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Jane Seymour’s near-death experience

Jane Seymour's near-death experience

Former Bond actress and star of the hit TV series Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, Jane Seymour, says that she is the survivor of a near death experience.

The 61-year-old actress said that many years ago she had a severe bout of flu and was given an injection of penicillin. Unfortunately she suffered an allergic reaction causing her to go into anaphylactic shock.

She said: “I literally left my body. I had this feeling that I could see myself on the bed, with people grouped around me. I remember them all trying to resuscitate me. I was above them, in the corner of the room looking down. I saw people putting needles in me, trying to hold me down, doing things. I remember my whole life flashing before my eyes, but I wasn’t thinking about winning Emmys or anything like that. The only thing I cared about was that I wanted to live because I did not want anyone else looking after my children. I was floating up there thinking, “No, I don’t want to die. I’m not ready to leave my kids.” And that was when I said to God, “If you’re there, God, if you really exist and I survive, I will never take your name in vain again.” Although I believe that I “died” for about thirty seconds, I can remember pleading with the doctor to bring me back. I was determined I wasn’t going to die.”

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Sharon Stone: My near-death experience

Sharon Stone: My near-death experienceA lister , Sharon Stone, says she’s had an out-of-body experience in 2001, when she a near fatal brain haemorrhage. She says as a result that she is now unafraid of death as the experience was so beautiful.

The glamourous actress said, “When the event hit me I felt like I’d been shot in the head. That’s the only way I can really describe it.

” It hit me so hard it knocked me over on the sofa. And then I had a real journey that took me places both here and beyond that affected me so profoundly that my life will never be the same. I am not afraid of dying and I get to tell other people that it’s a glorious and beautiful thing.”

” A giant vortex of white light was upon me. It took off into this glorious, bright white light and I started to see some of my friends. It was a very fast experience and then – whoosh! I was suddenly back in my body and the room.”

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Gwen: Chats to Dad’s spirit via his wedding ring

Gwen: Chats to Dad's spirit via his wedding ringPopular actress and heatlh food guru & Gwyneth Paltrow says she chats to her late dad’s wedding ring — as it contains his spirit.

In an emotional interview earlier this year the star claims she has been in regular contact with Bruce Paltrow since his death from throat cancer.

Gwyneth 45, added:  “I always hold on to his wedding ring. I ask it questions, I feel like it keeps me safe. I really sense the energy of his soul, I don’t think that evaporates.

“I feel my dad, I still feel his love, I still speak to him and I still love him.”

TV and film director Bruce died in Rome in 2002 while celebrating his daughter’s 30th birthday.

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That’s No Groupie – it’s a ghost!

That's No Groupie - it's a ghost!Like all rock stars, Meatloaf gets his share of female attention, but he once mistook a ghost for a groupie.

The outgoing singer said In an interview with  UK magazine Shortlist, ” I believe there’s something when you die because there are ghosts.

” I’ve seen them, I’ve been around them. When we were making our album Bat Out Of Hell I saw a blonde girl in a white dress .

“I went downstairs and told the guys, “There’s a groupie up on the balcony,” and they go, “How would she get up there?”

“Everybody went up and no one was there.”

Clearly the spirit though Meat’s music was to die for!

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Meryl’s Streep Spooked by Guest House Ghost

Meryl's Streep Spooked by Guest House GhostMeryl Streep is convinced her old Connecticut property is haunted after hearing mysterious noises when she was home alone.

The Iron Lady star admits she has yet to actually see a spook – buts she’s sure they’re there, thanks to two unsettling encounters.

She says, “Everybody was down at the pool… and I was gathering all the stuff. We were doing some work on the house and we were living in the guest house and I was downstairs sitting at a desk and I heard what sounded like a grand piano fall… in the room above my head.

“My first thought was that it was one of the kids… I screamed upstairs and halfway up the stairs the hairs stood up… and I realised no one was home. I searched (the rooms)… and there was nothing out of place, there was nothing in the attic, there was nothing on the roof.”

And she was spooked again a few years later when her sculptor husband invited some clients from Japan to stay in the guest house.

She recalls, “They had taken the 22-hour flight and had dinner and fallen asleep… They were so tired… We put them all in the house and the next morning (husband) Don went up to collect them… and there they all were in the living room, dressed, wide awake… They said, ‘Spirit, spirit!'”

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Actor Paul McGann’s Painful Past Life

Actor Paul McGann's Painful Past LifeMoody actor Paul McGann, best known for his role in the cult film Withnail & I, admits to having a dreadful sense of unease whenever he visits the glitzy seaside resort of Brighton.

Paul said in a recent interview with the Guardian newspaper: “Brighton gives me the heebie-jeebies. When I’m near the seafront I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. Spooky types have advised me that there may have been an incident before. Maybe back in the 16th

century I was run through (stabbed with a sword) in Brighton.

