Star Signs Homes – Leo

Today we’re taking a look at the star sign of Leo and how their unique tastes are represented in the way they style their homes.

Leo homes can be often cluttered and untidy, but that’s because they’re so busy – they don’t have time to clear up!

However, Lions are well-known for loving their creature comforts, and often prefer a home decorated in royal colours. Expect snuggly sofas, cushions and carpets in deep purple, gold and blue.

As Leo’s  can be a trifle temperamental they definitely need a luxury home to retreat to whenever they’re angry or upset in order to settle their ruffled mane!

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Astrology insights: New Moon in Cancer

ToAstrology insights: New Moon in Cancerday’s (July 16th )New Moon in Cancer makes it a great time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Crab.

And these include be willing to acknowledge even our deepest, most irrational feelings; recognizing the sense of security and safety we derive from whatever it is we call home; allowing ourselves to accept support and offering support to others; and starting projects aimed at improving our domestic lives.

With this potent Cancer energy, we are being given a cosmic chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this particular Moon cycle.

This month’s New Moon squares with Saturn, suggesting some initial hesitation about making changes or blocks to our initiatives. Nevertheless, it’s time now to make some plans and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, no matter what small steps we have taken so far to achieving them. And be sure to concentrate on new ways to enhance family life and domestic affairs too. Getting the right work home life balance is always important.

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How Your Sun Sign Can Survive Workplace Stress

In today’s unsteady economy, cutbacks in staff have left those still fortunate enough to be employed to pick up the slack -often to the point of being heavily overworked. Here are some suggestions as to how your Sun sign can best survive an intense workload.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Unfortunately, Fire signs tend not be very well tuned in to their body’s needs and often assume they can go, go, go on an adrenaline rush forever. They need to recharge their batteries. On weekends, be sure to get plenty of rest, take soothing nature walks and stick to a healthy diet. At work, teach yourself to recognize when you’ve reached your limit, take a break and wait until your energy picks back up so that you can dive into your tasks fully refreshed.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Leaning towards highly-strung, Air signs need to take care of their minds as well as their bodies. Their normally hyperactive mental state will go into overdrive when they’re overworked, which in turn makes it difficult for them to sleep at night. It’s crucial that you meditate or find other ways of calming your brain. And be sure to have a hobby outside of work to express your creativity and relieve the pressures of job stress.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
These typically sensitive signs do best to replenish their energy by listening to their feelings. They tend to get overwhelmed when working in an atmosphere where everyone is stressed. To avoid an emotional tsunami, be sure to detach from the pressured environment at work and focus on creating a calm, harmonious energy at home. If you have serenity – calm waters — in your personal life, you can cope with just about anything.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Like their element implies, Earth signs are rooted in the physical realm. They know their limits, but they also have access to energy that endures even in stressful conditions. That said, in their off hours Earth signs need a constant influx of entertainment, all of which has been planned out in their highly detailed personal schedules

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 A ‘News’ Career For Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton never was one to seek attention. Having grown up in the public eye during her awkward teen years during her father’s presidency, she was always a silent support for her powerhouse parents — until now. In a surprising turn of events, Chelsea has taken a full-time job as a special correspondent for the NBC news! So, is this the new Chelsea? Will she enjoy the spotlight and take over prime time TV?

Chelsea is a shy Pisces with a secretive Scorpio Rising, which definitely indicates she is not a girl that thrives on attention. However, she does have a Leo Moon, which shows she can handle it — and with her mid-heaven also in Leo, she was born to be famous. Plus, with her mid-heaven in the Ninth House, which rules communication skills , being part of a news team is a perfect fit. However, ultimately, with her Mars in Virgo and Venus in Aries, it does indicate that she needs a purpose and a challenge, which news reporting will be, but it may not be a strong enough indicator that TV work is her life’s calling, albeit  an experience that interests her for now.

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Who is Leo DiCaprio’s Perfect Lady?

Eternal batchelor Leonardo DiCaprio has recently turned 37. Currently starring in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar and newly single from a summer fling with actress/model Blake Lively, Leo can have his pick of any woman — and he has, as his past is marked with a long list of supermodels. However, it seems no matter how long the legs or exquisite the face, Leo has yet to find the one ! Does she exist and what would she be like?

Leo is a Scorpio, double Libra (Rising and Moon), so this boy will always seek out beauty in his women. Of course, being that he is a Scorpio Sun, Venus and Mars (despite the heavy partnership influences of his Rising and Moon) he is a bit of a  loner. However, being part of a couple is also important to him, but something more like a removable asset than something permanent. While it’s likely marriage will never happen, he does have a soft spot for love and intimacy, but it’d only work with a girl that is as aloof about commitment as he is. This would make his ideal match a Gemini or Sagittarius, with a stable Moon, like a Taurus or Cancer Moon.

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Astrology: What Does Your Sun Sign Say About Money And You

Do you worry about bankruptcy hovering just around the next corner? Or do you blithely assume your guardian angel will fish you out of a cash-tight spot? Your Sun sign can shed light on how you feel about your finances.

The zodiac’s biggest worriers over  money and security tend to be the Earth signs.

