 are responsible caretakers who are known to offer advice and support. A tendency to become overwhelmed and be too hard on people (namely themselves) comes as part of the package.

7: The Thinker
Sometimes isolationist, these intellectuals are charming despite not being very social. Blessed with extraordinary intuition, trouble arises when selfishness sets in and they stop taking life seriously.

8: The Manager
Here to direct and organize others, 8s are practical, steady and hardworking with honest intentions. However, enthusiasm often falls by the wayside in favor of accomplishment, and the negative aspects — becoming dictatorial, cold, and materialistic — can be dominant.

9: The Humanitarian
With a commanding presence and the ability to make friends easily, 9s are natural philosophers. Magnetic and generous — sometimes to a fault — by nature, they feel things deeply and may struggle with the selfless nature of their purpose.

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Numerology – Why Does The Number 48 Keep Coming Up?

Numerology - Why Does The Number 48 Keep Coming Up?If a particular number keeps reoccurring in your life it may be worth referring to the ancient traditions of numerology in order to better understand its meaning and significance.

There are several books and websites that you could use to explore this further. For example, adding the numbers four and eight make 12. By adding the one and two, you reach three.

Three is traditionally associated with notions of diplomacy and sensitivity, but also indecision. You may also be able to associate the whole number 48 to some aspect of your childhood, a house number, for example.

Similarly the numbers contained within the winning sum may ring bells with some aspect of your past life. Whatever the case, the basic theme of the dream may concern some longing or desire to win or succeed.

This may be a concrete win, like bingo, or more symbolic, like a new relationship or job. Perhaps you should take time out to think about what exactly it is you would like to win and how best to go about it.

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Numerology What Does Your House Number Mean?

 As most of us spend a great deal of time in our homes, your house number is of Numerology What Does Your House Number Mean?great significance and has a strong influence on your life.

According to the ancient art of numerology, significant numbers radiate their own energy and can determine whether or not we feel happy in our surroundings.

Calculating your house ‘numerology number’, is simple and the purpose is to reduce it down to just one digit. Here’s how:-

For example, if you live at 193, add together 1+9+3 = 13 = 1+3 =4 ( which is your numerology house number) if it’s already a single digit such as 6, there is of course no need to do any sums.

Once you’ve worked out your house number find out what it reveals in the descriptions below:-

Number 1

This house provides a stimulating place for creativity and enterprise. Individuals living here may be inclined to start their own business and would probably find success working from home. Often the owner may have a talent for art or photography and may have a love of flowers or gardening.

Number 2

This house is ideal for kind, charming people. They enjoy socializing and would love having friends over for dinner. A soft simple interior with pastel walls and furnishing would enhance the peaceful atmosphere

Number 3

This is a happy house that encourages celebration. It’s ideal for large families or those with lots of friends. Comfortable and beautiful it can bring out the need for extravagance of its inhabitants.

Number 4

Common sense rules in this house. A structured routine is often followed closely and the house runs like clockwork. Harmony is achieved when all family members contribute to keeping the place tidy.

Number 5

This house if a buzz of activity and often there is no routine or rules. It can be a little crazy at times but always interesting! Children will thrive here.

Number 6

Family ties are of great importance in this house. Traditions are respected and time devoted to children, pets and extended family. Caring and sharing should be the philosophy here.

Number 7

This home can be a peaceful retreat for those who need to escape the pressures of the world. It’s ideal for people who like to be alone and would like time and space to explore the spiritual realm.Psychics and mediums can often be found living in a number 7 house.

Number 8

This home is ideal for confident individuals or someone who holds a position of responsibility. Eight is a number of prosperity and abundance so those who live at number 8 are often career minded and do well as self-employed individuals. Nothing but the best interior designs and furnishing will do here. This home likes to make a positive impression.

Number 9

This home favours those with patience and compassion. Life’s misfits are often drawn here and will find a welcoming reception from its owners. It is often owned by those who have an appreciation of the Arts. This house is filled with beauty and encourages both idealism and honesty. So does your house number bring out the best in your personality or could there be room for improvement?


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