Crystals are well known for their healing qualities but did you know that they can also help you lose weight?  The following three crystals are said to work a treat and many people report success with them.

CitrineCitrine – This yellow stone helps the functioning of the whole digestive system, so you absorb the nutrients you need and expel the waste you don’t, thereby maintaining a balanced body weight



Apatite – As the name suggests, this stone assists in the controlling of your appetite. It also helps banish negative feelings and the need for the ‘protective’ layer of fat that some people subconsciously cling to.



CassiteriteCassiterite – This silvery-grey crystal is useful in helping to shed the emotional baggage that sometimes causes us to hold on to excess wight. If there’s an emotional issue behind your overeating, this the cyrstal for you. It can also balance the hormones that sometimes prompt weight gain.



Carry or wear your chosen crystal next to your skin 24/7. You can make elixirs (elixirs are known as remedies or essences) from apatite and citrine too. Drinking a crytal elixir is a way of taking the energies of crystals directly into your body, which can be very beneficial. To do this, make sure the crystal is clean, then leave it in about one litre of water overnight. Remove the crystal and drink the water during the following day. Repeat this daily whilst dieting.


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Posted on Sat 9th Jul 2011 21:47:58