Crystal Cure For InsomniaCyrstal therapy has long been used as a gentle system of holistic healing.  By drawing on the unique qualities of various crystals you can balance the energy fields around the body to restore wellbeing.

If you’re someone who finds sleep difficult at night and find yourself lying awake for hours anxiously watching the clock go around there are several crystals that help bring relief and promote restful sleep.

Crystal Cure For InsomniaMalachite is well-known for its sleep inducing qualitites and  you should hold it for one hour before you go to bed and keep holding the crystal when you go to bed. Your sleep pattern should improve the very first night and should return to normal after two weeks. Larvakite, muscovite and strawberry quartz also enhance restful sleep. Carrying or wearing amethyst, cerussite, hermatite, lapis lazuli sodalite or zircon in the evening can also be helpful. Sweet dreams!


Posted on Thu 28th Apr 2011 10:51:59