Spirit’s secret tunnel

Ghost hunters were alerted to the existence of a secret tunnel under an Iron Age hill fort – by a spirit.

Dorset Ghost Investigators were holding a vigil at Old Sarum near Salisbury, Wiltshire, when they recorded a voice saying the word ‘tunnel’ on their ghost box, a radio that scans the airwaves to pick up spirits talking.

Investigator Glen say: “When we asked: “Where’s the tunnel?” we got a creepy reply saying: “You’ll see in the dark”.

Although English Heritage, which looks after the ancient settlement, knew about the tunnel it had never been open to the public or fully investigated.

The ghost team believe the spirit wants them to return to the site, which dates back to 3,000BC, for a night-time vigial so it can reveal its dark, spooky secrets.

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Is your house haunted?

Is your house haunted?

Is ghost activity on the up?

Well it certainly seems that way!

According to a recent survey by the AA’s Home Emergency Response service, a third of UK householders have experienced spooky goings-on.

The most common haunting reported was weird noises such as footsteps (one in eight people) followed by pets behaving strangely for no reason (12 per cent)

A further 10 per cent of people have had the feeling of being watched, and eight per cent have experienced a sudden drop in temperature though there is no known reason for this.

Other incidents include electrical appliances going hayway (six per cent) and lights turning on and off (three per cent)

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Spooky Specter of Newby Church

Spooky Specter of Newby ChurchThis photograph was taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, in the UK.

It has always been a controversial photo because the image is so clear. The shrouded face and the way it is looking directly into the camera makes it look like it was posed – a clever double exposure? Yet the photo has been scrutinized by photo experts who say the image is not the result of a double exposure. Notice too, how the gown the figure is wearing spills in a shadowy way over the bottom two steps of the altar.  And vicars, of course, are not generally the sort to try to fake a ghost photo- quite the opposite in fact.

The Reverend Lord has said of the photo that nothing was visible to the naked eye when he took the snapshot of his altar. Yet when the film was developed, standing there was this strange cowled figure.

The Newby Church was built in 1870 and, as far as anyone knows, did not have a history of ghosts, hauntings or other peculiar phenomena. Those why have carefully analyzed the proportions of the objects in the photo calculated that the phantom is about nine feet tall!

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Watch spooks live on camera

Watch spooks live on cameraIt could be better than watching a late night horror movie! Ghost fans can now log on to Salford City Council’s ‘ghost cam’

There you can spy on spooks at 15thC Ordsall Hall from the comfort of your own computer.

After visitors to the famously haunted leave at 5pm the cams are switched on  in various rooms so ghost fans can keep a remote vigil until 8am next moring.

Spooks spotted so far include a White Lady widely believed to be that of Margaret Radcliffe who was a lady in waiting to to Elizabeth I.




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Haunted Lighthouse

Haunted LighthouseLook towards the top of the Point of Ayr lighthouse, in Talacre Beach, North Wales, and you may see the shadowy figure of a man in old-fashioned clothes keeping guard over it.

He appears even though the entrace to the lighthouse is locked with chains. Some say he was a lighthouse keeper called Raymond, who died either from typhoid or a broken heart. He’s become such a local legend that a seven-foot sculpture of the ghostly figure, named The Keeper has been placed beside the lantern in the lighthouse.

And he’s not the only spirit presence in the area.

in 1775, two ships were stranded near Talacre Beach during two shipsa violent storm. Between them, the ships, named The Trevor and Non Pareil, were carrying 200 crew and passengers, plus £40,000 worth of jewels, precious silks and spices.

Some survivors made it onto the beach but were attacked by men, who beat them to death with clubs before stealing their treasures.

It’s said that whenever a storm whips up on a dark night in the area, the souls of those who perished can be heard crying in terror and begging for help .

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Haunting Times

Haunting Times

A Bulgarian farmer was arrested recently after impersonating a ghost.

Mityo Aydelnaretsa, 46, convinced the entire village at Dimitrovgrad that their homes were haunted so he could snap up land at a cut-price rate.

Every night he would sneak out to shine a torch through the window or throw stones on the roof.

The villagers were so concerned that they even organised search parties and after finding nobody became convinced that the ghost was to blame for the night-time terror. Whenever Mityo was challenged by the citizen ghost hunters, he claimed he was also looking for the poltergeist.

