As a professional psychic, I’m often asked by my clients during a psychic tarot reading whether I can see marriage in their immediate future.

And why wouldn’t they want to know? Most people like to think that one day they will settle down and live happily ever after with someone “very special”.

So what tarot cards would I expect to see if someone will be marrying or at least involved in a long term permanent relationship?

I would be looking for the appearance in a tarot spread of one of three following cards:

The Hierophant

The Two of Cups

The Ace of Cups

Of course, just to see these cards in a spread wouldn’t be enough. I would also be looking for the surrounding tarot cards to also add weight to the idea of marriage but generally these cards are seen as positive indications of love and romance.

So what do they mean?

The HierophantThe Hierophant  I always see this card as representing traditional old fashioned values in a love relationship i.e. love, trust and mutual understanding. And what’s more traditional than a white wedding in a church? The Hierophant always carries such ideas.

To draw this card usually points to a perfect partner for you and often someone quite a bit older. You may meet this person when you join a group or ask for some professional advice. Linked to Taurus, it reminds you of the true values you seek in a relationship “someone trustworthy” and that your quest is over to find this.


The Two of Cups

The Two of Cups I always like to see this card in a psychic tarot reading. It indicates “the perfect partnership”. So you can be sure that the person you will marry  will have a reassuring effect on you and you would trust them with your life. But you have to start giving out what you long to receive. Yes, you have been holding back, but from now on you have nothing to fear. The resentment and doubt which has resulted in one sided love for you in the past can be faced and erased forever.

New romance is linked to someone who has a seductive smile and who you may meet in the strangest of circumstances.


Ace of Cups

Ace of CupsThe Ace of Cups is a lovely romantic card, promising long term happiness, rewards and the joy of rebirth in your life. As the card shows – your cup will truly overflow with happiness.

Even if you are less than happy with the love in your life right now, this card promises, new riches – if you look in the right place.

If single ,expect a whirlwind romance leading to an engagement or marriage within a year when you are lucky enough to draw this card


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Posted on Mon 28th Jun 2010 22:16:00