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Psychic Chat – Special Offer

Psychic Chat - Special OfferTry out my popular Psychic Chat service via Facebook chat platform. This is an exclusive special offer for my Facebook fans only. Join here now And is just £10.00 for a 15 minute session!

This psychic reading will last approx 15 minutes and you can ask as many questions as you like within the time frame . Find out answers now to relationships, money, career, etc. Please note however, I do not offer messages from your loved ones in spirit for this reading.

I work using tarot and clairvoyance.

The good news is that you can usually have your reading within a couple of hours of ordering , at a mutually agreed time. However,please note at busy periods it may be up to 24hrs. Also if you have a lot of questions please order this reading twice, as I have to remain within the 15 min time frame you order.

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TEN FREE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO ATTRACT WEALTHMany of my clients ask me how they can improve their financial circumstances and leave money worries behind.

I’m a great believer in ‘positive affirmations’ and I’ve found in my own life that by using them regularly and with belief that you can improve your life considerably.

So here are ten FREE positive affirmations that I’ve put together to help you attract more money into your life.

It works by harnessing the power of the ‘Law of Attraction’ to become someone who effortlessly attracts money, and a variety of positive financial opportunities.

Thesepositive affirmations will help you banish any negative beliefs that you currently hold about money. By harbouring negativity about your financial circumstances, you may be setting up energy blockages towards attracting it into your life. You see one of the most important things for attracting positive things into your life, is having a positive mindset, and attracting money is no different.

So use these affirmations regularly to take control of your finances and your life –I promise you the law of attraction really works!  But it does need you to believe deeply enough and be willing to put the effort in to reprogramming your mind. In this way you will attract more money and much more, than you can possibly even imagine !

So go ahead, start using these positive affirmations now and see it work for you too.


I am becoming wealthier each day

My bank account is always growing

Money will be flowing easily into my life

I am finding it easier to attract money

Financial opportunities are coming my way

I will be financially successful

I will attract wealth into my life

Positive thinking is beginning to attract money into my life

I am becoming rich

My positive attitude is beginning to attract large sums of money.


Powerful Spells to bring a little magic into your life, Love, Money, Career, Emotional Health, House Blessings, House Sale, etc.

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Free Psychic Readings

Most days I get requests in my inbox asking for a free psychic reading.Free Psychic Readings

First of all, I would like to say I do not offer a free psychic reading service.

I am professional psychic with many years experience and I put a lot of energy into each and every psychic reading I do. So like professionals in all fields I do make a charge for my time! This is the way I earn my living and pay my bills.

Some people believe that those who do psychic work shouldn’t charge for their service. I find this a very strange attitude. I think you will agree that these people wouldn’t be willing to work for hours of their time for FREE!

If you Google ‘Free psychic readings’ you will find hundreds of psychics showing up.

But you should be aware that this supposedly ‘free psychic reading service’ is often just a guise to draw you into buying a paid for reading. The free reading is unlikely to offer you any true psychic insight and it most certainly will Not help you move forward from problems in your life as do my psychic email readings.

I do however believe in putting something back into the community on my Facebook fan page as a thank you for the support of my fans. So a couple of times a week I do offer several competitions to win free psychic readings. So if you would like a taster of my services, then do feel to take part in the competitions.

I hope this now clarifies my position on this subject.

All good wishes,

Linda x

Posted on Wed 28th May 2014 11:50:02

Psychic scams: Different types of psychic scams

Psychic scams: Different types of psychic scamsFor centuries, people have been fascinated with the idea of predicting the future as well as the unknown in general. Many of them turn to psychics for help and advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from finding true love, career, etc.

While many psychics like myself are completely reputable and honest, unfortunately, some are only out to get peoples’ hard earned money.

So I’m writing this article today, because I’ve had a couple of my email psychic client’s contact me lately saying they are worried about an email they have received from a ‘so called psychic’.