Aydelnaretsa was caught after police set up a CCTV camera which filmed him in action as he crept around neighbours garden rustling bushes and wailing.

He was later charged with disturbing the peace.

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Could Manchester Airport be haunted?

Could Manchester Airport be haunted?

Archive documents released last year which date back to the 1970s reveal a string of reports from staff at Manchester Airport complaining of ghostly encounters.

All sightings are concentrated on an area around the Terminal Three departure gates – which officially opened in 1989.

The documents, released for the first time, show that some staff were so scared that they did not want to go out into the terminal alone after dark.

The most common account is of a ghostly male figure, dressed as an airman, wandering around the gates before disappearing.

One letter, written in 1971 by a former airport worker, reveals how he had encountered an ‘old man’ whom he believed was the ghost of a night watchman who was killed there years earlier.


Staff have also reported often hearing slamming doors but when they investigated they find rooms empty and lights off.

Another worker claimed to have seen a person wearing a pilot’s hat walking into the toilets at night, and also of hearing the doors shut. No flights were due to arrive or depart at the time. When the worker went into the toilet to investigate there was nobody there – and the motion-sensitive lights hadn’t come on.

Terminal Three stands on top of a number of former RAF buildings, which were home to 613 City of Manchester Squadron in World War Two.

A Manchester Airport spokesman said: “We are often reminded of the myths and legends attached to some of the terminals – and many of the people who work here have had their own experiences.

“We’ve even been part of a radio show with a psychic who assured us of the presence of spirits walking the hallways.”

Adapted from an orginal article in Manchester Evening News October 2011

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Ghost Face In The Clouds

Ghost Face In The Clouds

Spooky! Clouds gather to form ghost-like face in the sky

A few years ago a bizarre face appeared at sunset in a cloud over Clifton Downs, Bristol. The ghostly face was photographed by Nola Hersey in the autumn of 2010, on her iPhone while walking in the park. She said at the time: “We had been out for a walk and it was a lovely sunset so I stopped to take a few pictures. Then I noticed a girl’s face very clearly in the cloud. It was amazing, you could her face and hair very well. It almost looked like she was wearing one of those Victorian wigs, it was quite spooky”


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Britain’s 10 Most Haunted Roads


BRITS looking for spooky thrills  are as likely to find ghosts on the road as they are in haunted houses and eerie churchyards.

Half the nations motorists have said they have encountered spooky phenomena behind the wheel.

The most common unexplained phenomena reported include the strange feeling that ‘you’ve been here before…’, sixth-sense premonitions about what is around the next corner, the feeling that someone is sitting next to you when driving alone, strange drops in temperature and unexplained white lights ahead on the road.

A survey of its readers by the tabloid Daily Star in 2010, came up with the following list of the top 10 most haunted streets and roads in the UK:


1. Union Street (Bedford) ­ Drivers have reported seeing a creepy highwayman.

2. A494 (Mold, North Wales) ­ A peculiar, tall and ghostly presence has been spotted at the side of the road.

3. Pulford to Doddleston Road (Chester) ­ A mysterious form has been seen in the roadside hedges.

4. Dibbinsdale Bridge (Bromborough) ­ This road goes through a low-lying valley filled with fog and mist where strange stories abound.

5. Loggerheads (North Wales) ­ An unexplained presence has been known to greet visitors as they enter the town.

6. A23 (Pyecombe, West Sussex) ­ A strange, spooky figure has been known to scamper close to the road.

7. Whitehouse Lane (Brimstage to Heswall, Wirral) ­ A mysterious cyclist pedals furiously alongside cars.

8. Broomhill Road (Tonbridge) ­A man in a grey suit mysteriously appears to drivers where a large house and lodge once stood.

9. Road between Halkyn and Holywell (North Wales) ­ Drivers have come into contact with ‘presences¹ on dark nights.

10. A541 (Plontbyddyn) ­ A ghostly, elderly lady appears to drivers near the local manor house.

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Wight Ghost

Wight GhostThe zoo at Sandown on the Isle of Wight, is renowed for ghostly sightings. It’s situated on the site of a 150-year-old fort that was built as part of Lord Palmerston’s coastal defences against the French. Parts of the old fort still exist within the grounds of the zoo. And it’s said that many unsuspecting vistors to the zoo have been spooked by the sound of marching feet of long-dead soldiers.

