How to Heal At A Distance

How to Heal At A DistanceIs someone that you love unwell physically or emotionally?

Would you love to help heal their body or spirit but they are many miles away from you?

Healing doesn’t necessarily require the presence of the person being healed.

Healing can be transmitted over a distance and still have a positive effect.

It must be remembered healing is not a replacement for conventional medicine but forms part of a complimentary approach. It’s a way of boosting the body’s healing process. It can do no harm when approached in this way.

To undertake distant healing it’s necessary to spend a few minutes quietly meditating before beginning and during this period of quiet reflection to visualise the person you want to heal.

Don’t visualise he/she as being sick, but as being whole and well. You are using your visualisation to create an image for the future, not an image of the present.

Continue to visualise the person walking around and looking happy, as they take part in their everyday activities.

Next, look down at your hands and imagine them being filled to overflowing with a beam of powerful golden light. Feel its warmth and healing power. Feel its energy waiting to be released.

Then allow this golden healing light to flow from your hands and travel across the miles and enter the aura of the person you are working to heal.

When you can send no more energy, gently withdraw from their aura and pull back to where you are.

Visualise for a final time the person being happy, well and busy.
Let this vision gradually fade and ground your self so there is no psychic overlap. Do this by imagining roots reaching from your body deep into the ground.

Distant healing is best done over a period of time. The frequency will depend on how great the need.

The joy of undertaking healing is learning that the person you care about is beginning to recover or is experiencing an improvement in the quality of their life. Sometimes the latter in chronic illness is all you can hope to achieve. But the person you care about can only benefit from the love and light you are sending out to them in their hour of need.

Posted on Fri 1st May 2009 22:40:55