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Gary’s Spook-adilly Circus

 Gary NumanLegendary 1980s pop star Gary Numan, who shot to fame with hits such as ‘Are Friends Electric?’ and ‘Cars’, once saw an apparition at a crowded London underground station.

Gary said about the spooky experience: “I was with a frien Gary Numand of mine, on our way to buy a guitar in Wardour Street. We used to sit in an end carriage, as they were a little less crowded most of the time. We got off the train at Piccadilly Circus and, we were chatting to each other about the band we were going to put together, we followed, without paying too much attention, the stream of passengers that had got off the train ahead of us.

He added: ” Directly in front of us was an older man wearing a hat and a long grey coat, and further in front of him was a group of girls, and so on. A few people were behind us, but not many. As we reached the top of one of the escalators we followed the man in front around a corner to the left, walked a few more steps, and then came up against a wall. It looked as if the corridor we were in had been sealed countless years before. No sign of the man. We both checked with each other that we had been following the man and then realised that all the other passengers had gone. We ran as fast as we could out of the station. The man we saw has played a big part in my career ever since. He is drawn leaning on a wall on the cover of my Replicas album, and I am dressed as him on the cover of Dance and I, Assassin album covers. He’s also mentioned in many songs, including ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’.

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Tom Conti’s Ghostly Encounter At ‘Haunted’ Hotel

Tom Conti's Ghostly Encounter At 'Haunted' Hotel

Veteran actor TOM CONTI had a ghostly encounter when he recently stayed at a spooky hotel  whilst shooting a movie.

The Shirley Valentine star was filming scenes on the Isle of Wight and unknowingly checked into a guest house rumoured to have a resident spectre.

The actor had two eerie experiences in the dead of night but eventually performed his own mini-exorcism – by trying to engage the apparition in conversation.

Conti, who also has enjoyed recurring roles in Friends and Cosby, says, “I was shooting a movie and I woke up in the early hours… and I heard somebody walking up and down beside the bed. (I) turned around. No one.

“And so I tried to go back to sleep but they started again. Turned around again – nothing. Closed my eyes. And the next thing I felt was 10 fingers (pressing) into my shoulder. Of course, I whirled around and there was nobody there.”

The spooked actor decided to confront the ghost next time it made an appearance – and two nights later he got his chance.

He adds, “It came back… and I said, ‘Hello, is there anything I can help you with?’ and it stopped. Finished. That was the end of it.”

The Isle of Wight has earned the nickname ‘Ghost Island’ amid claims that it’s the most haunted island in the world.

Adapted from an original article in The Daily Star April 2011

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Paranormal Not Alien To X-Files Star David

Paranormal Not Alien To X-Files Star DavidDavid Duchovny says that, like his X-Files character, he believes the truth could be out there.

The actor, who played Fox Mulder in the hit cult sci-fi show, told the Daily Mail in an interview that he has his “suspicions” that the paranormal could well exist.

“I think it makes sense to believe that there is more to the world than just the physical, and that there are more forms of life than live on this earth,” he told the newspaper.

“I have not seen any paranormal evidence, but I do have suspicions.”

In 2008 David  reunited with his former co-star Gillian Anderson to make a sci-fiction thriller based on the series ‘The X-Files: I Want to Believe.’

The 50-year-old – who starred with Gillian in the cult show for nine years – apparently said he enjoyed playing FBI agent Fox Mulder: “When The X-Files became popular and everybody knew who I was, there was a lot of attention, but it was a positive experience because it was good attention most of the time.

“Mulder was a great character to be able to play, and I am grateful for the chance to have done so.”

The actor who also writes and directs  added: “If I saw as much evidence to point to the existence of the paranormal as Mulder did, I would be open to it all, certainly.”

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Former Rock Chick Jo Wood On How To Deal With Ghosts

Former Rock Chick Jo Wood On How To Deal With GhostsFormer rock chick turned business woman, Jo Wood says she lived in two haunted houses in the past.

Jo, 63, who used to be married to Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, said recently that when she and Ronnie  lived in a Georgian property  in Richmond, in Surrey, she had a particularly unnerving experience.

Jo said:” I was alone there one night when Ronnie was touring in Ireland.

“In the middle of the night I was suddenly woken up by something. I sat bolt upright in bed and called out, “Is anyone there?”

“The temperature in the room had plummeted, and I was frightened because I’d never had that feeling there before.”

Jo added: “And at my last house in Kingston-upon-Thames, I used to sense a presence late and night, and it scared me. My mum said, ‘Just tell it to go away and leave you alone. Use a stern voice.’

“Her advise worked. I’d tell whatever it was, ‘You can share this house, but don’t upset me.’ I had a photo taken in the sitting room once and when I looked at it, I could clearly see an orb by the ceiling.”