I won’t go into all the details, but they were distressed to be told that they had some kind of trouble approaching which the psychic had foreseen, and the only way to avoid the trouble happening was to send this so-called psychic a lot of money to work towards preventing it!

First of all, I would say that a genuine psychic never ever sends out emails such as this. It is against our psychic code of ethics. We work only to bring enlightenment to the client, not fear.

So I thought I would outline some of the most common types of psychic scams, so you don’t fall victim to this type of thing too.

Firstly, if a psychic offers to sell you the winning numbers for a lottery draw, you should be wondering why they would do this. If the psychic really knew the numbers, why they wouldn’t just keep the numbers to themselves, win big, and lead a life free of financial worries?

Another common type of psychic scam is when a psychic or psychic medium tells you that you are cursed and that they can remove it for a fee. This fee is usually exorbitant (hundreds or even thousands of pounds!). They might offer to remove the curse as a service or they might sell you something that is intended to fix it, such as an expensive crystal, potion or candle. These people are using fear to manipulate you into giving them money. Don’t fall for it. The only curse or spell that’s being cast is their own karmic debt for scamming people. You need not worry. And if you are worried send the email to me, and I’ll destroy it!

Another common scam is ‘love spell’ casting services. Here a psychic/witch tells you that they can put a spell on someone to make that person fall madly in love with you. No one can put a spell on another person and overcome that person’s free will, which is why this is a complete scam.

We all have the power to say positive affirmations, set intentions and visualize any outcome that we want to create. And these can be particularly effective with matters of love.  But you can do this yourself– you don’t need a psychic/witch to do it for you. They certainly don’t have any more power or influence than you, so don’t waste your money paying for love spell casting services.

Another scam is when someone guarantees that they can heal you using some form of energy healing technique. Now I do believe in distant energy healing done with pure intentions. But don’t allow your desperation to be healed to get in the way of your common sense. You ought to be immediately suspicious when the person “guarantees” that you will be healed. I would be even more suspicious if they guarantee your healing and charge thousands of pounds for the service.

A final piece of advice regarding psychic scammers is that they tend to like cash by registered post or bank transfer. So if some stranger is trying to convince you to send them money this way only, that should be a red flag that it might be a scam!

Take care out there.

Posted on Wed 2nd Apr 2014 15:14:51

What does it mean if pink is your favourite colour?

What does it mean if pink is your favourite colour?If your favourite colour is pink, then you are a true romantic at heart. You see this is a colour that is associated strongly with romance, sweetness, delicacy refinement, and tenderness.

People who prefer pink are also interested in the world around them, but they are not pushy types. As a result pinks have energy, but not the kind that drains everyone around them! Violence in any form upsets them greatly.

At one time pink was considered exclusively feminine, like the frosting on a little girl’s birthday cake. However, now that it is no longer considered ‘less macho’ for men to exhibit sensitive, so called ‘feminine traits’, many men are comfortable with pink and some even wear items of clothing in this colour.

If you love pink, it’s also said that you are talented, and have subdued drive, charm and warmth, and are probably an incurable, candles-on-the-table kind of romantic. Pink people are also refined and friendly but tend to keep inner feelings hidden from the people they don’t know intimately.

You might also enjoy reading, Auras how to see them and what the colours mean

Posted on Mon 31st Mar 2014 15:14:24

Cosmic Cash Point: Prosperity Tip

Cosmic Cash Point: Prosperity TipProsperity can’t come into your life if you’re surrounded by stagnant energy according to the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Shake things up and introduce positive Chi energy with this simple Feng Shui tip.

Move 21 things in your home. Try putting them into a different room, change the positions of books on shelves, shift the furniture around, box up stuff you don’t use and store it in a cupboard or the loft.

By doing so you’ll encourage movement and flow into your environment once again. As the Chi starts flowing freely through the house again, improved cash flow should soon follow.

