How can a set of strange medieval images painted on a tarot card tell the future?

Well first of all there is a necessity for you to ‘suspend disbelief’ to receive the ancient wisdom of the tarot. Remember that tarot has a reputation like no other fortune telling oracle for being eerily accurate. And this applies even if the tarot reading you receive doesn’t entirely make sense, because it will usually do so as the months pass, and often it does so in the strangest of ways!

I personally find the images on the tarot a jumping off point to another level of consciousness where the future does exist. Time is after all just another dimension – so the future is already there, and accessible to you if you seek it.

But the Tarot does not dictate the future. Instead it is an adviser, showing how your past, present and future all work together.

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Posted on Wed 2nd May 2012 11:11:02