Many Aquarians. and Capricorns start mapping out their retirement plans  in their early 20s; all  the time they fear they haven’t made enough for next year — and the next four decades too!

Taurus is also highly security-conscious, preferring to build up little nest eggs here and there just to ensure they’re never left without life’s basic necessities. They can also seem quite ungenerous at times, as they tend to maintain an underlying fear of being poor and powerless
Virgo tends to worry about everything, so money is just another area of life’s uncertainties. Despite their tidy reputation, they can be chaotic about cash.

Other Aquarians heavily influenced by Saturn can be extremely attached to what’s theirs. They dislike the idea of not having status and possessions, so they tend to accumulate rather than live for the day. However, a Uranus-influenced Aquarius will follow the opposite path, rarely giving a second thought to tomorrow.

Aries and Sagittarius are much the same. They happily live hand-to-mouth since they unshakably believe that a safety net will be there for them whenever they most need it. Sagittarius really is the Pollyanna of the financial l universe, since they have lucky Jupiter as a ruler. These folks ardently believe they can rely on some kind of break that will fund them until more money arrives.

Oddly enough, Virgo also has that same quality of being able to pull a money-rabbit out of a hat when the going gets tough. They’re never overly optimistic, but it seems they do have special powers!

Pisces, sharing Jupiter as a ruler with Sagittarius, also has a lucky streak and a gambler’s belief that everything will get better just over the horizon.

Librans indeed loves money and all the indulgences it buys, but they tend to have more enthusiasm than common sense, so cash slides through their fingers at an alarming rate. They assume the good life will always be there for them, and as a result can end up slipping into financial trouble at times.

Leo is a Fire sign, but lacks the overwhelming confidence of its sibling signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Still, Leo believes they deserve riches. After all, money is their birthright, or so they think ….

Gemini tends to be both a pessimist and an optimist, since they’re the archetypal split sign: up one day, down the next. But they’re intuitive about money and are generally able to recognize which way the financial winds are blowing.

Cancer and Scorpio share a degree of Taurus’s insecurity about money, and they tend to hoard as a result. They won’t allow themselves to go short, though, because it’s so crucially important to them to never appear to be poor to others

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Integrity at the Office: Does Your Sun Sign Make You Likely To Defend A Colleague?

A workmate has been unfairly treated. Will you keep quiet to protect your own position or leap to their defense?

Aries is competitive, and likes moving up the ladder. That said, they prefer to win after a fair fight. In matters of office politics, they’ll hesitate at first but then often speak the truth as they see it.

Taurus will keep their own counsel and wait to see which way the wind blows. They may offer behind-the-scenes support but are less likely to be proactive with public condemnation of the treatment of their colleague.

Gemini will be tricky to pin down if asked for support. They won’t be a hero at the office until they’re sure they won’t do themselves damage.

Cancer is pulled by their emotions and will feel inclined to back a coworker up. They’re ambitious as well, and could disappear into their shell until they see which way the tide is flowing.

Leo is straightforward and expects others to be the same, so they’ll be upset if a coworker is treated unfairly. But they aren’t natural activists and might pause before leaping in to defend.

Virgo won’t care about the effect on themselves and are likely to offer discreet support. They’ll also ensure quietly that whoever has been mishandling the situation is shown up.

Libra has a strong sense of justice and will be vocal in support of anyone who they feel has been mistreated. They’re keen that any environment in which they work is fairly run.

Scorpio will watch, listen, ponder and may seem to be inactive. But they will be waiting for the right time to make their move. They could go either way depending on past history.

Sagittarius will waste no time in discussing the unfairness of it all. They’ll be outraged by authority figures acting badly and will say so loud and clear.

Capricorn will see how the situation fits into their long-term career strategy. If they feel it will help gain them respect, they’ll speak out.

Aquarius is a natural rebel and not afraid of conflict, so they’ll insist that the situation be put right.

Pisces will offer the victim a private shoulder to lean on and be endlessly sympathetic. That said, they are less likely to be too upfront with their disapproval.

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Boundaries: Protect Your Energy

Though it’s important to be there for those we love, sometimes others take advantage of our kindness. They’re often in need of help but may be unwilling to do the slightest thing to help themselves. Instead, they’d rather get other people to fix their problems for them. Learn how to avoid and disarm people who drain your energy.

Of all the signs, you’re the least likely to succumb to an energy vampire. You may feel tempted to be a hero by rescuing someone who’s playing the victim, but encourage them to rescue themselves instead.

As one of the most grounded signs in the zodiac, you attract energy vampires who are constantly in crisis. You can minimize this by helping others create their own stability rather than being the one who creates stability for them.

You tend to attract people who like to chit-chat, which can deplete your time and energy. Know when to stop a conversation that’s going nowhere and set limits on how much time you give to others.

As the nurturing sign of the zodiac, you attract people who may take advantage of the amount of attention you’ll give them. Mother yourself first, keeping tabs on what you need, and then dole out support to others.

Your optimistic personality can attract those who tend to be down in the dumps. Do what you can for them, but as soon as you start feeling drained, surround yourself with people you can have fun with.