Posted on Sun 24th Mar 2013 16:19:41

Messages in the clouds

Messages in the cloudsDo you ever lie on the grass and watch the fantastic faces, animals and landscapes in the clouds? The shapes you see often reflect what’s happening in your subconscious and also what you’re picking up clairvoyantly from the universe.

Cloud interpretation is an an ancient way to look into the future. You can try this exercise with friends or on your own. Repeat regularly to develop your intuition, which is an important psychic skill.

  1. Lie on the grass or a beach and look up to the sky.
  2. Now ask a question such as: ‘Will I get a new job?’
  3. Look for a shape in the clouds that will give you an answer. Don’t go for the most obvious one. Let you imagination run wild and look for images in the blue sky in between the clouds as well. The shape that appears is your intuition’s answer to the question
  4. Now interpret the shape/symbol you’ve seen. So, for example, if you see a dragon, this might represent a fiery and impatient boss. An open door may symbolise a new opportunity, while a map may mean a relocation, and so on.
  5. Note down your results and see what comes true.

Posted on Tue 5th Mar 2013 20:04:59

Trusting your gut instincts ‘really works’

Trusting your gut instincts 'really works'Trusting your gut instincts ‘really works’.

New research proves that trusting your gut instincts really does pay off.

Participants at Israel’s Tel Aviv University were shown a series of numbers in quick succession and asked to ‘guess’ what they added up to based on instinct alone (they were flashed up too rapidly to be added up properly)

The results showed that the participants were able to get the right sum 90% of the time!

Professor Marius Usher said: “The study demonstrates that gut reactions can be trusted to make a quality decision”

Well I’ve been saying that for ages!

Posted on Sat 9th Feb 2013 15:17:35

Love is in the stars!

Love is in the stars!About 7,500 light years away, astronomers discovered this heart-shaped interstellar cloud.

Known as the ‘Heart Nebula’ it shows that love really is written in the stars!

Posted on Tue 15th Jan 2013 17:39:04

Internet exorcism

Internet exorcismPriest Michal Misiak has come up with a novel idea – exorcisms via Facebook.

Polish Michal has banished over 250 spooks from the comfort of his computer following requests via the social network.

“I trace the sign of the cross in front of the screen and press send,’ he says. “Its, very popular.”



Posted on Sun 23rd Dec 2012 22:53:40

Cosmic Ordering for improved finances

Cosmic Ordering for improved financesChristmas is fast approaching and you may be complaining that you can’t afford things. If so, you could be programming your mind for future poverty!

Yes, some things may certainly be beyond your means and Christmas is an expensive time, but the future is yours to create and that includes your long-term financial prospects.

There are, of course, some circumstances that you can’t control – the recession for instance – but if you keep reaffirming your lack of funds, you’ll only feel depressed and worse off than you really are.

Instead try to remain positive by saying ‘This is something I want and deserve. I will find a way to afford it easily as soon as possible’

Once you put the request for  improved financial circumstances out into the cosmos -you give it validation and it begins to grow in strength. And you should notice that your cosmic order may be delivered to you in the strangest of ways and often much sooner than you think!

Posted on Thu 15th Nov 2012 16:38:12

Skeleton Art

Skeleton ArtMost of us are spending these long cold winter nights indoors, toasting our toes by the fire whilst watching TV – but not Finnish artist, Janne Parvianen. After dark, the 30-year-old bravely treks into the dark woods, where he ‘paints’ these LED skeletal figures using a camera set to a long exposure.

Bone-chillingly beautiful don’t you think?


Posted on Thu 15th Nov 2012 15:58:44

What does your nose say about your personality?



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Chinese face readingIn the ancient art of Chinese face reading, the nose indicates a person’s ability to attract money, as well as revealing something of her  (her will be used but applies equally to he)general character and emotional make-up

PROMINENT NOSE: Someone whose face is dominated by her nose is said to be driven by a particular interest or desire. Her life may be an emotional roller coaster at times.

SMALL NOSE: The person with a small nose is said to be good at controlling her emotions, so can give the impression of being a little withdrawn. She often thought of being a calculating sort and is likely not to marry for love but for staus or financial reasons. She likes to keep a tight grip on her finances.