One tragic haunting is that of a soldier 18 tonne gunswho was tending one of the fort’s 18 tonne guns when it rolled back and cut him in half. Investigators have also witnessed lights and orbs, and cameras have picked up on shadowy figures. With the sounds of the animals settling at night and possible spooky guests the zoo is not a place for for those of nervous disposition.


Haunted Britain: Ghost sightings UK, ghost sightings Hampshire, Ghost sightings Isle of Wight.

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Wailing Woods – Don’t Get Lost!

Wailing Woods - Don't Get Lost!Whatever you do should you enter the notorious Screaming Woods in Pluckley, Kent, make sure that you come out again. Or else, your screams may join those of all the poor souls who have got lost in these eerie woods over the centuries, and were never seen again! Their wails are said to be still heard in the woods of Pluckley – said to be Bitain’s most haunted village and home to at least 12 ghosts.

These include the White Lady of Dering who is said to still pace the graveyard of nearby St Nicolas’s church despite being buried in several coffins and an oak sarcophagus. And the Lady of the Rose Court, who was driven to eat poisionous berries after getting mixed up in a medieval love triangle. The village is also said to be haunted by several spectral hounds, so be sure to take some doggie treats along !

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Haunted House That Spooked TV’s Anne Diamond

Haunted House That Spooked TV's Anne Diamond

ANNE Diamond has revealed she was once scared off buying her dream home after coming face-to-face with the ghost of its previous owner.

The TV presenter said she could not bear to live in the house with her children ­knowing it was haunted and so gave it up even though it was perfect in every other way.

The ghostly encounter came shortly after the traumatic end to her 10-year marriage to TV producer Mike Hollingsworth in 1999.

Miss Diamond, a regular guest on Channel 5’s current affairs show The Wright Stuff, re-lived the scary encounter for a ­television show.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant was house hunting and fell in love with the “wonderful old Victorian house” in Warwick and planned to move in with her four boys.

She visited and was greeted by an elderly lady who had been born in the house and lived in it all her life, raising her own ­family there.

“She showed me around and said she was sad to leave but that her grown-up children were pressing her to sell and move to a modern flat,” she said.

“I thought she rather liked the look of me, and liked the idea that we were a big family who would fill it with joy and laughter.

“I rang the agent and offered the asking price – only to be told that the lady had decided not to sell after all.”

Six months later Miss ­Diamond, 57, received a call from the estate agent saying the house was empty and back on the market.

She collected the keys and went back to the house with her mother.

“At the front door, I was ­fiddling around trying to find the right key when the door opened and there was the same little white-haired old lady who’d first shown me around,” she said.

She left us to explore the place. But this time the house was bare and empty.

“Everything had been moved out – except what seemed to be a large wooden box lying in the centre of the living room. My mother sat on it then jumped up, saying, ‘I don’t like this… it’s the shape of a coffin’.

“We both had tingles running up and down our spines so, not being able to find the old lady again, we quickly left.

“When I returned the keys to the agent, I told him the old lady had shown us round and he said, ‘That can’t have been her because she died a couple of months ago. The children are selling it now, and you had the only keys’.” Miss Diamond, who also starred in 2006 Celebrity Fit Club after openly battling her weight for years, went back to find the wooden box in the ­middle of the room had ­disappeared.

She said: “I can only believe that it was the old lady’s ghost that showed us round and that there was indeed a coffin on the living room floor.

“I can’t get my mind off that. In fact, I believe she is still there in the fabric of the house. Talk about spooked. I decided not to buy the place after all.” But according to local paranormal investigator Duncan ­Curtlin, of Paranormal Nights , the story is entirely plausible.

He said: “Warwick is a particularly haunted area.

“It is probably something to do with the presence of ­Warwick Castle and Guy’s Cliffe House (a dilapidated country house) which both have a lot going on with them.

“It is certainly not unusual to come across a ghost, and I do remember this story when it happened.”

