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Flushed with success

Flushed with successWorld renown Feng Shui expert Lillian Too, recommends wearing red blusher on your cheeks to enhance your relationship luck and attract big time success.

Lillian says that not only do blush-tinted cheeks make you look healthy they also imbue your whole face with yang energy, therefore attracting people to you.

Lillian says that in her early career days when she worked in an office she would apply plenty of rouge colour. And as a result her colleagues poked fun at her referring cattily to her as the, ‘opera star’

But Lillian had the last laugh, as she was promoted several times and those same collegues who had laughed at her where now working for her!

Lillian says: “These days I still wear colour on my cheeks but not all the time.”

“I have had enough success, luck and I need a break”

“But for every special occasion, every important meeting and every vital encounter I still wear blusher with abandon!

“You should too – you’ll be suprised to see how the yang energy lights up your face when you do and attracts all the success you can handle in your direction!

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Feng Shui to harmonise your home


What is it? Based on the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, feng shui (meaning wind and water) is dubbed ‘acupuncture for the home’ because it benefits your health through opening up channels in your environment where energy can flow.

How does it work? A feng shui consultant analyses your home or workplace and advises how ‘chi’ or energy can circulate through your home more freely. If your apartment or office is small and compact, he might introduce the impression of space through hanging mirrors – where ‘chi’ can bounce off the glass and circulate the room.

Alternatively, a practitioner might install potted plants into a room. According to Raymond Catchpole, chair of the Feng Shui Society, money plants are particularly helpful in unblocking energy because it absorbs harmful ions in our environment.

‘The air we breathe is made up of two different types of electrically charged particles called ions – negative ions and positive ions,’ he says.

Surprisingly, the negative ions are better for us than the positive ones because oxygen consists of negative ions and nitrogen of positive ones.

There needs to be a correct balance of positive and negative ions in the air to keep us healthy. If the negative ions become depleted in any way we will be breathing in less oxygen. When we have less oxygen in our blood this can lead to a variety of health complaints such as respiratory and allergy problems.

What does it treat? Practitioners claim feng shui is best for conditions such as ME and chronic fatigue or any kind of stress-related problem.

What is the evidence that it works? Trials from NASA have shown that a range of common pot plants can effectively detox our households by absorbing poisonous vapours and releasing oxygen back into the air.

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Feng Shui Tip For Spring

As spring approaches make sure that windowsills are clear of clutter.In Feng Shui clutter is believed to obstruct the natural energy flow essential for a happy home.

And for maximum good luck  energy must also be allowed clear pathways in and out of the home. You can place plants here, though, as they give off positive vibes. They aid healing by turning carbon monoxide back into oxygen.

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Feng shui tip – Never have a mirror opposite your bed

Mirrors helpt to convey an atmosphere of peace and also create a  feeling of space in your home. They draw in positive energy but should never be placed opposite your bed as it’s said that they can bring infidelity into your love relationship.

They work well in bathrooms and dressings rooms (if you have one) as they are said to lift the chi and promote a ‘feel-good’ factor

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Feng Shui Tips For Romance Luck

Here’s a few tips from the guru of the Feng Shui world, Lilian Too on how to grab a little luck with love and romance using the ancient art of Feng Shui:

Lillian’s advice is:

The Chinese believe that in every woman’s lifetime she has several opportunities of marriage, and that each of these opportunities represents a crossroad. Some of these opportunities are stronger than others, and some represent a better future than others. These opportunities are part of her Heaven Luck. How and what she makes of these opportunities depend on her Earth Luck and her Man Luck. (In Chinese, Tien Ti and Ren Choy).

It’s in this context that Feng Shui can be of some help. Feng Shui is said to be the manifestation of Earth Luck, and if a woman can knowingly arrange her living surroundings in such a way as to promote good auspicious luck in the area of romance, marriage and family alike, she will have improved her chances of achieving happiness in a good marriage that leads to a happy and contented family life.