LONG NOSE: Someone with a long and narrow nose likes to concentrate on a few topics at any one time, rather than to get emotionally involved in too many things at once. A long nose is also said to signify someone who has a strong sexual drive and who is likely to have the ability to attract many lovers. LONG NOSE

WIDE NOSE: When someone has a wide, flat nose, she has many wide-ranging interests. She’s very popular and sociable. However, it can be difficult for her to make decisions because she has so many options at her disposal.

BULBOUS NOSE: A bulbous end to a nose indicates a person who is ruled by emotions and who reaches decisions based entirely on her emotional instincts. Someone whose nose ends in a bulbous fashion may have a hot temper.

HARD TIPPED NOSE: Someone whose nose ends in a pinched tip makes a habit of concentration on the logical side of life, and ignore her emotional reactions.

INDENTED NOSE: If the tip of the person’s nose is indented, it shows that she will go through a lot of emotional ups and downs in her life. She may also marry someone high about her social station in life. INDENTED NOSE

Posted on Mon 17th Sep 2012 17:35:59

The scariest cave in Britian

The scariest cave in BritianOnly the bravest would tackle a cave whose icy waters have already claimed the lives of several divers.

But if there was any doubt about the peril that awaits at Hodge Close Quarry, one need only look at this picture

The lake at the abandoned slate quarry is an eerie enough place – but as this image shows if you turn your head you are greeted with the terrifying image of a giant skull.

Inside the 150ft deep cave lurk a number of underwater tunnels where three divers have lost their lives in recent years.

And above the skull image looms menacingly , a spooky warning to those who dare to dive there.

Posted on Fri 7th Sep 2012 20:38:17

Emails from the afterlife

Emails from the afterlifeFriends of a 32-year-old Pennsylvanian man who died from heart problems claim that they have received emails from him – five months after his death!

Tim Hart got an email from his late pal, Jack Froese, telling him to clean up his attic – a jokey reference to a private conversation between the pair shortly before Jack’s death in June 2011. ‘I was going through my emails and it popped up: “Sender: Jack Froese.” I turned white when I read it he says.

Jack’s cousin Jimmy McGraw also claims to have received a posthumous email about a recent ankle injury.

The family says no one knew Jack’s password and don’t believe his account has been hacked into. What do you think?

Posted on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 17:19:45

Death Clocks

Death ClocksDuring Victorian times, at the moment of someone’s death, all the clocks in the house were stopped as a mark of respect.

Back then people believed that time stood still during our transition into the spirit world, so this custom ensured that the deceased could pass peacefully into the afterlife.


Timely arrivalTimely arrival

In his book Ghost Watch, Professor Colin Gardner describes the case of a man referred to only as Stephen, who owned a grandfather clock that stopped at the exact moment of his  death at the age of 72.


Then one year later, the clock suddenly beginning ticking again – at precisely the moment that Stephen’s daughter, Lori, gave birth to what would have been his first grandchild had he lived.


Posted on Sun 1st Jul 2012 21:25:52


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In the ancient art of Chinese face reading, hair is considered an important indicator of a person’s personality. The texture, colour, quality and profusion is said to give many clues to the character. WHAT DOES YOUR HAIR  SAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY?

So what does your hair type say about you?

Fine hair: This indicates someone who is sensitive and may be physically fragile, especially if she is slender.

Thick, wiry hair: This indicates someone who has robust health and physical prowness. She has good powers of recuperation when ill and enjoys rising to challenges

Curly hair: Someone with naturally curly hair is active and energetic. If a person feels the need to curl her hair, perhaps with a perm, it shows that she need to introduce more energy into her life.

Straight hair: Someone with naturally straight hair is said to be easy-going and a relaxing companion. Someone who makes a point of straightening her hair, is said to want to cultivate these qualities within herself

Long hairLong hair: The person with long hair is considerate and practical. She’s a bit of a free spirit and needs to go her own way through life. She is likely to have lots of creative abilities and flair and  therefore has the potential to go far in the world of self-employment.