You enjoy being of service to others, and may allow people to treat you like a doormat after a while. Learn to ask for an equal give-and-take, and stop providing help to those who don’t give back.

With your tendency to people-please, you may attract those with bullying personalities. Learn to say no to people who are constantly expecting you to give in — and learn to please yourself!

You have a gift for helping people through difficult times, but for those who never seem to get better no matter how much emotional support you provide, be sure to direct them towards professionals.

Your freedom-loving spirit is adept at moving away from people who need constant help, but you can get trapped by people who depend on you for excitement. Challenge them to come up with interesting activities for you both to participate in.

Tired of being the responsible one? Set boundaries with time limits with those who depend on you for financial or moral support. You aren’t a bank, even though others may treat you like one.

It’s your nature to want to create a better world, but you’re susceptible to people who play on your humanitarian nature. Stay true to your values, but beware of those who ask too much.

Your sensitivity to suffering makes you want to relieve anyone from suffering. Protect yourself by spending time in nature, especially near water to help relieve any emotional overload you might experience.

Posted on Sat 22nd Oct 2011 22:03:41

Your Business Talents By Sun Sign

In today’s uncertain economy, many people are looking for ways to earn extra cash, and  are turning to self-employment by setting up their own small part time businesses .Explore the natural talents of your Sun sign to help guide you in developing your business skills and honing your greatest earning potential.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
Fire signs thrive in businesses that are fast paced. They enjoy working with the public and being outside, since they don’t like to feel penned in or be alone for too long. Their creative nature makes them able to think on their feet.
Business ideas: Developing a product and selling it at independent venues, giving tours of interest to visitors, public relations and marketing.

Air Signs(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)
Air signs have the ability to communicate, connect, learn and teach. They do well when interacting with others and exchanging information.
Business ideas: Sales of any kind, computer care and repair, mediation, copywriting/freelance writing and negotiating services.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
Water signs’ ability to understand what people need spiritually and emotionally makes them excel in the caring professions. They also have powerful imaginations and creative ideas to draw upon for inspiration and insight.
Business ideas: Providing care to the elderly, starting a dog-walking business, opening a catering company, coaching women through their pregnancies.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
Stable, grounded and reliable, Earth signs are often in high demand for their ability to get the job done. They do best when working on others’ projects, so may want to have a business partner rather than go it alone. They love working with their hands and making practical products that can help others.
Business ideas: Opening an independent electrical business, organizing offices or living spaces, interior design, landscaping.

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Astrologically Will It Be Third Time Lucky For Paul McCartney?

Last weekend, Sir Paul McCartney happily tied the knot at at Marylebone register office  in London to American divorcee Nancy Shevell — his girlfriend of the last four years. As a Gemini, it’s not uncommon to be married at least twice, and since his first marriage was a long-lasting love story that only ended due to his beloved Linda passing from breast cancer, will Paul live happily ever after this time? Will this love match be a repeat of his short-lived and disastrous second marriage to Heather Mills? Or is it really third time lucky ?

Fate is thankfully on Sir Paul’s side, as Jupiter (luck and expansion) is not only in his house of intimacy, but also aligned with his natal Venus, planet of love. Plus, with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in his natal First House and trining his Gemini Sun, Mercury and Saturn, it seems as if the stars are all on his side to see that happily-ever-after happens for this world famous former Beatle the third time around.

Posted on Wed 12th Oct 2011 13:34:20

August birthdays – your year ahead

Leo: There are lessons to be learned about being honest – with yourself. Identify your true desires and all that is false will then fall by the wayside.

Virgo: The potential for deep and lasting changes is mind-blowing. Self-belief and a readiness to leave the past behind will bring you the success that you dream of.

Leo’s in Love

Those born under the sign of the Lion have a natural sense of drama and performance. Big-hearted, bold and generous, they have tons of personality and love to be at the centre of things – and that includes being at the centre of their own world!

Quite simply, they thrive when admired, but wither when neglected. Their perfect partner is their number-one fan, someone who lavishes them with affection, praise and unconditional adoration. When a Leo is confident in love, their loyalty is legendary – and they’ll make no secret of the fact that they adore their lover in return

Posted on Wed 3rd Aug 2011 15:03:37

Astrology: How Does Your Star Sign Cope With Growing Older

Left: Nancy Dell’Olio & Debbie Harry two celebs who don’t believe they should dress their age. Nancy is a Virgo and Debbie is born under the sign of Cancer

Are you still wearing short skirts well into middle age? Or have you decided you’re old — even before your time? Some signs embrace age gracefully, while others fight it furiously.

The sign most associated with aging is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, planet of time. But curiously Capricorns live their lives in reverse –- they’re very serious as children and then mellow as they get older.

Aquarius has Saturn as a co-ruler and can be stuffy throughout childhood. That said, they tend to get more eccentric with age, not caring whether anyone thinks them odd still wearing gypsy earrings at 80.

Aries and Sagittarius ignore the advancing years altogether. They live for the moment assuming tomorrow will never come. They easily throw themselves wholeheartedly into the same activities they did 30 years ago. Their vitality of spirit keeps them young.