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Wine snob ghost ‘haunting pub’

Wine snob ghost 'haunting pub'A “wine snob” ghost is lurking in the cellar of a pub making its feelings known about the house wine, it has been claimed.

The ghost, named Corky by regulars at the Court Oak pub in Harborne, Birmingham, apparently has very strong opinions about the wine list.

The pub, part of the Sizzling chain, is built on land were gallows were situated in the 17thC, sparking speculation that Corky may be the ghost of someone who died there years ago.

Pub manager Anne Tyler said the ghost had given its opinion about the wine on offer every Halloween for the last few years.

She said smashed bottles of red and white house wine were discovered in the cellar until the selection was upgraded.

 Nuala Gallagher, of Sizzling Pubs, said: “It isn’t so much things that go bump in the night as things going smash in the night at the Court Oak.

“People have spotted the figure of a man, aged about 60, behind the bar and the staff have felt his presence numerous times over the years.

“But it is Corky’s insistence on certain wines that set him apart as a spirit.

“It only ever happens at this time of year when Halloween is in sight. If the pub has a house wine that is not to his liking, he makes his feelings known by smashing bottle after bottle of it in the cellar until it is changed for a wine he approves of.

“He’s a bit of a wine snob, which is why he’s been named Corky by customers.”

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Haunted Conwy Valley castle in world’s top 10

Haunted Conwy Valley castle in world’s top 10

A HAUNTED gothic house in the Conwy Valley is in a list of the top 10 spookiest hotels in the world.

Gwydir Castle, in Llanrwst, which dates back to the 14th Century, is down as the eighth most haunted place to stay in a list compiled by global travel website Trip Advisor.

The restored mansion has long enjoyed a reputation as a ghost chaser’s paradise, with former owner Sir John Wynn and a murdered maid rumoured to haunt the rooms and corridors.

Judy Welford, who owns the property with husband Peter, said: “I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing to be in that list but I suppose it is nice to have worldwide recognition

“We have some people who come here for our reputation as a haunted house and others who come because of the beautiful property and location.

“There are a few ghosts that are thought to roam the house and it becomes eerie when visitors see or hear the same thing in the same places.

“We personally keep an open mind about it all.

“We are very happy living here and everyone rubs along very well.”

Ghostly sightings have been recorded at the property as far back as the 19th century.

The most widely reported of the ghosts is that of a young woman in the panelled corridor between the Hall of Meredith and the Great Chamber.

Legend has it that it is the ghost of a serving maid who was seduced by Sir John Wynn (5th Baronet) and then murdered when their relationship turned sour. Her body was reputedly walled up in a large void in a chimney breast.

Sir John (1st baronet) is one of the many other reported ghosts. Sightings have been reported on the spiral staircase leading from the Solar Hall to the Great Chamber.

A ghost dog has also apparently been sighted.

Emma O’Boyle, from Trip Advisor, said: “With Halloween just around the corner TripAdvisor has compiled a fun list of spooky hotels, based on feedback from over 40 million users.”

The title for the world’s most haunted hotel went to Hotel del Coronado, in California. This has a famous haunted room, in which a pregnant woman is reported to have stayed before committing suicide while waiting for her wayward husband to join her.

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Top 5 celebrity ghost sightings

It didn’t take long after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 for the sightings of his ghost to start up. But of course, Jacko is far from the first superstar to carry on making public appearances after they died. Below, we present five of the most over-active celebrities, who haven’t let a little thing like death get in the way of their lifestyles.

Top 5 celebrity ghost sightings
Kurt Cobain‘s untimely death in 1994, when he shot himself in the head, traumatised a generation – but he hasn’t gone away for good. In August 2000, a 24-year-old bar manager from Essex reported that Cobain was haunting her Compaq Presario laptop, and that he’d pleaded for help before demanding that she give him a kiss. The computer stopped working after she kissed it, The Register reported, and Kurt has not been heard from since.

Orson Welles, the legendary actor and director who started his career by making one of  the greatest film ever in Citizen Kane, and ended it by doing a voice-over for Transformers: The Movie, is reported to still sit at his favourite table in his favourite Los Angeles restaurant, enjoying the fine food, drinking brandy and smoking cigars. Sadly for the shade of Welles, the restaurant – the famed Ma Maison – shut down in 1985, and is now a completely different restaurant.