Short hair: The shorter the hair, the more decisive is the person. Very short, cropped hair indicates someone who is ambitious, dynamic and possibly aggressive.

Shaved hair: Someone with a shaved head is full of dynamic energy, which often makes for a restless, often overly pushy, short-tempered and tense individual.


Posted on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 22:01:43

What does the shape of your eyes say about your personality?

Here’s a small selection of some of my popular psychic readings


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WHAT DOES THE SHAPE OF YOUR EYES SAY ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY?The old saying goes that ‘the eyes are the window of the soul’, and in the ancient Chinese art of face reading (physiognomy) the shape of the eyes is said to reveal a great deal about a person’s personality.

So what does your eye shape say about you? Find out below by scrolling down to find your particular eye shape.

Large eyes: Someone with naturally large eyes, is said to have an open friendly nature. She likes to view life from a wide perspective and enjoys plenty of variety in her life. She certainly doesn’t like to be tied down by trivial details and petty restrictions

Small eyes: When someone has small eyes, she is said to be skilled at concentrating on details. She tends to view life from a narrow perspective, so she excels at being a specialist, i.e. teacher, researcher or some kind of expert. She finds it difficult to open up emotionally to strangers so it can take a while to get to know her well.

Widely spaced eyes: Someone with widely spaced eyes (the late Jackie O was renowed for this) is said to be broad minded and versatile. She enjoys discussing a wide variety of topics because she’s interested in so many different issues and ideas. Most people with small eyes really hate regular routine.

Closey spaced eyes: The person whose eyes are closely spaced, so that there is very little gap between the inner corner of her eyes and the bridge of her nose, likes to look at life in great detail and may be something of a ‘fusspot’. They have a tendency to be obsessive and narrow-minded. Regular routine is the life-blood of their day

Deep-set eyes: The person with deep set eyes is very private and reluctant to reveal to much of her personality to others. She likes to play her cards close to her chest, which can make her seem rather secretive at times and emotionally withdrawn.

Protruding eyes: When someone’s eyes appear to bulge outwards, she is enthusiastic and curious about the world. She is very versatile and is easily bored, so can find it difficult to stick to one activity for long

Upward slanting eyes: When the outer corner of someone’s eyes slant upwards like those of a cat, the person is by nature an optimist. She knows what she wants from life and is not afraid to ask for it.

Downward slanting eyes: When the corner of the eye slant downwards, the person finds it hard stand up to other people. She may also have pessimitic tendencies.

Unevently set eyes: When someone’s eyes aren’t level, so one is higher than the other, it shows that she has an unusual and unorthodox approach to life. She has tremondous insight, and is able to anaylze situations from a unique perspective.

Irises: Pay attention to the size and position of the iris within an eye. A large iris, so that little of the white is visible indicates someone who’s very emotional, demonstrative and kind. If the white of the yes is visible about the iris, the person is said to have a quick temper and should therefore be handled with care. If the white of the eye is visible below the iris, the person is hard to please and has difficulty coping with life.

Eyebrows: Don’t forget to look at the person’s eyebrows as well. These frame the face and give it structure. Some people, both male and female, like to pluck their eyebrows so you must take this into account. The stronger and longer the eyebrow, the more strength and vitality a person is said to have. She’s energetic, and ambitious with a vibrant and powerful personality.

Alternatively, someone with naturally sparse, thin, or short eyebrows makes less of an impression on the world and may also be less physically robust.

Posted on Sat 19th May 2012 16:19:02

Astral Travel Made Simple

Astral Travel Made SimpleAstral travel (or astral projection as it’s sometimes known) refers to the process where your spirit leaves your body and rises up to travel to far-off places.

The first full Moon in May is said to be the best night of the whole year for astral travel, because it throws out powerful magical energy – ideal for practising meditation and visualisations.