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Sandra Bullock Afraid Rented House is Haunted

Sandra Bullock Afraid Rented House is Haunted

A-lister celeb Sandra Bullock, star of films such as Miss Congeniality, The Proposal, and The Blind Side, has complained a rented property she is staying in whilst filming on location in the UK is haunted.

The Oscar-winning actress is making a sci-fi thriller, ‘Gravity’ with heart-throb Hollywood actor George Clooney,  and has asked producers to investigate the converted church  where’s she living because she fears it’s haunted. The building is believed to be in North London.

Reports say she’s  had sleepness nights due to “ghostly presences” .

A source close to the actress said: “Sandra is convinced something is not right.”

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Lady Gaga: Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen’s ghost guides me

Lady Gaga: Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen's ghost guides me

Lady Gaga is convinced the spirit of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen is driving her titanic chart success (obviously not passed on any fashion tips to her though!!)

The fashion fiend claims the British designer is watching down and realised so after her latest hit was released exactly a year after the stylist to the stars committed suicide.

‘I think he planned the whole thing. Right after he died, I wrote Born This Way,’ said Gaga.

‘I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing.’

The 31-year-old even claimed McQueen, who his friends called ‘Lee’, wrote the global smash hit.

‘When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing,’ she told Harper’s Bazaar.


Adapted from an original article in the Metro April 2011

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Doctor Who star Karen Gillan reveals her haunted house fear

Doctor Who star Karen Gillan reveals her haunted house fear

Former DOCTOR Who’s glamourous assistant Karen Gillan, believes the only things to fear in the universe are ghosts in her home.

Despite tackling Daleks and other space villains, Karen, says paranormal activity at her Inverness house gets her “quite freaked out”.

And bumps in the night can even make her dread going to bed.

In a recent interview when asked what scares her, Karen said: “Paranormal activity. If I’m at home on my own and trying to sleep, I can get quite freaked out and need to look around every few seconds.

“My mother is adamant there are ghosts in our house, which hasn’t helped me. She thinks we’ve got a presence.

” So I do try to  avoid staying alone there – my nerves just  can’t stand it!”

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Rapper Ke$ha Wears Her Own Placenta As A Necklace To Enhance Her Psychic Powers

Rapper Ke$ha Wears Her Own Placenta As A NecklaceWhilst most people read books and use meditation as a way to channel their inner psyche, pop singer/songwriter and rapper Ke$ha has revealed that she wears her own placenta as a necklace to improve her psychic ability.

The twenty nine year-old ‘Blow’ singer was given the unusual jewellery as a gift from her mother and believes that wearing placenta gives you a ‘second sight’.

She said: “My favourite keepsake is my placenta. My mom found it in my basement, crushed it up, and made into a necklace that I wear every day to improve my psychic abilities”.

Whilst the controversial star is well-known for her wacky personality and out-there lyrics this still comes as a shock to fans. She is also a strong believer in past lives and other worldly beings.

She said: “I’m into energy. I recently went to see a past-life regressionist, who is also a psychic. I feel like I’ve had many lifetimes before.”

Though placenta is used in some Chinese medicines and various health products, it is not usually considered a way to improve on your psychic power. Weird!

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Neve Campbell claims she’s seen a ghost

Neve Campbell claims she's seen a ghost

Neve Campbell claims she’s seen a ghost.

The Canadian actress who starred in the Scream film series which was a huge box office hit, says her former home in Los Angeles was haunted, and that she used to have frequent encounters with a woman who had been murdered in the property.

She told Live magazine: “I know that ghosts exist because I’ve seen one. A few years ago I moved into a haunted house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, with some friends. It turned out that it was inhabited by the ghost of a woman who had been murdered there in 1991. Doors would repeatedly slam, windows would open and ashtrays would fly off dressers. Then there were times when the ghost would actually walk into the room. After a while it felt normal. I’d pass her in the hallway and casually wish her good morning.”

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Top Model Daisy Hopes to Come Back As an Oak Tree

Top Model Daisy Hopes to Come Back As an Oak TreeTop model Daisy Lowe  is a firm believer in reincarnation and says she would like to come back as an oak tree.

Daisy,27, said in a recent interview:” I’d like to have a lifetime of just staying in one place and being moved around by the wind.”

Sounds as if she’s tired of her wild party life style and would like to turn over a new leaf in her next lifetime!

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Superstar Barbra Streisand Received Messages From Her Dead Father

Superstar Barbra Streisand Received Messages From Her Dead FatherWorld superstar Babra Streisand, is a firm believer in the afterlife. The star who has had numerous singing and film successes, says her inspiration for the hit movie “Yentl” came from her father, who spoke to her from beyond the grave. Her father died when she was only 15 months old, but she claims to have received two messages from her father in 1979, four years before Yentl was released.

She said: “The first one was “Sorry”, which was astounding because I was angry with him for dying and leaving me.