John Lennon has been good about keeping in touch with people since he was fatally shot in 1980 – with his son Julian claiming he visited him in the form of a white feather, Paul McCartney saying that his spirit was present the recording sessions for ‘Free As A Bird’ in the form of a white peacock, and Liam Gallagher claiming that he met Lennon’s ghost while lying on a bed at a mate’s house in Manchester. Oddly, at no point during any of these visitations did Lennon tell those involved to stop recording rubbish music.

Marilyn Monroe has been busy following her not-especially mysterious death from a barbiturate overdose in the 1960s. She currently haunts a full-length mirror at the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, occasionally nipping off to be seen dancing around the ballroom in spectral form (it’s not known if she ever meets up with the ghost of Montgomery Clift, who haunts room 928). She also hangs around the house where she died, as well as finding time to lurk around her grave.

Elvis Presley is probably the most overworked celebrity ghosElvis Presleyt around, given that he basically haunts everywhere, from the site of the old RCA studios in Nashville to your local chip shop. Naturally, though, his favoured haunting ground is his old home, Graceland – where, naturally, people have reported seeing his ghost marrying Marilyn Monroe’s ghost.

He’s also said to have haunted the site of a home in Bel Air that he rented – although the building was demolished two decades ago. We’re sure that once you watch the following incredibly clear video evidence, you’ll be in no doubt that the spirit of Elvis still shakes his hips and eats ectoplasm cheeseburgers from beyond the veil.


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Why do I dream of being in a haunted house?

Why do I dream of being in a haunted house?

Ghosts, spirits or demons are usually thought to represent repressed parts of our unconscious that we would prefer to keep buried. If like many people you have this dream on several occasions it would  indicate that these ghosts really need to be listened to – otherwise they may keep haunting you.

Some psychologists suggest that  unconscious feelings behind this type of  dream are likely to be something that you deem to be a less positive experience or less appealing emotion, like anger, shame or envy. Other interpreters have a more positive spin on ghost dreams – and suggest that spirits can represent positive and creative powers that lie within the dreamer, but need to be harnessed.

In your dream it might be worth taking these dream ghosts on instead of running or hiding from them and facing up to what they represent. Then you will know what you are dealing with and should be able to make progress in working with them, so that they will become less frightening and may be able to give you more strength.

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Grumpy Ghosts

Grumpy GhostsThe Lost Gardens of Heligan are beautiful 19th-century gardens in Cornwall, that were cleared, primped up and reopened in 1992, having been overgrown for almost a century.

But it seems that the ghosts of Heligan, perhaps the family who once lived on the estate, don’t appreciate their sanctum being woken from its sleep.

A few areas of the garden are reported to have an uneasy air about them. Gardeners are said to be too frightened to work alone in the kitchen garden and the rockery. Several exorcisms have taken place, but a few grumpy ghosts refuse to budge and continue to make their ghostly presence felt!

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Ghost of WWII Nurse in Bristol hospital

Ghost of WWII Nurse in Bristol hospital

A phantom nurse dressed in a World War II uniform has been spotted wandering the corridors of an ex-hospital building in Bristol.

The spectre – dressed in a white head scarf and with a cardigan draped across her shoulders – has been seen by many people at The Vassall Centre, in Bristol.

Staff from Aspects and Milestones, a learning disability and mental health services charity, say they have seen and felt the ghostly presence on a number of occasions.

No one from the charity would comment in person on what they had seen, but staff claim the spirit moves about the office wearing a white apron with a grey gown and pushing a trolley.

They also say they have felt her touching their shoulders and moving diaries around, and have heard her rattling blinds and felt her pushing against doors they are trying to open.

But although the apparition brings a chilling atmosphere into the area whenever she is present, she is apparently a friendly ghost.

A cleaner at the Vassall Centre says she has felt the spectre’s presence every week ever since she started working there.

Jacqui Painter, who is 55 and lives nearby, said: “I work in the corridors near Aspects and Milestones early in the morning, at about 4-5am.

“In this one corridor it is very warm, but as soon as I get to a certain part of it it is absolutely freezing. I haven’t seen anything, but it feels like there is a presence there.

“I don’t know what it is, but it is really cold and horrible, and is quite spooky.