Leo is sedate and indulgent, so they can slow down and put on pounds as the years progress. They secretly like being thought of as a respected elder, and can become set in their ways.

Gemini has no intention of slowing down, so they’ll keep up their wildly busy schedule through their mid-life and far beyond.

Cancer comes in two varieties: one who never grows up and one who grows into a nurturer of all those around them. They like to be seen as a figure of respect as they age.

Libra is greatly concerned with their appearance and will do all they can to keep wrinkles and extra pounds away. They’re likely to glide into old age, insisting at 90 that they never left middle age.

Taurus eats well, so they can gain weight as they get older and become less flexible — in mind as well as body. That said, they have amazing endurance and can go on and on.

Virgo can become a bit negative as they grow older if they let their hypercritical tendencies run out of control. They need to stay sensual and kind if they want to hit their prime in good form.

Scorpios tend to become stately as they grow old, priding themselves on being wise — which they undoubtedly are. But they can also get very fixed in their ways and rather stubborn.

Pisces dislikes the physical signs of growing old and can become rather fussy and over-anxious. Fewer worries will definitely add years to their lives.


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What A Horoscope Can Tell You

At school we learn about science and mathematics, geography and history, literature and languages, and the arts, but we are not taught very much about ourselves as individuals. Yet it is very important that we should try to understand ourselves and each other, for this will help all of us to lead happier and more satisfying lives.

This is where horoscopes can help us. A horoscope cannot tell you what is going to happen, to you or to anybody else. But it can tell you what kind of person you are. Some psychologists use horoscopes to understand and help people who are upset or confused about themselves.

Each of us is so complicated it is like having many different people inside us. You know that sometimes you feel happy and want to be with other people, while at other times you may feel thoughtful and want to be left alone. With some people you meet you may appear full of fun. With others you may seem to be a very serious and withdrawn sort of person. You may be patient and give a great deal of attention to a pet animal but hurry and be careless with your schoolwork.

The signs of the Sun, Moon and planets at your birth can show why there seem to be so many different people inside you, and from that you can learn how best to live with all these different sides to your character and make the most of yourself. An entire horoscope, showing the special relationship between the Sun, Moon and planets at the place and moment of your birth, can tell you how you think and feel about things, where your talents lie, what kinds of things would be useful for you to learn, and what things in life are most likely to make you happy.

Here are the different sides to our lives and personalities which the Sun, the Moon and each of the planets represent:

THE SUN shows our deepest goals in life, what we want.
THE MOON shows how we respond emotionally, how we feel.
MERCURY shows how we think and express ourselves.
  VENUS shows how we relate to others.
MARS shows how we use our energy and talents to get what we want.
JUPITER shows how we enjoy ourselves and expand our understanding.
SATURN shows how much self-discipline and strength of character we have.
URANUS shows in what ways we are original, inventive and creative.
NEPTUNE shows how we can best help others.
PLUTO shows in what ways we can grow through deepening our self-knowledge.

Posted on Thu 21st Jul 2011 11:26:43

Astrology: Hollywood’s Newest Babies What Will They Be Like?

Last weekend was big  in Hollywood as two sets of A-list parents had their long-awaited babies. Kate Hudson and her musician-man fiance, Matthew Bellamy, had their son on Saturday, while Posh and Becks finally had their much longed for first daughter, Harper Seven, on Sunday. As fate has it, both babies have a Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon — so, what does that mean? What will these little bundles of joy grow up to be like?

As it just so happens, Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon is also the same combination the Jolie-Pitt twins were born under too! The chances are therefore that the children will look very much like their Mums, as Cancer is the sign of the mother. Also ruling nurturing, security and family,  these youngster may naturally be a little shy and like to weigh up situations before jumping in — preferring to stay close to home.

However, they’re also likely to be highly creative and emotional, as they are double-Water signs and perhaps even a bit psychic too! Add the Scorpio Moon to the mix and they may be loyal to a fault, and also very private and intense.  Like their parents they are quite likely to be sprinkled with a little star dust themselves and could become famous in their own right one day!

Posted on Tue 12th Jul 2011 20:55:53

Astrology – Officially Declared A Science

If you’re love of astrology has been ridiculed by people you know in the past, now you have proof that it should be taken seriously – an Indian court has ruled that astrology is a credible science!

Dates for important events in India are often based on astrological charts, but Janit Manch, an organisation that campaigns for judicial reform, demanded a ruling against ‘fake’ astrologers and other New Age gurus. But judges at Mumbai’s high court rejected the application. It’s unlikely the horoscope experts were worried though, as no doubt the outcome was written in the stars.

Posted on Tue 5th Jul 2011 16:36:32

Summer Romance: What’s in the Stars for You?

If you’re single summer romances can be fun and carefree, whether it’s just a short holiday fling, or the beginning of a relationship that lasts a lifetime. What type of affair will suit your sign this summer?

You’ll probably meet your summer lover right away and things will heat up fast. Whether or not your romance will last is the question, since you’re more the love-em’–and-leave-‘em” type than the kind to stick around.

You tend to date those you’ve known a while, so you may do better finding love close to home. Take your time and make every second count. You appreciate being courted in a traditional way, so let your new love know what you need.