“The second message was “Sing proud” I know it sounds crazy, but it was my father telling me to have the courage of my convictions. I made Yentl. And I did sing proud”

At the time, Streisand said she was trying to decide whether to direct and star in Yentl, a story about a Jewish girl who disguises herself as her dead brother Anshel so she can study to become a rabbi. A few days  before she had made her first visit to her father’s grave, which in an astonishing coincidence was next to that of a man named Anchel!

She added: “To me, this was sign from beyond that I should definitely make this movie”

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Rusell Crowe’s Psychic Experiences

Rusell Crowe's Psychic Experiences

Russell Crowe, says he’s  had more than one spooky psychic experience during his life.

And his came in a very Australian form.

“Suddenly a kookaburra flew in the window,” he said.

“It looked me in the eye and I knew my grandfather had died.

“I phoned home and my mother confirmed it.”

Russell was adamant that the bird was his grandfather’s spirit.

Many years later, the Gladiator star awoke from a strange dream in which he was consoling his tearful mother.

“My mother said a woman who had worked closely with my grandfather had come to visit and, had told her a story that reduced her to tears.

“She said that on the day my grandfather died a kookaburra had visited her too. ”

Spooky, eh!

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Sir Paul Believes Linda’s Spirit Lives On

Sir Paul Believes Linda's Spirit Lives On

Ex-Beatle and Knight of the Realm Sir Paul McCartney believes that the human spirit lives on after death.

Sir Paul who lost his first wife Linda to breast cancer in 1998, says he’s comforted by the thoughts that her spirit lives on.

He said:  “After Linda died, I think all of us in the family would hear noises or see things and think,”That’s  Linda; that’s Mum … and I think, in some ways, it’s very comforting to think she’s still there.”

Paul said he has been compelled to write poetry since her death, including a poem called ‘Her Spirit’, in which Linda’s spirit visits him in the woods, in the form of a white squirrel.

He added: “You don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a great thought. And it’s an uplifting thought. So I allow myself to go there.”

He has since published an anthology of poetry entitled ‘Blackbird Singing’, inspired by experiences ranging from his early Liverpool memories to the loss of Linda

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Famous People Who’ve Seen Ghosts

Famous People Who've Seen Ghosts

Plenty of ordinary people claim to have encounters with ghosts everyday. And while most people love seeing their favourite celebrities star in supernatural films, very rarely do those stars talk about their own personal experiences with the paranormal. At the beginning of the year on an episode of the American series Ghost Hunters, musician/actor Meatloaf accompanied the TAPS team on a ghost hunting expedition in upstate New York. He admitted that Ghost Hunters was one of his favourite programmes; and he seemed eager to investigate. However, other celebrities have been less than enthusiastic about their brushes with “the other world.” Here are some celebs who have had revealed their personal encounters.

Halle Berry claims that while working on the Dorothy Dandridge movie, she was graced with Dorothy’s presence. From another room in her home, she admits to hearing the plastic being rustled on a dress that once belonged to the legendary actress.

In the 1970’s actor, Donald Pleasance (1919-1995) and his wife bought a home in England that was huge—large enough to be broken into two properties. On moving in, they heard thumping noises that he said sounded like running children. The couple eventually broke down the walls that separated the properties, and let the “ghost children” run free. They then became more comfortable with the entities living there.

Julianna Margulies once reported that as a child, she and her sister contacted “something” with a Ouija board. She admits that she no longer uses them, and claims to believe in ghosts.

Roger Moore (of James Bond) confesses that he once saw a “misty substance” floating across the bed. He was apparently awakened at 2a.m. on two consecutive nights. He said the experience “petrified” him. His hired help advised him to leave a Bible open to the 23rd Psalm on his bed stand. He did so, and was never bothered again by the vision.
Matthew McConaughey
Even heart throb actor Matthew McConaughey of  The Wedding Planner and How To Lose a Guy in 10 days fame The Wedding Planner, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, admits to having  visits from “Madame Blue”–a ghost that frequented one of his properties.

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Eastender’s Favourite Dot Cotton, and her Friendly Ghost

Eastender's Favourite Dot Cotton, and her Friendly GhostFor many years Eastender’s June Brown famous for her Dot Cotton role, and her husband Robert lived in an old house in Folkstone, Kent.

Shortly after moving in it soon became apparent that they were not alone when objects started to move around the house by themselves. At first they put it down to being forgetful but after a while it became quite obvious that a third party was involved! “We quickly realised that we had a very helpful ghost living with us” said June. “She was such a friendly ghost I gave her a name – Alice”. The couple decided to do some research and discovered that a previous occupant of the house was a lady who died and her body hadn’t been found for some time. But what they didn’t realise was that June’s psychic ability was greater than she had originally thought. Previously, June had joked when she called the ghost Alice but when they looked on the deeds to the house, they discovered the name of the lady who had lived there and was now haunting them was, in fact, Alice!