For men, romance and marriage luck also works in the same way, but you must understand that Chinese cultural tradition accepts the arrangement of multiple wives and concubines. To the Chinese mind, marital arrangements comprise of the chief wife and also secondary wives. So it is the number one wife who is recognized as the mistress of the household – but there is also room for secondary wives, and even of mistresses. In modern day Chinese households, especially those of overseas Chinese who have lived in western cultures for generations, much of this tradition is considered as  nonsense. Nevertheless, understanding the benefits of tapping into Feng Shui luck must be seen in this context.

Good marriage luck for women is considered to be that they will become happy first wives, and that even if the husband strays, or has a wandering eye, he will continue to respect and provide for the first wife, and that his children by her will take precedence at all family occasions.

So Feng Shui strongly advises women against having mirrors in the bedrooms, having a fish pond or aquarium on the right hand side of the main door of their homes, or having the toilet located in the marriage or family corners of the home. These and other guidelines are part of both Landscape and Compass School Feng Shui.

A happy family life, where misunderstandings and quarrels between husband and wife, and between siblings are the exception rather than the rule, and where children grow up respectful and obedient – bringing honour to the family name – these are part and parcel of the promise of good Feng Shui.

In addition, where there is good Feng Shui, auspicious and balanced Chi also bring about balance into the physical bodies of individuals thereby promoting good health and a general absence of illnesses and disease.

According to the life situations method of activating Feng Shui luck, every house or apartment – has a marriage corner. This is represented by the Trigram Kun, which symbolizes the Earth Mother. Kun is also symbolic of strong Yin and represents fertility. It directly complements the Trigram Chien, which means strong Yang. The marriage corner is thus represented by the South-West corner of the home.

To activate your marriage corner and increase the chances of serious romance into your life, first locate your marriage corner. If you live in a house or apartment, make sure that your toilets/bathrooms or kitchens are not located in the South-West corner.

Toilets are considered especially harmful in Feng Shui, since this literally means flushing away all your marriage prospects! If you find you have a toilet placed in exactly the South-West corner of your home, and there is nothing you can do about it, then stop using this toilet altogether.

If you are already married and you think your marriage is in trouble, this might also be the cause. When toilets are located in the marriage corner, marriages tend to get into trouble. Having toilets located in the family corner can also sometimes cause family problems. This is the East corner of the house. In Feng Shui you will find that every corner of the home represents one of the desirable aspirations of living, and it’s up to you to decide what is most important area of your life. One might well ask then, where the toilets of a home can be located since placing it anywhere seems to cause problem of one kind or another!

The author has found that this depends on the individual. It is perhaps interesting to note that in the palaces and homes of the wealthy Mandarins of olden China, there were no toilets. Nor were there bathrooms. These are modern day creations of Western cultures. In the old days, bathtubs were filled with water by servants and maids and then taken away each time the master or mistress needed a bath. Other bodily ablutions were handled the same way.

If your South-West corner is missing, due to the shape of your home or apartment, it can also cause marriage problems. The solution then is to erect a wall mirror on a side of the wall to extend out the corner, thereby apparently creating space in the South-West corner.

When using mirrors this way, do make certain that the mirror is at least as high as the tallest person in the home since having it too low is said to have the effect of cutting off the heads of residents.

It is also possible to actually activate the marriage corner, so you will vastly improve your marriage prospects. This is done by hanging a red Chinese marriage knot in the South-West corner, or hanging the Chinese characters signifying double happiness (a symbol of conjugal bliss). These simple items can be easily purchased at very little cost online at places such as EBay.

Adapted from an article on Romance Luck by Lillian Too.

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Feng Shui Ritual To Bring Back A Lover

Followers of Feng Shui believe that there are two types of seperations that occur when couples split up: temporary and karmic. If a seperation is karmic, nothing you can do will ever bring your lover back. However, if it’s temporary, you can use the following ritual:

Feng Shui Ritual To Bring Back A Lover
1. Powerful Mirror Ritual For Reconciliations

  • Find a photograph of yourself smiling (half body picture) and a similar one for your loved one.
  • Now take 2 pieces of mirror the same size as the pictures. Place the two pictures so that they face each other.
  • Then place the mirrors outside the joined picture. They should reflect outwards. So, you will have 2 pictures sandwiched between 2 mirrors. Use tape to tape the mirrors together with the pictures inside.
  • When there is a full moon, catch the reflection of the moon on the surfaces of both mirrors. This is to call forth the magic of the God of Marriage. Keep until your loved one calls and meets you. Once this happens, release the pictures. The rest is up to you. This ritual will help create the opportunities for you to sort out any differences between you.