You’re likely to meet your summer sweetheart at a party or through a friend, since you’re a social butterfly. You like to do many things at once, so you may have more than one summer love going on at the same time.

You don’t like to stray too far from home, so you’ll probably meet your new love through a close friend or family member. Your challenge is getting too attached, so be clear about what you want before you get involved.

The drama and passion of summer love suits you just fine. You may find that your romance has many highs and lows, since you’ll probably be packing in a lot of emotion in a short amount of time. Look for a lover who shares your love of fun and meets your need for adoration.

A work environment is the perfect place for you to encounter your summer love. Make sure that they’re worthy of your trust and dedication, no matter if your affair is short or extends into the autumn.

You love everything about love, so the excitement and romance of a summertime affair suits you perfectly. Passionate poems and letters, intimate dinners and long walks on the beach should all play a starring role.

You crave a mysterious affair, filled with depth and intensity. It’s likely that your romance will be somewhat secret and concealed from those around you. You’ll be drawn to a stranger or someone who has secrets to hide.

Your summer romance will most likely take place in a exotic location with a person of a faraway culture. You’ll be intrigued by your differences and if you can learn another language during your fling, all-the-better. Your affair may not last long, but your world will have grown by the time it’s over.

A summer fling is not really your thing; you prefer a relationship that has a future. Try to keep an open mind though, for even though a romance may start off casually, it could turn out to have more substance than you thought.

You’re all about your friends and community, so chances are you’ll start a summer romance with someone you already know. Even if your romance is a short one, you’re likely to still be friends when it’s over.

Your powerful imagination may have already begun working overtime dreaming up your perfect summer love. Make your vision real by getting out of the house! A musical event , spiritual gathering or beach environment are all good places for love to blossom.

Posted on Thu 30th Jun 2011 22:00:23

Celeb Astrology: Peter Andre An Emotional Piscean Who Has Proved He’s A Survivor

Peter Andre was born on February 27, 1973. He’s been through a few tough years with his very public and acrimonous divorce from Katie Price aka Jordan  – but then, Pisceans don’t like easy lives. They like talking about them, planning for them and hoping for them, but somehow, accidentally-on-purpose, they can sometimes conspire with the fates to find themselves in situations, that are anything but easy… or simple. With all that angst and aggravation , Peter was probably in his element and rose to the challenge by keeping his dignity, winning the affections and support of the UK public, and effectively reinventing himself.

Peter does have Mars in Capricorn which at least helps him to channel his energy in the practical sense.  Mars in Capricorn is very ambitious, and when it also squares Pluto in Libra, it shows that he can be very determined to get what he wants, whatever it takes. And as a result his career has never been busier and he’s also enjoying being back on the singles scene having dated several beautiful women of late..

The element in question, him being a Piscean, is water. And in the ocean of emotion being stirred up by his ongoing differences with Katie on how their two children should be raised, he’s  swimming, not sinking. That isn’t to say that he’ll get back with Gemini Katie, although nothing can be ruled out . Their relationship may still have a ‘real future’ at some stage. But ‘real’ futures are, well, real. They have hard times and good times, and times when they seem to have no future at all.

Plus, no relationship between two parents who truly love their children is ever completely over, even when its over. Those parents still have to interact, co-operate and find a level of respect for each other – or spend the rest of their lives bickering, bitching and beefing about whatever drove them apart, none of which is exactly good for the kids. No matter what accusations of superficiality have been levelled at Peter or Katie, they’re both ‘real people’ with ‘real hearts’ and they care about their kids. So they’re still going to be in constant contact for the rest of their lives, out of which, eventually, anything could happen.

Meanwhile, 2011 is surely one of the most positive years in history for anyone born under Pisces. Peter may not be enjoying the situation he still finds himself in  with Katie… but he’s taken control and he’s coming out tops.

Posted on Wed 29th Jun 2011 14:03:13

Celeb Horoscope: David Beckham’s Goal-Orientated Horoscope!

At the end of the day, David Beckham doesn’t just talk like a footballer, he has a classic goal-orientated horoscope.

Like all Taureans, he’s disciplined, dedicated and determined. Yet he’s not totally typical of his sign. Mars, in his birth chart, rules competitive sport. In sharp alignment to Uranus, It describes both his great ability to work magic… and his tendency, once in a while, to shoot himself in the foot.

And whether or not he’s feeling over the Moon, the Moon is all over his chart, constantly egging him on to try ever harder. He’s somehow not happy unless he’s having a tough time… which may or may not be why he’s so comfortable in his marriage.

Strangely, if David had not been a soccer player, he would probably have found his way into the world of finance. The position of his Venus speaks of a natural ability to attract wealth into his life. It’s questionable, though, whether all that money could truly compensate him (or anyone) for a life so full of inner strife and struggle.

He’s already had a longer career than many of his contemporaries. His horoscope suggests stamina that could keep him playing for several more years. Whether he’ll ever properly learn, though, how to stop creating controversial new stories… is less clear.

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Celeb Astrology Profile: Michelle Obama – Could She Be President One Day?