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Terrifying Night Singer Morrisey Saw A Ghost

Terrifying Night Singer Morrisey Saw A Ghost

MORRISSEY claims to have had a close encounter with a ghost on Saddleworth Moor, Manchester – the desolate area  notorious for being the scene of the  sadistic Moors murders of the 1960s

The former Smiths singer believes he saw the spirit of a troubled young man – naked apart from an anorak – when he drove through the area with friends one night in 1989.

Describing Saddleworth as ‘the most barren, desolate, desperate place’ he said he and his friends saw a frightened man run out from the moor, desperately pleading for their Morrisey Saw A Ghostcar to stop.

He said: “It was a boy of maybe 18 years. He was totally grey, and he had long hair in a sort of 1970s style. He wore a very small anorak and nothing else.

“He just emerged from the heather and pleaded to the lights, and we drove past because we all instinctively knew this was a spirit and because it had a history of being a place where so many bodies have been dumped and buried. It’s not really the kind of place you hang around. We went to the phone box in the nearest village and called the police.

“We said, ‘We have just driven down the Wessenden Road on Saddleworth Moor, and somebody has emerged from the side of the road and pleaded to the car. The police said, ‘Keep an open mind’.”

The next day, Morrissey drove back to the same spot to find it totally deserted, with no buildings or pathways within sight.


He said: “Was it somebody trying to ambush the car, so we’d stop to help and then suddenly a gang would emerge and take everything from us?

“Was it somebody who was being chased? Or was it the spectre of somebody who had been dumped on the moors many years ago?

“This person was not human, and it was very, very frightening.”

The singer-song writer, who now lives in Rome, has spoken before about the deep impression left on him by the Moors Murders as a child.

The Smiths’ first song, Suffer Little Children, was written about the killings by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

Morrissey, 50, also said in an interview with the Los Angeles Weekly that he wants to return to earth from beyond the grave, and is already thinking about who he would like to spook.

He said: “It would be fascinating if one could be a spirit and observe everything. There are a few people I’d like to… unsettle, shall we say”

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Cher Tries to Contact Ex-Husband Sonny in the Spirit World

Cher Tries to Contact Ex-Husband Sonny in the Spirit WorldSinger and Hollywood superstar Cher, has recently admitted that she has used mediums in the past to contact loved ones who have passed over to the other side.

One of those Cher has tried to contact is her ex-husband Sonny Bono, with whom she had one of her early hits “I’ve Got You Babe”. Sonny tragically died in a skiing accident in 1998.

Although the couple had been divorced for some time they remained close friends and Cher has said to friends that she will always miss his friendship. After visiting a top medium, James Van Praagh, she says she was blown away with what she witnessed and has described her visit as ‘ an out of this world experience!’ A little while after her visit Cher told a friend ‘At one sitting I felt a touch on my shoulder and knew immediately that it was Sonny. It was his little trademark’.

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Liz Taylor’s Near Death Experience

Liz Taylor's Near Death ExperienceIn 1961, the late, Elizabeth Taylor died following an emergency operation. The doctors told her then husband, Eddie Fisher, that she was losing her battle and slipping away. At one point her heart actually stopped beating and the doctors fought long and hard to re-start it. But the plucky actress  made a full recovery from this dreadful ordeal, and brought back with her vivid memories of a her own near death experience.

She revealed to her loved ones that she had been focusing desperately on a hospital light as she felt her life slipping away. The light slowly faded and dimmed like a well-executed theatrical trick and eventually it went to darkness.
‘I died. Shall I tell you what it was like? Being down a long, dark tunnel, there was a light at the end and I had to keep looking at that light.’ She told how the experience was beautiful but painful too. She remembers hearing voices urging her to come back and later she awoke.
She is not alone in this strange experience as many others have described similar situations and the common link seems to be how peaceful it all was.

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30 Yrs After His Death Elvis Still Cures Sick People

30 Yrs After His Death Elvis Still Cures Sick PeopleSince the death of Elvis in 1977 people from all over the world have visited Gracelands in Memphis. And it’s still today one of the most popular tourist attractions worldwide. Some people however, have made the journey for entirely different reasons. It’s been said that sick people who have been to the shrine of Elvis Presley, have been cured from their ailments.

It’s  well documented that Elvis was a deeply spiritual person and throughout his life, his beliefs regarding the afterlife, were well known. One thing that perhaps not so many people knew about Elvis, was that he was reported to have healing powers.

His step brother David Stanley, has told that during a skiing trip to Colorado, one of his aides was said to have taken a dangerous fall and had hurt himself quite badly. Witnesses say he was lying on the ground screaming in pain. Elvis walked over to him, bent down and put both his hands on the aide’s legs. Elvis sat there for a few seconds with his eyes closed, focusing on the injury and concentrating on his aide’s pain. Suddenly, in great surprise to the rest of the group, the aide said that it didn’t hurt anymore. He stood up and walked back to the lodge as if it had never happened. ‘You had to see it to believe it,’ said David.