Use the Wishfulfilling Bird2. Use the Wishfulfilling Bird

Hang a bird ornament flying towards your home to symbolically call back a loved one. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and place it in the beak of the bird.

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Feng Shui Your Love life

Feng Shui Your Love life

In Feng Shui, the art of placement, positive energy, or ‘chi’ is encouraged to flow through your home like a gentle breeze. If you have loads of clutter, dingy dark areas or just boring spaces, the energy can become stagnant. If you’re looking for romance you need to think deeply about why that romantic energy flow might be blocked.

1. Find your romance hotspot

First you need to find the part of your home, or of any room, that romantic energy has its greatest power. In Feng Shui this is the South West corner. To find that, stand at the doorway facing into to your house, or stand in the doorway of any room. Hold a compass and locate the SW corner. This is your love and romance power zone.

2. Clear it up!

Now you need to look at what’s happenning in that area and clear it up. Is it cluttered or messy? Is it dark or dingy? Does it need of a quick coat of paint? Do you have any objects that aren’t particularly romantic such as a bin, cat litter tray or a picture of something weird? Move anything inappropriate from the area, give it a clean and clap your hands together a few times to wake up any stagnant chi.

3. Apply feng Shui ‘cures’

In Feng Shui, love and romance is attracted by placing appropriate objects in pairs: two pink or red candles, two heart-shaped pillows, two pink blossoms, two silk roses, a picture of a pair of mandarin ducks, doves or swans.
Pay special attention to your bedroom, placing two rose quartz crystals each side of your bed and have two long stemmed red or pink flowers in a vase on each side. Use images, picture and objects that you associate with love and romance, personally, to strengthen the energy further.

Avoid prickly plants such as cacti, and stay away from dried flowers. Goddess statues are excellent and if the area is tidy and clean hang a light-reflecting crystal above it to reflect the good vibes. But hanging a crystal in a messy area will only magnify the cluttered energy out into the world.

If you have a loo in the SW corner of your bathroom, keep the lid down to avoid ‘flushing away’ romance and place a couple of heart shaped crystals on the top.
If you have a cupboard in the SW area, clear it out, keep it tidy and hang some beautiful dresses in it!

A red or pink lamp (a lava lamp would be perfect!) in your love zone will warm up and highlight your romantic potential. Any broken, ugly or unhappy-memory objects need to go. Be tough – what’s more important – an outworn piece of tat or a potentially exciting love life?

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Feng Shui Mirrors – A Key To Attracting Wealth And Positive Energies

Feng Shui Mirrors - A Key To Attracting Wealth And Positive EnergiesIn the ancient art of Feng Shui, mirrors are used to attract, move , or change the flow of energy. Placing a mirror correctly is vital to attract the positive energies to the home.  Mirrors enlarge a space, deflect something, flatten a wall, or make a wall disappear. Does that sound weird? Not if you consider mirrors reflect what they see back at you and that includes energy. Different kinds of mirrors are used in Feng Shui but the most popular types used are either round or octagonal styles . Always find the best quality mirror as if it is  of poor quality, the mirror image will be distorted. Mirrors should be whole and complete, not the small mirror tiles often found as this will cut the image into pieces.

In Feng Shui there are certain places where a mirror is not considered desirable. Mirrors placed at the end of a long hallway only reflect a longer hallway. And as they always reflect back what is in front of them, if a room has a lot of clutter, the mirror will reflect even more stuff. Mirrors in bedrooms could be startling when the person awakes. Mirrors are brilliant to place in small rooms as the space will immediately feel bigger. Objects can seemingly “pass through” a mirror and it’s possible to open up a space or make a wall disappear. Mirrors are also good by a front door as they welcome wealth into a home and are also considered ideal when trying to harmonize the energies of the home.