“I am not scared, but it is not a very nice experience going up there and I always do my cleaning very quickly, especially if I am in the building on my own.”

The Vassall Centre was built as part of Frenchay Hospital at some point during World War II, but was never actually used as a hospital.

No one has yet been able to identify who the nurse may have been, but medical staff would have been on the site during the 1940s and 1950s to check its suitability.

The building is now run by a local charity as barrier-free offices and conference facilities, providing accommodation for 15 disability organisations that provide services from the centre.

Mary Welbourn, the Vassall Centre Trust’s conference centre manager, said: “As far as I know, the ghost has never made an appearance to any of our 20,000 conference centre users, and even if she has, no one has been nervous of coming back.”

The Trust has recently tried to find out exactly when the building was built, but after checking records in the central library and in the Bristol records office, they are still no clearer.

The mystery stems from the fact that during the war many buildings were constructed quickly and sometimes secretly, so records were often left incomplete.

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Why you’ve more than a ghost of a chance of seeing a spook in Edinburgh

Why you've more than a ghost of a chance of seeing a spook in Edinburgh

EDINBURGH has a reputation for being the most haunted city on the planet. With its wealth of moody Gothic architecture and grisly past, it is easy to see why.

Arguably the most famous resident ghost is Major Thomas Weir, a 17th-century Presbyterian minister who fell from grace and was burned at the stake after admitting committing acts of bestiality and incest.

But while some people believe Weir was also Edinburgh’s most infamous witch and best-known Satanist, he was neither.

A book published in 2004, Edinburgh City of the Dead, attempts to explain the Capital’s dark side, debunking popular myths while providing a light-hearted guide to the most ghostly locations in the Capital.

City ghost tour guide and historian Jan-Andrew Henderson, who wrote the book, said: “I am very sceptical, which is why I was interested in writing the book. Too many people writing books about the supernatural are already convinced that ghosts exist.

“I have seen weird things, though, especially in Greyfriars Kirkyard, where Bloody Mackenzie’s [the King’s Advocate who put thousands of Covenanters to their deaths before dying in 1691] poltergeist is said to be. If that is not a genuine supernatural case then I don’t think there is any such thing.”

Here are, reputedly, Edinburgh’s most haunted sites from Henderson’s guide – based on a range of material from sources including Edinburgh University, city ghost tour companies and stories printed in the Edinburgh Evening News:

Edinburgh Castle: Said to be haunted by several aEdinburgh Castlepparitions including the ghost of John Graham of Claverhouse, nicknamed Bloody Clavers for his ruthless persecution of Covenanters in the 17th century. Phantom drummers, bagpipers and invisible marching troops also inhabit the castle.

The Scotsman Hotel, North Bridge: The former offices of the Edinburgh Evening News is said to be haunted by a host of ghosts, including a phantom printer and a phantom forger.

South Bridge: Vaults inside the bridge are said to house a faceless man and a poltergeist.

Radisson SAS Hotel, Niddry Street: The hotel is on the site of Strichen’s Close, where Bloody George Mackenzie once lived. The area has been plagued by fires, thought to be caused by Mackenzie’s notorious troublemaking poltergeist.

Whistle Binkie’s Bar, Niddry Street: A long-haired gentleman in 17th-century costume known as The Watcher haunts the bar. No-one has ever seen his face. Since the 1990s another entity, The Imp, has also inhabited the bar and storerooms in South Bridge, making mischief by stopping clocks and slamming doors.

St Mary’s Street: Said to be haunted by a young woman stabbed to death in 1916 by an assailant who leaped out of a doorway, killed her and ran off. She appears in blood-spattered clothes with a shocked look on her face.

The Museum of Childhood, Royal Mile: Reported to ring with the crying of children late at night. It is near the site of a nursery sealed up during the plague years – with mothers and children inside.

The Canongate, Royal Mile: Watch for the burning spectre of the daughter of a respectable 18th-century family, apparently killed after bringing disgrace to her parents by falling pregnant by a servant.

Queensberry House, Canongate: This historic house in the centre of the new Scottish Parliament is famously haunted by a kitchen boy roasted and eaten by James Douglas, the mad Earl of Drumlanrig, in 1707.