If you’d like to try some astral travel this full moon, first take a nice warm bath before you go to bed to relax your mind, and then put on some loose clothing. Lying on your back under the bed covers make sure that you are not blocking energy flow by crossing your arms and legs. Then for about 10 minutes, breath in for three seconds, then out for three seconds, concentrating all the time on your breathing.

When it has settled into a rhythm, in your mind, ask the moon to connect you with its powers and the spirits to protect and assist you on your astral flight.

Don’t expect too much if this is your first attempt, it can take a while to get the knack of astral travel, but if you had already had dreams of flying or running fast, then you are likely to experience success fairly quickly.

Posted on Sat 28th Apr 2012 13:22:43

Banish Negative Energy With A Mirror

Banish Negative Energy With A MirrorIt’s believed by Romanies that a way to banish bad energy is to use mirror magic.

Mirrors have been used to combat negative energy and bad luck for thousands of years. In the same way that they reflect back our image to us, they can also deflect bad energy, if we use them in the right way. It’s not complicated.

If you feel someone has been bad-mouthing you, or is generally set on making your life a misery, all you need is a small cosmetic mirror.

The next time you see the person, take out the mirror and discreetly point the glass in their direction.

As you’re doing that, imagine the bad luck and negative vibes they’ve been sending you deflected straight back to them.

Use the mirror like a suit of armour. They’ll have no power to harm again.

Posted on Tue 3rd Apr 2012 20:27:28

Who Says Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees?

The old saying goes that money doesn’t grow on trees.

But it certainly appears to do so on the mysterious coin-studded trunks dotted around the UK’s woodland.

The strange phenomenon of gnarled old trees with coins embedded all over their bark has been spotted on trails from the Peak District to the Scottish Highlands.

The coins are usually knocked into felled tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hope it will bring them good fortune.

These fascinating spectacles often have coins from centuries ago buried deep in their bark and warped by the passage of time.

The tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years, but this combination of the man-made and the natural is far more rare.

It used to be believed that divine spirits lived in trees, and they were often festooned with sweets and gifts – as is still done today at Christmas.

The act is similar to that of tossing money into ponds for good luck, or the trend for couples to attach ‘love padlocks’ to bridges and fences to symbolise lasting romance.

Some pubs, such as the Punch Bowl in Askham, Cumbria, have old beams with splits in them into which coins are forced for luck.

There are seven felled tree trunks with coins pushed into them in the picturesque village of Portmeirion, in Wales.

Meurig Jones, an estate manager at the tourist destination, told the BBC: ‘We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins.

‘I did some detective work and discovered that trees were sometimes used as “wishing trees” .

‘In Britain it dates back to the 1700s – there is one tree in Scotland somewhere which apparently has a florin stuck into it.’

He said that a sick person could press a coin into a tree and their illness would go away.
‘If someone then takes the coin out though, it’s said they then become ill.’

‘We haven’t publicised it at all, it’s just happened,’ he added. ‘It’s quite amazing really.’

In Scotland, there is also a legend about a kissing tree. If a young man could drive a nail into a tree with one blow, he earned a kiss from his sweetheart.

Yoko Ono has used wishing trees in her artwork, and in 1877 Queen Victoria wrote about visiting an oak tree with coins stuck in it in the Highlands.

Adapted from an original article in the Daily Mail September 2011.

Posted on Sun 1st Apr 2012 14:59:06

Capture Janus’s January Blessings

Capture Janus's January BlessingsThe first month of the year is named after the Roman God Janus. Images show him with two faces, one facing forward to the year ahead and the other facing backwards to the one just ended.

Janus helps us see things clearly, so we can move forward with our lives. He’s also the guardian of doorways and houses and protects our private space. To summon his help, leave a basket or bowl of fruit near the front door or hang dried herbs or flowers there. Capture Janus's January Blessings


Posted on Wed 14th Dec 2011 17:12:00