Know Yourself Better With A Tarot Card Reading


Tarot cards bulge with symbolic content: bright moons, flaming wands, silver pools. On each tarot card, dozens of elements compete for your attention. The tarot images that catch your eye can reveal a lot about your deepest thoughts.

While Tarot card readings are no substitute for professional psychological care, working with the tarot, can be a very effective (and inexpensive) form of do-it-yourself therapy. But the benefits don’t stop there. Drawing a tarot card and relating it to a question allows us to make the transition from paralysis to analysis. Working with a spread of Tarot cards gets a problem out of our heads and onto the table. As a result, we can see deeply emotional and complex issues with greater clarity and perspective.

Because of the deck’s ability to refocus attention, a Tarot card reading can bypass our tendency to see our actions in the best possible light, helping us see ourselves and our actions more objectively.

Drawing a few tarot cards can dispel illusions and remove rose-coloured glasses. The tarot cards will dare to share observations your own best friends would hesitate to mention. If self-knowledge is important to you, Tarot will become a valued tool.

Posted on Sun 9th Jan 2011 20:20:47