Palace of Holyroodhouse, Royal Mile: The naked ghost of one Bald Agnes, stripped and tortured in 1592 after being accused of witchcraft, is said to roam there.

• West Bow (Victoria Street): The site of the former Anderson’s Close, torn down in 1827, which was home to the notorious Major Thomas Weir, aka The Wizard of the West Bow. It is also said to be haunted by sailor Angus Roy, who was crippled on a voyage in 1820 and taunted by children in the close who mimicked his limp. He is seen dragging his injured leg behind him.

George IV Bridge: The vaults under the bridge – used to imprison debtors in the 19th century – are allegedly inhabited by an unknown, handcuffed Highland chief.

Greyfriars Kirkyard: The burial place of the aforementioned Bloody George MacKenzie. Also the site of the Covenanters Prison, to which MacKenzie sent numerous victims.

George Street: Try to spot Jane Vernelt, who died in the early 20th century after losing her shop in the street due to bad financial advice and has been seen several times after death in broad daylight, heading for the now non-existent property.

Charlotte Square: Numerous ghosts are believed to inhabit the area, including a phantom beggar, a monk and even a piano player.

No. 15 Learmonth Gardens: Reportedly the only place in Edinburgh with a mummy’s curse. In the 1930s, its then owners stole a bone from a mummy’s tomb in Egypt and brought it home, after which their house was plagued by unexplained noises, flying objects and a spectre resembling an Egyptian priest.

Jamaica Street: Haunted in the late 18th or early 19th century by a man in a bright red hat. His appearance even caused a court case when the landlord accused his tenant of inventing the spectre to keep his rent down.

No. 12 Ann St: Said to be haunted by Mr Swan, a small, smiling man dressed in black who lived there in the 19th century before dying overseas.

Regent Terrace: In 1979 it was plagued by poltergeists – there was crying and breathing noises in empty rooms, and a small invisible being leapt on residents when they were in bed.

No. 5 Hazeldean Terrace: The Hazeldean Poltergeist became a national phenomenon in 1957 when it appeared at virtually the same time and same house number as the Rothesay Place poltergeist. The Hazeldean ghost threw a chopping board around and broke crockery.

Edinburgh Playhouse, Greenside Place: Haunted by Albert, a grey-coated man who appears on level six bringing a sudden chill to the air.
He is said to have been either a stagehand who died in an accident or a night-watchman who killed himself.

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street: Occasional sightings of a blue lady believed to be Ellen Terry, the actress who performed at the Lyceum’s first show. A shadowy figure is also sometimes seen in the lighting rig high above the stage.

Balcarres Street, Morningside: Said to be haunted by a green lady reputed to be one Elizabeth Pittendale, who was stabbed to death by her husband after he caught her in a passionate embrace with his son from a former marriage.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Nicolson Street: The theatre stands on the site of the former Empire Palace. It is haunted by a tall, dark stranger rumoured to be the famous illusionist Sigmund Neuberger, aka The Great Lafayette, who burned to death in a fire at the Empire in 1911.

Dalry Road: Once haunted by Johnny “One-arm” Chiesly, who had his arm cut off and was hanged after shooting a judge who gave Chiesly’s wife a hefty divorce settlement.

The Corn Exchange, Baltic Street, Leith: Apparently haunted by a 19th-century Leith publican who hanged himself there after being shunned by neighbours who accused him of torturing children. His spectre was supposedly captured on camera on the US TV series Understanding the Paranormal.

The Dovecot, Dovecot Road, Corstorphine: The ghost of Christian Nimmo, aka the White Lady of Corstorphine, haunts the garden around the dovecot. The feisty wife of a successful businessman, she took a lover whom she stabbed to death after he insulted her – a crime for which she was beheaded.

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This spectred isle… the spookiest spots in Britain revealed

This spectred isle... the spookiest spots in Britain revealedIf you’re at all scared of ghosts, make sure you steer clear of Kent.

The county is home to more paranormal beings than anywhere else in Britain, a recent study revealed. It also suggests you’re most likely to glimpse a UFO in Yorkshire, while the country’s most famous werewolf lives in Staffordshire.
A phantom hitchhiker getting into motorists’ cars, a Lancashire timewarp slip road that takes you back to the 1940s and the ghost of a one-legged priest were among the reported incidents.