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Kylie Believes in The After Life

Kylie Believes in The After LifeAussie pop icon Kylie Minogue admits to having strong  spiritual beliefs.

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross TV show some time ago, she was asked whether she still missed her one-time boyfriend Michael Hutchence.

Kylie announced that during her concerts at Wembley stadium (part of her 2002 Fever Tour), she could feel the spirit of Michael Hutchence with her throughout each performance.

Previously she has revealed that she has seen Michael of INXS fame since he has passed over.

He apparently occasionally visits her, to let her know that he is okay. In fact, she has told how he even came to see her on the morning of his funeral, following his controversial death back in 1997.

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Angelica Senses Father’s Spirit On Film Set

Angelica Senses Father's Spirit On Film SetModel turned Actress Anjelica Houston, otherwise known by her nickname Angel, is mostly known for her more offbeat roles in The Witches and The Addams Family where she played Morticia Addams.

Anjelica was raised by her mother, a Russian ballet dancer who was deeply spiritual and Oscar winning father John Houston, but it was her mother’s influence that opened her to the mystical side of life. Anjelica says about her deceased father ‘I feel he’s still around in spirit’ claiming that not only does she still talk to him in the afterlife, but she gets pretty quick answers from him too ‘I feel his presence all the time’ and has said he’s often with her when she’s on a film set working.

Anjelica’s spiritual beliefs have also lead her to be a great believer in Karma, the belief of a persons actions and conduct being abl

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Superstar Tina Annoyed At Smoking Spirit

Superstar Tina Annoyed At Smoking Spirit

Superstar Tina Turner, was reported as calling in a Psychic Medium, when one of her friendly visitors started to cause her some inconvenience! As the original soul diva, she puts her success and her ability to shine, to looking after herself and staying fit. So, when her friendly, ghostly visitor took to smoking a pipe in her home in Monaco, she was concerned that it might damage her vocal chords. The 69-year-old herself has never smoked and has never permitted anyone else to do so near her, least of all a ghost! Fears of the smoke damaging her voice led her to calling in a friendly ghost buster who told it nicely to go away! She discovered that she had five ghosts taking residence at her Monaco property, including this particular man who enjoyed smoking his pipe. He had lived in a shack on her land nearly 100 years previously. Apparently he was not too happy about the architectural changes that had been made to the property and was voicing his opinion in the only way he knew how!

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Pete Doherty: My House Is Haunted By Partying Ghosts!

Pete Doherty: My House Is Haunted By Partying Ghosts!

He’s more used to hosting parties that never seem to end than being kept awake at night by partying ghosts!

But wildman of rock Pete Doherty reckons he’s heard ghosts living it up in one end of his rented country retreat.

The Babyshambles frontman has been living at the 250-year-old property, Sturmy House, for over a year.

He said: ‘My house is definitely haunted. All of a sudden you hear a mad party going on in the west wing.

‘It used to be the servants’ quarters, which is creepy. When I hear it I just hide.

‘It’s uncomfortable but I think if I don’t bother them, they won’t bother me. Half the time I’m in my own world anyway.’

The nine-bedroomed red brick house in Wiltshire is owned by the Earl of Cardigan, but Doherty has made the home his own.

The self-confessed drug addict has been taking time away from the limelight in recent months to gain some ‘peace and quiet’ in the Wiltshire countryside but it seems the resident spooks have other ideas.

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Star Trek Captain Sees Ghost On Stage

Star Trek Captain Sees Ghost On StagePatrick Stewart, famous for his role as the capable, Captain Jean- Luc Picard, in Star Trek the Next Generation, says that he saw a ghost in what is said to be one of Britain’s most haunted theatres.

He saw the apparition while performing recently in Waiting for Godot with Sir Ian McKellen.

Stage hands believe he saw the ghost of John Baldwin Buckstone, who was actor-manager of the Theatre Royal Haymarket in the mid 19th century and a friend of Charles Dickens.

When  coming offstage for the interval, Stewart told his co-star that he saw a man standing in the wings wearing what looked like a beige coat and twill trousers.

Sir Ian asked him: “What happened, what threw you?”

“I just saw a ghost. On stage, during Act One,” Stewart replied.

The episode was related in a documentary about the Theatre Royal Haymarket, produced by television channel Sky Arts.

But, it appears cameramen failed to capture images of the ghost itself.

Buckstone had a long association with the Theatre Royal, first as a comic actor, then as a playwright and finally as its actor-manager from 1853 to 1877, during which time it put on some 200 productions. The house became the leading comic theatre of the day.
He did not die in the building, passing away peacefully at home in Sydenham, Kent, after a long illness in 1879 aged 77. But theatre lore professes that he nevertheless haunts the place to the present day.

