Easy Love Spell To Meet Mr RightThis is a really easy love spell, and more importantly it usually works very quickly.

You’ll Need:

A pink candle

A stick of vanilla incense

A bar of unscented soap

What to do:

On a Friday night during a full moon phas (the best day to cast spells for love) place the pink candle and the incense on a table and light them both. While they are burning down, take a few minutes to imagine your dream man. Now say this spell seven times:

“I call out to my soulmate dear,

to seek me out and bring me near,

The magic of this day will bring,

My love, my life, my everything.

When the candle and incense have burned down, place the soap in your bathroom. Every morning, wash your face with the soap, and within a few weeks, you should meet your Mr Right.

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 Posted on Tue 19th Jun 2012 10:44:05