The First Lady was a big hit  on her recent visit to the UK with President Obama. Not only was she dignified and relaxed when meeting the Queen, but she also showed her caring and motherly nature when she took time out to speak with a group of sixth-form girl students visting Oxford. Michelle encouraged the girls students by saying ” aim high” and to ‘be the best that you can be’.

Michelle OBAMA is a Capricorn, born in Chicago on January 17, 1964. Like all born under this sign, she’s very practical. AFter all Capricorns are famously “down to earth”. She’s also extremely clever. But then it’s rare to find a Capricorn who isn’t.

Capricorn, according to tradition, is the sign of the Sea Goat, a mythical creature with a goat’s upper body and a fishes tail. Capricorn is not, of course, the only “Bi Corporeal”, or double bodied sign. Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur, half human, half horse. Gemini is symbolised by Twins. Pisces is always shown as a pair of fish, or dolphins, swimming in opposite directions. Even Virgo, according to many students of mythology, is more properly portrayed not as a simple maiden, or even a queen of the harvest but as a winged goddess whose form is part mortal and part bird.

But, what all these signs have in common is a tendency to be misunderstood. We hear much about the goat’s ‘sure footedness’ yet little about the idea that, as a mer-goat has no feet, a Capricorn’s stance, on any matter, may well be more fluid than most people may expect. Many Capricorns though, when told that they are hard working, long suffering and keen to climb to great heights are more inclined to nod in agreement than to point out that they’ve also got ways to dive deep and swim subtly.

In Michelle’s birth chart, Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) is in Aquarius – a sign that it also traditionally governs. Mars too, is in this sign. Interestingly, Barack Obama’s Sun in Leo lies almost exactly opposite the ‘midpoint’ of Michelle’s Saturn and her Mars. And Barack’s Saturn, which just so happens to be in Capricorn, is close to a precise conjunction with Michelle’s Sun.

All this speaks volumes about the profound commitment, support and mutual respect within their relationship. No repeat of Bill and Hillary’s infamous, public marital dramas awaits.

Quite possibly though, we may one day see Michelle echo Hillary’s ascension to a political career of her own.  She may not go as far as gaining a presidency but her chart suggests she has at least as strong a chance of gaining a similar role to Hillary Clinton. Only time will tell!

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Celeb Astrology Profile: What Makes Fern Britton So Liked By Millions?

Fern Britton is a Cancerian. That’s why she’s so soft. That’s why she’s so strong. That’s why she is so loved by millions of TV viewers and also made the best seller list, with her touching autobiography My Story in 2009. Well, it’s partly why.

There are other Cancerian TV personalities who exude a kind of similarly comforting quality. But they can’t keep it going, day after day, year after year. When they’re not feeling so fine, we feel it too. Whereas Fern… well, there’s the funny thing. It’s not that she pretends. It’s more that she really, truly is as big-hearted, as easy going and as open-minded as she appears.  With Fern, what you see is what you get!

That’s largely due to the way her Moon in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo, right across a vital part of her birth chart. Her generosity is genuine. She’s clever too. This is partly because of the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus in her chart that marks her out as a smart, original thinker. . Fern has a sharp mind and a soft heart. What an unbeatable combination. She quit her role on the hit TV show This Morning back in 2009.  She did this just as a rare Saturn-Uranus opposition aligned exactly with her Jupiter. Astrologically this was wise timing as she had probably taken her role with the show as far as she was able and she needed to recharge her batteries before seeking out new challenges.

Although Fern’s recent tea-time chat show with Channel 4 failed to win big audiences and was axed, with her irrepressible warmth and good humour probably won’t be long before she’s back in the limelight. For now Fern is currently focusing her talents on writing romantic novels – the first of a two book deal was published last March and she is now working on the second.

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Your Zodiac Sign & Dieting: Do You Have The Willpower?

You’ve cheated on your diet. All your good resolutions have gone flying out of the window and you’re eating like their is no tomorrow! Can you summon up the willpower to get back on track and stop the binge? Some zodiac signs are better at sticking to their decisions than others. Find out how your sign copes:

Aries rarely gets overweight since they burn off energy faster than most. They have a short enthusiasm span, so commitments made a week ago are boring and tossed to one side. Long-game projects like diets can be tricky indeed for the Ram.

Taurus takes time to make up  their minds but is good at setting their goals … except where indulgences are concerned! They love their food and find it all-too-easy to be tempted. After that, they take forever to shift back onto the wiser path.

Gemini can be surprisingly fixed in their approach to matters of health — unlike most other things they do. They will be committed to pursuing this particular goal, and if they are led astray they’ll soon switch themselves back into healthy gear.

Cancer rules the stomach, so comfort eating is their great downfall. They also tend to go to extremes, on-off-on-off with their diets. At least they shift back at some point, though the timing is not always under their control since they’re so swayed by their feelings.

Leo prides themselves on their resolve — but they like living well and aren’t too practical. They’ll eat fattening food and convince themselves that that’s how to lose weight. That said, their vanity usually strengthens their will power to go back to straight and narrow.

