How To Explore Your Past Lives

How To Explore Your Past LivesYou only live once….or do you? Some people believe that in each and every one of us are the memories and events of many former lifetimes.

And just as a child’s earliest experiences have a deep influence on later adult life, so too the stored knowledge of past lives may contribute to and affect our present choices and decisions: our present is forever bound to the past.

Many people have found by exploring their past lives it can help to:-

Reveal the causes of unnatural fears or phobias i.e. fear of heights, of water, of animals etc.
Reveal the causes of physical or emotional illnesses
Discover previous love relationships partners (you may be with them now in this life, having found each other again!)
Rid yourself of the negative elements of past lives, which may hinder your spiritual growth and contentment in this life.
Whilst it’s possible to seek knowledge of past lives by visiting therapists who specialize in this area, you may prefer to begin your journey of self-discovery by working alone.


The following guidelines will make sure that your experience is both safe and rewarding:
1.  Don’t ever enter self-exploration if you are feeling fear, whether it is of the experience itself or of some other situation in your life
2.  Don’t work on the past if your emotions in the present are confused. There will be too much colouring of past situations and distortions of truth may occur.
3.  Don’t work in an unfamiliar setting. Always explore the past from a place you know and trust.
4.  Don’t try to explore your past live if you are taking any long term medication.
Having satisfied yourself of this safety advice you can then progress on.

1. You can enter an ‘altered state’ which will will make it possible for you to begin your journey of exploration, by quietly meditating for several minutes and freeing your mind of all conscious thoughts.
2. As you enter into this state be willing to accept any information no matter in what form it may come to you. Many people see images and symbols which gradually begin to tell a story.
3. Don’t lie on your bed to undertake this exercise as it will trigger mechanism for sleep and different brain cells are stimulated and relaxed.
4. Try to establish a direction before you start i.e. if you’re interested in knowing whether you lived in a certain place before, hold a picture in your hand of the area and as you regress yourself allow the connection to become clear.
5. Before you begin always establish a way of relieving yourself of emotional stress of a past situation that you may encounter, i.e. you might want to tell yourself by uncurling your hand you are letting the emotion flow away from you.
6. See the experience as a learning situation. If you aren’t successful in establishing a contact with a past life – continue to practice. Some people find it harder than others.
7.  Keep it light. The experience needs to be enjoyable not fraught
8.  Always look back with the intention of finding the key to hidden talents, positive relationships and general knowledge about yourself that will help you live more fully in the present. Leave the heavy emotional stuff for professional consultations.
9. Experiment with different background sounds and music. You may find that a particular sound could trigger you easily into an altered state.
10. Record your experiences afterwards either in a journal or on a tape. Do it immediately as memories of previous lives can fade quickly once you have finished your session.

After you have finished review your notes or recording and then forget the experience until next time you practice. Whilst, past knowledge can be useful, we always need to be aware nothing is more important than focusing on and enjoying our present life.

Here’s a news report about past lives:

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