Love Powder - Be Careful How You Use It !

This simple ‘Love Powder’ spell is from the Caribbean and  involves the use of herbs and oils. Once prepared the powder can be sprinkled secretly on the belongings of a desired person and then in your own underwear drawer to forge a psychic love link between you.
To a handful of talcum powder add the following:

* five drops of rose oil
* five drops of sandalwood oil
* seven drops of lavender oil
* a teaspoon of cardamom seed
* a teaspoon of allspice
* a teaspoon of crushed and dried lavender
* a teaspoon of crushed and dried rose petals

Mix all the ingredients with a fork. As you mix, visualise warm pink light building and radiating out from the powder.
Gently pour the powder into a small jar and take it with you to sprinkle a little on the belongings of the person that you desire.
This powder may also be used as a charm to keep a lover thinking of you when they are absent.
Place a small mound of the powder on the palm of your hand while standing within a sunny spot in a natural setting. Blow a little of  the powder towards each of the four cardinal points (north, south, east, west) willing the beloved to feel the pull of your love and return soon.

Posted on Thu 11th Jun 2009 21:39:00