A Crystal To Bring Peace To A Troubled Mind

A Crystal To Bring Peace To A Troubled MindThe healing properties of crystals have been recognised and harnessed for thousands of years.

Our distant ancestors were experts in their use, and used crystals for protection, jewellery, healing and foretelling the future.

One of the more unusual of stones is Ametrine which is a mixture of the purple amethyst and yellow citrine and so has the healing properties of both.

As an aid to meditation, ametrine helps you connect to your spirituality, and develop your natural intuition.

Ametrine balances and soothes the emotions too, bringing peace to a troubled mind by dissolving emotional blockages and overcoming negativity.

It’s also said to be good for dispelling fears and phobias and its uplifting qualities are said to relieve depression and bring joy to the wearer.

Further problems that ametrine has the power to alleviate include allergies, physical, mental and emotional exhaustion (even ME) and digestive disorders.

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Posted on Tue 9th Jun 2009 20:59:00