The benefits of creating a tarot journalby Linda Preston

I recommend that before you start to study the tarot that you begin a tarot journal. For those of you who aren’t inclined to write, don’t worry. This is not a journal in the sense you’ll have to write 500 words about each tarot card. Instead, just find yourself a nice book with empty pages, and set aside at least two pages for each of the 78 cards in the tarot deck. Also, leave some space to write down ideas about the suits, numbers, and court cards.

Your journal is a place where you can do almost anything you want: jot down notes, keep track of ideas, draw or colour, make lists and charts of keywords and associations, write down dreams or visualisations you may have in relation to your tarot studies, do collage, impress herbs or plants – the list is endless. If you’d like , you can even write essay or stories about each card. No matter how much you think you’re not into journaling, you’ll find it a useful tool. There’s so much to learn about tarot from so many different sources, that it helps to have it all organised in one place so you can look thing up easily. You can use your computer for this purpose also if you prefer.

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Posted on Wed 29th Jun 2011 22:39:22