Virgo is constantly on the go, so sometimes their firm resolve melts in the helter-skelter of their busy schedule. But they know better than most what is good for their body, so at some point their common sense lures them back to healthier ways.

Despite their elegant image, Libra is indulgent and has a weakness for rich food. Luckily, they know only too well how much they’ll dislike themselves if they get out of shape. Their need to look good  will soon have the back into eating less and exercising more.

Scorpio is so intense they tend to burn off excess fat. But if they do have to slim down, once they make up their mind, absolutely nothing will deter them. Their determination is formidable and they commit to the long haul.

Sagittarius is happy-go-lucky and can go over the top when it comes to eating. Luckily, their fiery vitality soaks up surplus calories. But if they do have to lose a few pounds, then their changeable nature makes it tricky for them to stay on track. Diets need to be turned into an adventure for their resolve to stick.

Capricorn likes to look respectable and finds it easy to commit to a slimming regime, but their attention span tends to be short so if it doesn’t work fast enough, their willpower can sag. Eventually they’ll have a good talk with  themselves for being so weak willed and get back into their fitness regime.

Ultimately, Aquarius doesn’t really care much what anyone thinks of their appearance. But if dieting for their own satisfaction, they can often get sidelined because they’re so highly-strung.

Pisces is not exactly indulgent but they do have an escapist streak. They can trip out on food as much as anything else. Their willpower is not one of their stronger assets. They’ll need a helping hand to keep them on goal.

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Get A Grip! How does your zodiac sign cope with stress?

Are you feeling frantic and frazzled? Every sign has its own way of coping with stress, especially during these challenging times when the downturn in the economy is still squeezing many people’s finances. Look to the heavens on how best to get a grip!

Gemini scatters — more than any other zodiac sign — and in all directions at once. Their best course of action is to centre themselves and find a grounding activity that keeps their hands busy and engages their body. It’s crucial they stop their thoughts going around and around like a record in their head!

Virgo throws their mind into work when they get agitated, something that can cause them to run out of fuel. They need to learn to relax, try  candlelit baths, soothing massages and nature walks. Getting reconnected to Mother Earth definitely slows down their nervous twitches.

Aquarius needs to get more in touch with their feelings, for it’s neglected emotions that cause cool Aquarians much of their stress. By allowing themselves to sink into their watery depths and own up to what’s in their heart, they’ll start to unwind.

Pisces is a delicate soul who soaks up the anxieties of others, so their first order of business should be to move themselves away from jittery, needy companions. They’ll feel badly about it, but self-protection must come first. They long for peace — and that’s what they must give themselves!

Libra gets thrown off balance more easily than their calm exterior suggests. Finding an equilibrium is always vital to prevent them from slipping into a frenzy. They need beauty to calm their souls, and harmony in their relationships is crucial to them.

Leo is overly dependent on approval and recognition; take that away and they’ll begin to feel as if they no longer exist. They need to find their true centre, no matter what the world around them is doing.

What sends Cancer and Scorpio to the edge is the agony of feeling too much. They need to learn detachment, the wonderful ability Air signs possess that allows them to step back and not be pulled under by their powerful emotions.

Aries and Sagittarius can be prone to burnout. As hyperactive Fire signs, they rarely stand still long enough to replenish their batteries. What will get them back on track is getting in touch with their body, eating sensibly, indulging in sensory joys and letting their hearts do the talking.

Taurus doesn’t much believe in nervous break downs or anything too neurotic. Still, they can become stressed if there’s too much change occurring around them. Flexibility — of body and attitude — is key for them, though this tends to go against their fixed-sign grain.

Capricorn isn’t so prone to getting the nervous jitters, though they can seriously overwork themselves when times are challenging. They need to nurture their body and steer themselves away from their obsession to constantly achieve. Allowing more emotion into their lives in small ways will also help soften their natural inflexibility.

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Astrologically, How Would You Cope with an Unfaithful Lover?

 Your lover has been acting strangely, hiding his mobile phone, blocking access to his emails, working late and coming home smelling, well, different. All the signs are there that he’s being unfaithful — what do you do? Bury your head in the sand and refuse to think about it, or go in for a full-blown confrontation?

Though the most jealous, possessive signs are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo, they’re also the most reluctant to show their vulnerabilities. So, oddly enough, the signs most likely to demand an explanation are Aries and Sagittarius. Never afraid to speak their mind, they’ll stamp their foot and insist on having it all out into the open – no matter the consequences.

Scorpio and Taurus will let their suspicions brew, but once they establish that there’s been a betrayal, there will be no going back. They may be slow to make up their minds, but once switched off they’ll be off completely.

Cancer and Pisces will look the other way longer than most because they’re hypersensitive, and the pain of rejection is just too much to bear.

Libra is concerned about keeping up appearances and may put off facing the truth until way down the line. Leo also will worry about how it’ll look to friends, but once they decide to have it out, they’ll get noisy.

Capricorn will be more irritated than hurt at the stupidity of their partner creating a public disgrace. If possible, they’ll have it out discreetly and try to sweep it all under the carpet.