Nigel Everett, a director of the theatre, said: “Patrick told us all about it. He was stunned. I would not say frightened, but I would say impressed.”
Appearances of Buckstone were not that frequent, Mr Everett said, with the last being by a stage hand about three or four years ago.
He added: “The last time an actor saw him would have been I think Fiona Fullerton, playing in an Oscar Wilde, 10 or 12 years ago.
“The ghost tends to appear when a comedy is playing.”
While he said he did not consider Waiting for Godot to be a comedy, he thought their production did have comic aspects.
“I think Buckstone appears when he appreciates things,” he added. “We view it as a positive thing.”

Source Daily Telegraph

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Joanna’s Absolutely Haunted House

Joanna's Absolutely Haunted House

When “national treasure”,  Joanna Lumley first saw the beautiful 18th century Parsonage, she felt sure it was the home for her.

But a series of supernatural events changed her mind after she and her husband moved in.

The 71-year-old actress who recently hit the headlines for her successful campaign for the Gurkas right to UK residency, claims that during her three years at the house in Goodnestone, near Dover, she became convinced it was haunted after a series of extraordinary goings-on.

It began on the day she moved in when she was in the dimly-lit cellar and met what she assumed was an ‘ancient’ removal man. He thrust his face close to hers and growled to her: “Leave this place.”

“He wore an old leather jerkin, the type that coalmen have, and a whitish shirt and a flat cap,” she said.

“I couldn’t see him very clearly by the dim light of the single bulb hanging on its stem.”

Miss Lumley decided to report the man to his employers and pursued him upstairs but he had vanished.

“When I got up to the front drive where the removal lorry was parked there was no man dressed in that way, no man in a cap.”

The star who shot to fame in the TV series Absolutely Fabulous says she became increasingly distressed when she discovered lights turning themselves on and off, footsteps but no people, a freshly-dug grave that disappeared overnight, and gusts of coolness even on hot days.

She had a sense of being ‘watched’ and of someone “waiting for me to leave”.

Then she discovered that MR James, the writer of ghost stories, had been born in the house in 1862. “I think the house had some effect on him,” she said.

“Houses, like people, have their own characters and the impact of the character of the Parsonage was undeniable – thrilling but turbulent.”

Miss Lumley viewed the house with husband Stephen Barlow, the opera director and conductor, on the day after the great storm in October 1987.

“We experienced many strangenesses,” she wrote in her memoirs, No Room For Secrets.

“Lights that turned themselves on in the attic no matter how often we turned them off; footsteps across the big spare room when we had friends to lunch in the kitchen below.

Lights turned themselves on

“They all heard them but when Stephen went to look there was no one there.

“My watch vanished from the bedroom and was found in the wastepaper basket in the other end of the house.”

She also discovered a secret tunnel led from the cellar to the nearby graveyard.

Miss Lumley, who in 1986 played the ghost Elvira in a West End production of Noel Coward’s play Blithe Spirit, adds: “Once on a freezing night I was woken up by moonlight.

“I got out of bed and stood at the window, looking down on the rough grass below the soft tennis court, and saw a freshlydug grave. The earth was heaped up by the side … there was no mistaking what it was. The next day it was gone.”

As the actress sat alone one night, watching television, she claims a man in a white shirt passed the window in the darkness. She later realised the window was too high above the ground for anyone to walk past.


On other occasions a chill would descend. “Coldness would suddenly occur in the middle of a sunny day. Once the kitchen seemed to be filled with a great chilly darkness so I couldn’t even see across the room.

“I could sense someone waiting or watching, hidden in the silence of empty stairs and landings, waiting for me to leave.”

It finally became too much and she persuaded her husband they should sell up. But even then she was not left in peace.

When a family came to view the property she led them into the ‘normally immaculate and cool’ larder to find it “screaming with a cloud of bluebottles”.

Miss Lumley says the family hurried out of the house and she returned to the larder with a dustpan and brush only to discover there was not a single fly.

“I went downstairs to the cellar and stood amongst the wood and coal and said very loudly, ‘We’re leaving.’ At once the most delicious scent of roses filled the dark rooms, so thick and strong I almost fainted.”

Miss Lumley is convinced it was delivered by the ‘removal man’ as a reward for leaving. “He gave me the scent of a thousand roses to thank me.”

She now lives with her husband in a five-storey Victorian mansion in South London.

The current owner of the Parsonage, says they have suffered no problems.

She said: “Disappointingly things have not gone bump in the night. But the village gossip was all about ghosts. Maybe they liked Joanna more than us.”

Source Daily Mail

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Keanu Sees Dead People

Keanu Sees Dead PeopleIn an eerie echo of the movie The Sixth Sense, Keanu Reeves says he can ‘see dead people’.

The Hollywood star revealed his ghostly experiences in an interview in 2005 following the making of his supernatural thriller, Constantine.

