Love Spell To Get He/She To Date YouCollect rose petals after the dew has disappeared in the morning. Place all but one of the rose petals on white paper to dry the moisture. The petals will need turning to dry completely. On the remaining rose petal, prick your name with a pin above the name of the one who you want to date you. Pour the other petals into a handkerchief or pretty scarf and sprinkle them with powdered orrisroot (available online or herbal supply shops), mixing and crumbling the two together until you have a fine powder. Put the still-whole petal bearing your names on top of the mixture. Scoop the ingredients into a ball shape and tie a red ribbon around them. Sleep with the spell pouch under your pillow and you will not be alone much longer!

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Posted on Fri 28th Oct 2011 21:45:48