The findings come from the work of paranormal researcher Lionel Fanthorpe, 74, from Cardiff.

UK's spookiest places Lionel, has analysed ghostly sighting from the past 25years to come up with a list of the UK’s spookiest places

UFOs were the most common paranormal sightings, with 109 reports across Britain.

One of the most well known sightings took place in Scotland in January 1986, when two policemen saw an orangey-red UFO travelling at slow speed and falling to the ground.

They described the object as resembling a flying clothes pole.

The second most common are general phantoms (also defined as ghosts or apparitions), with 50 reports including seven ghosts of policemen, a phantom monk, as well as a number of ghostly human shapes and medieval figures.

There have been 21 reported cases of werewolf sightings, with the Cannock Chase werewolf in Staffordshire the most renowned.

Road phantoms are the fourth most common paranormal sightings. There have been 17 cases of them scaring motorists over the years.

One of the most famous is a young girl who has been spotted wandering down the Caterham Bypass, in Surrey.
 crop circlesThere have been five official reports of crop circles, with Wiltshire the most likely place to find one.

And there have been four reports of poltergeists terrorising people’s homes, as well as four accounts of big cats roaming the woods of Leicester, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Dorset has the most railway ghosts and London hosDick Turpints the only haunted airport, Heathrow, where a passenger claimed to have encountered the ghost of Dick Turpin
Mr Fanthorpe said: ‘The highest form of investigation was never to regard something as so firmly proved that we don’t need to look at it again.

‘Neither should we laugh out of court anything that seems so ridiculous that it isn’t worth investigating.’

Adapted from an original article in the Daily Mail

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What’s the best way to see a ghost?

What's the best way to see a ghost?


Obviously the best thing to do is to visit somewhere that’s know to be haunted. These places have a lot spiritual activity, so it’s much more likely that you will see something.

When you arrive, ask your spirit guide to encourage spirit people to come forward and show themselves to you. If nothing happens, don’t worry – you can try as many locations as you like!

If you are keen to try and take a photo of a ghost you don’t need any special equipment – a standard digital camera will do. Good luck, the spirits are out there!



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Haunted Painting Available To View Online

Haunted Painting Available To View OnlineA portrait of Lady Ossington, said to be haunted by its subject, is one of 200,000 publicly-owned oil paintings being made available to view online, as part of a BBC campaign.

For nearly 100 years, it hung in the Ossington Coffee Palace in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

But when the establishment began to sell alcohol, some claim the ghost of Lady Ossington became offended and there were reports of the oil painting “flying off the wall”.

The Victorian artwork is now kept in stores, like 80% of the oil paintings in the UK’s national art collection, but can be seen and its story read, on the Your Paintings website.

Haunting history

Viscountess Ossington built the coffee palace on Beastmarket Hill in 1882 as a charitable concern.The Ossington Coffee Palace, Beastmarket Hill c1910, Newark. This photo is a section from a postcard published by F Henry Davage of Kirkgate Printing Works, Newark (no longer in operation)

Its aim was to provide a hostel where travellers could find accommodation for the night without the temptation of drink on the premises.

The Viscountess was to be its manager until her death and was to be succeeded by a group of trustees to maintain the building “in a crusade against the demon drink”, according to its title deed.

But in the 1960s a court decided the trust was not a charitable institution as the hotel had always been run on commercial lines.

The heirs of Viscountess Ossington were traced as the true beneficiaries and the coffee palace was sold in 1978.

Shortly afterwards it became a public house.

 It is then the portrait is said to have started to repeatedly “fly off the wall”.

Newark and Sherwood District museum service purchased the artwork – believed to have been painted by a Miss Hawkins – at auction in 1981.

“It is a hefty piece which may be a more rational explanation for why it fell off walls,” said the museum service’s Kevin Winter.

The oil painting is kept in the district council’s resource centre stores on Brunel Drive, one of 700 artworks in its collection, along with sculptures by Robert Kiddey, woodcuts from Sir William Nicholson and two prints by the internationally-acclaimed artist Bridgett Riley.

The Resource Centre is open to the public by appointment. To book a visit call 01636 655777 or e-mail


Adapted from an original article on the BBC  news site June 2011

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