In the blockbuster film the heartthrob actor plays a modern day exorcist.

Keanu said that he has seen ghosts on at least two occasions.

Once, he was lunching with a friend in Austin, Texas, looked round and saw a ghost appear behind him.

He recalled: ‘I said: ‘Did you see that?’ And she said: ‘Yes.’ ‘But that was different from when I was five. I was sitting on my bed, my sister was asleep and our nanny was there – and through the doorway came this white double-breasted suit.

‘No body and no legs – just a suit. And then it disappeared.’

He doesn’t regard the experiences as special, saying: ‘I’ve known many people who have seen ghosts and told ghost stories.’

That may be why he was so comfortable taking on the role of exorcist John Constantine in his the spooky film, based on the cult comic book series Hellblazer. Even though he is dying, Constantine investigates supernatural mysteries and battles the forces of Satan.

He starred with half-Scottish Bush singer Gavin Rossdale and Rachel Weisz, who played a psychic police detective trying to discover the truth behind her sister’s death.

It’s a dark tale Keanu  wanted to bring to the screen for years.

He was initially approached about making this movie when he was in the middle of The Matrix trilogy.

But in some parts of the world it appears that Constantine is too hot to handle. The film has been banned in Brunei because of the way it depicts God and Satan.

Keanu, though, had no qualms over controversial material. ‘I relate to John Constantine,’ he says.

‘I love his humour. He’s dying and he gives the finger to the Devil. I also liked his anger. I could relate to that. It reminded me of school.’

Keanu – his name is Hawaiian and means ‘cool breeze over mountains’ – left home in Toronto for Hollywood when he was only 20.

His role as supercool hero Neo in The Matrix movies made him one of Tinseltown’s top earners, worth well over $200million.

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Angelina Senses Dead Mum’s Spirit

Angelina Senses Dead Mum's Spirit

Angelina Jolie, has revealed that she believes the spirit of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand who died in 2007, helped her through the difficult birth of her twins last summer.

The Hollywood star was given an emergency caesarean when her blood pressure rocketed and one baby was found to be in the breech position. But instead of getting stressed out by situation, Angelina said she could feel her mother’s presence in the delivery room keeping her calm and guiding her through the experience.

Angelina voted one of the most beautiful women in the world, has aired her views on spirituality before, saying: “Although I don’t necessarily believe in a god, I think there’s definitely something which is spiritual and godlike.

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Haunted Hollywood – Actress Sharon Tate Saw Her Own Ghost!

Haunted Hollywood - Actress Sharon Tate Saw Her Own Ghost!

Many Hollywood celebrities claim that they have seen ghosts and that their own homes are haunted!

Ghostbuster actor, Dan Ackroyd admits to being unnerved by spooky goings-on in his home which had previously been owned by Mama Cass Elliot, one time member of the 60’s cult group Mamas and Papas.

He said:  ‘A ghost certainly haunts my house. It once even crawled into bed with me. I rolled over and just nuzzled up to whatever it was and went back to sleep”.  The ghost also uses his home gym equipment and moves jewellery across the dresser. Dan added: ” I’m sure it’s Mama Cass because you get the feeling it’s a big ghost’.

Heartthrob actor Hugh Grant is said to have heard the ghost of legendry actress Bette Davis sobbing as it moves through the luxury apartments of the Los Angeles Colonial Building where she used to live.

The late comedy actress Lucille Ball is also said to haunt her old home at North Roxbury Drive in Hollywood. It’s said that windows have been mysteriously broken, furniture moved of its own accord and shouting has been traced to the attic rooms.

But the most disturbing of all Hollywood haunting tales has to be that of the beautiful 60’s actress, the late Sharon Tate.  In August of 1969, the 26-year-old was brutally murdered by the so called ‘Manson-family’ . Shortly before her death Sharon confided in friends that she had seen her own ghost!

That hot summer the heavily pregnant young actress was staying at a luxury rented mansion in Hollywood, whilst her film producer husband Roman Polanskii was away in Europe. It was there she had the unnerving experience of seeing two ghosts!  It occurred one evening as she was resting in her bedroom and she saw the ghost of what she described as a ‘creepy little man’

She recognized him immediately as the former owner of the house, Paul Burn, a theatrical agent who had shot himself in an upstairs bathroom following the break-up of his marriage to 1930s actress, Jean Harlow. Terrified she fled screaming from the bedroom, only to be immediately confronted by her own ghost at the foot of the stairs. She described seeing the spirit of a woman who was tied to a pillar with her throat cut.

Strangely she had glimpsed  her own horrific fate at the hands of her killers. She was found in exactly this position following the attack by the Manson gang.

If she had acted upon her amazing foresight – her name would not be sadly forever linked with the terrible events that happened in the property shortly afterwards when Sharon and four friends were stabbed and shot to death.

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