Attracting Prosperity with Green Gemstone Energy

Green gemstones are said to manifest both vitality and prosperity in your life.

Green is naturally associated with abundance as it is the colour of life, bringing to mind lush green forests and rolling fields. Nature’s vitality brings associations of health, abundant blessings, and well-being. In colour theory, being surrounded by the colour green is said to be supportive to the physical body and inspires feelings of healing and renewal.

Each green gemstone has distinct properties that assist in manifesting specific aspects of abundance. The following are just a few examples of these uniquely specialized properties:

Green Tourmaline Clears Blocks to Attract Success

Green Tourmaline is said to help heal auras and clear away blockages, as well as attract money and success. It has a dense, grounded vibration, making it a great stone to work with to connect to the physical and material world. Tourmaline is unique in that it contains a piezoelectrical charge, a type of electricity that is activated in certain crystalline substances, thus also making it great for working with the mind-body connection.

Jade for Better Business Dealings

In addition to drawing money, jade strengthens mental functions, reasoning ability, and wisdom, so it’s a terrific stone to use for business dealings. It is also symbolic of successful love, if an abundance of love is on your list! It helps you release anxiety and fear-based emotions and brings dreams into reality, as well as luck, longevity, and spiritual self-realization.

Take Charge with Alexandrite

Alexandrite has a very unique colour that actually appears to shift from shades of green to shades of red when held up to artificial light. This changeability associates it with changes of fortune. If you are ready to take bold action, alexandrite is said to help you win your desired outcome.

Enhance Career with Emerald

The prosperity emerald brings is not limited to material wealth, but also spiritual and creative riches. It especially benefits career, as it promotes group harmony in work situations as well as helps overcome challenges. It motivates action and truth, and brings a sense of security in personal and work relationships. It is also associated with an abundance of healing, faithfulness, and love.

Green Gemstone Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance:

After having cleaned and charged the gemstone of your choice, hold it in your hands and enter a meditative state. Ask for divine assistance. Imagine any and all blocks towards achieving abundance being swept away. When they are gone, a brand new space opens. Visualise this space being filled with a beautiful green light. This light is filled with the energy of the specific type of abundance you want to attract.

Later on, carry the stone with you, or put in a special place, such as a home altar. Every time you see or hold it, you are reminded that you are filled with abundance always and you have everything you need.


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Posted on Fri 29th Jul 2011 22:15:34