Try experimenting with the placement of mirrors in your home and see if your fortunes and energy levels improve. You may be surprised!

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Feng Shui Love Tips

Feng Shui Love Tips


Looking for a partner? Then these feng shui love tips could give your love life a boost.

Attracting a partner obviously needs some work on your part – he or she won’t come knocking if you’re just sitting at home every evening – but if you need some motivation and inspiration, these remedies will bring your intentions to the fore, which will subconsciously help to attract a mate.

These ideas all apply to the bedroom, as this is obviously the most conductive place for love and romance in a relationship. Try and introduce these elements.

Sand, earth, charcoal or two pebbles
Two rose quartz crystals
Two terracotta pots or vases with yellow flowers or two yellow/peach roses.
Light two candles each evening; red for passion, peach for romance and yellow for communication.
Hang a picture of two people in love, if possible where you can see it while you are lying in bed.
Ornaments of birds/animals that mate for life i.e. swans
Some downward lighting (or candles) as this grounds, stablises and introduce an intimate setting.
Some luxury, eg beautiful cushions, a ‘throw’ for the end of the bed, a soft rug.

Photographs of family, friends and pets
Pictures of one person
Storing electrical items or clutter under the bed
A heavy light fitting over the bed
Leaving cupboard doors open to display contents – often untidy

Before you place any of the enhancements, the area needs to be physically cleaned. When ready, give yourself time to think about why you are putting the remedies there, one at a time, then enjoy each of them.

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Feng Shui Tips – Dragon’s Den

Feng Shui Tips - Dragon's Den

As powerful symbols of yang, or male energy, dragons are thought to be particularly auspicious in Chinese cultures, so why not try placing one in your home to see if your fortune improves?

Dragons work well in almost any area of your home, although avoid low-energy areas such as the bathroom and garage. Also avoid having more than five in total.


  • Avoid placing the dragon too high up, no higher than eye level or its influence will wan.
  • A pearl, crystal, or other sphere in the dragon’s claw symbolises wealth, power and an abundance of opportunities.
  • A green dragon is an excellent cure for the east – the health area of your home, while a golden dragon can bring in wealth and abundance.
  • If you place a dragon in the love and relationships area (the southwest corner of your room or home), it’s advised to pair it with a phoenix – a mythical firebird  – as both together are the ultimate feng shui symbols of martial bliss

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Feng Shui Ideas to Attract Wealth To Your Home

Feng Shui Ideas to Attract Wealth To Your Home


Sea salt, or natural salt, created by the oceans of the world, is one of the most powerful tools used in feng shui.

Its strong energies not only give it great cleansing properties but also the capacity to attract wealth. While it’s well known that natural salt is an effective cleanser of bad chi its attraction properties are less well known.

In ancient Chinese it was thought that sewing grains of sea salt into a small pouch in your wallet will attract cash to it.

A useful tip for anyone who enjoys playing the tables at a casino, or sitting down to a friendly game of poker, is to carry a wallet filled to overflowing with cash and place some sea salt in it.

This ensures that the money does not leave your wallet.

It’s worth remembering though that sea salt melts and dissolves over time so you will need to refill on a regular basis.

Sprout a plant in the southeast to bring in a new source of income.

Sprout a plant in the southeast to bring in a new source of income.The Chinese are extremely fond of sprouting new plants. Not only do new plants signify the energy of springtime, and a successful beginning, but they serve as an omen of good fortune.

In feng shui the southeast corner of your home is known as the wealth corner and the place of wood energy.  By placing sprouting plants here, you simulate the favourable presence of sheng chi. According to the Eight Mansions feng shui, sheng chi is the most important type of chi, and it leaves an expanding yang energy vital to overall feng shui luck.

Bringing wealth energy to your home

Feng shui is particularly beneficial to anyone wanting to create multiple sources of income. While there are several feng shui practices for creating wealth energy in the home, the constant presence of plants growing strongly in the southeast is one of the most effective. If there is no growth here, it’s said that wealth energy becomes increasingly depleted.

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