Aquarius and Gemini will probably just let the matter slide. Aquarius isn’t possessive by nature and may decide their partner’s fling is all part of life’s tapestry. Gemini usually has several potential lovers lined up and will probably have an escape route already planned.

Since their powers of observation are acute, Virgo probably knows about the affair but is fearful of the mess that will ensue. They’ll delay as long as possible before demanding the truth.

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Astrology – How Will The Summer Eclipses Affect You?

Like cosmic wildcards, eclipses make certain new or full Moons unique, and when they occur, it’s possible to get a glimpse of the future. This summer’s eclipses fall across the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, highlighting themes of faith vs. facts.
A new-Moon eclipse is also known as a “solar eclipse”, when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, temporarily preventing the Sun’s light to reach the Earth. A full-Moon eclipse is also known as a “lunar eclipse”, where the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon, temporarily preventing the Sun’s light to reach the Moon.

The Gemini solar eclipse which occured yesterday is called a” south-node eclipse”. It highlights how to bring closure to past cycles in order to move forward. The forthcoming Sagittarius eclipse of June 15 is a “north-node eclipse”. It highlights people, events and situations that help catapult you into your future.

Since these eclipses highlight opposing signs, you’ll find there’s a dominant theme that comes into special focus in your life this summer. Read on to explore how your summer could unfold!

Your Third House and Ninth House are activated by the summer eclipses, highlighting communication, learning, teaching and travelling. Stock up on books, sign up for courses, book a holiday or sit down and write. Stimulating your mind is key!

Your Second and Eighth Houses are energized by the summer eclipses, encouraging you to focus on money – earning, saving, spending – and managing your debts, values and resources. It’s time to clarify your budget for maximum money magic.

As the eclipses are in your signs, (highlighting the First and Seventh Houses) themes around rebirth and love relationships are highlighted. Being true to yourself is important, and doing so helps you gain clarity in matters of the heart.

The summer eclipses activate your Twelfth and Sixth Houses, bringing your spiritual, health and wellness zones into focus. Avoid doing too much now, as taking care of your body and spirit is important to future well-being.

Your Eleventh and Fifth Houses are activated by the summer eclipses, highlighting friendships, groups, creativity and children. Remember to prioritise playtime and be with the people that make you happiest. Also, reconnect with any  hobbies that nourish your spirit.

The summer eclipses activate your Tenth and Fourth Houses, highlighting professional goals, life direction and home situations. Balance your time and energy to gain harmony at home and at work. Career opportunities are influenced by domestic decisions.

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Astrologically What Keeps Heidi Klum and Seal So in Love?

Supermodel and actress Heidi Klum has just turned 38 — and life couldn’t be better for her. Married to English musician Seal since 2005, Heidi and her pop-singer hubby have one of the strongest, most envied relationships in Hollywood. Both are extremely vocal about their love for one another, even renewing their vows twice while raising their four children.. So, astrologically what’s the magic that keeps them together?

Oddly enough, their charts are not obviously compatible: Heidi is a Gemini, and Seal a Pisces — and their strongest astrological point is her Mars, the passion planet, in Pisces. However, being that most of Heidi’s planets are in Gemini (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn), she is constantly changing, as her sign is one of duality. One of the only other signs of the zodiac to also have duality is Pisces. Because of that, their relationship is always expanding and spontaneous; Heidi and Seal approach life and love in the same way and always keep each other curious. For Heidi and Seal, following their imagination is more than likely to be what keeps their love alive!

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As Oprah, Queen of Chat Shows Ends Her 25 year Reign – Astrologically, What’s In Store For Her?

Yesterday marked the end of an era, when the last original episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast following a highly successful 25-year run.

Queen of chat show hosts Oprah  has already launched her own new television network, OWN, but it’s unlikely to be the only venture the Queen of Daytime has lined up. So what else is coming up for Oprah in the next year?

Winfrey is an Aquarius, the sign of the innovator and humanitarian. This blesses her with an innate ability to reach out to people in creative ways —  and this special trait has ensured her incredible success., and it won’t change. But while her loyal fans will miss her, the transition for her will be tougher and slower than one might expect. With her Sagittarius Rising, Saturn, the planet of discipline, will be in her mid-heaven (the point of one’s chart that indicates their ultimate fulfillment) and slow down her progress. Plus, Saturn won’t be moving out of this area until Oct. 5, 2012 — which indicates that it will take until then for her fledgling new network to the level Oprah would like. Until then, Oprah will be focusing on her aspirations (she’s talked about a stint on Broadway) and carving out a solid foundation from which she will make bigger success happen. And we know she will — she after all Oprah!

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Astro Fitness – Your Exercise Guide By Star Sign

A new exercise plan? It’s easy to invent isn’t it? It’s fun imagining how you will make yourself feel more alive, and sharpen your brain power as well.

And you know it will boost your self-esteem as exercise makes your body look toned and supple … You feel fitter already just thinking about it!

But the tough part’s all in front of you. Starting out won’t be your biggest hurdle. Sticking with it is a huge challenge. This is where most people stumble and fail.

However, picking a form of exercise that suits your astro-sign psyche can guarantee success. You’ll know you’re making the right moves because your exercises will feel right and you’ll really enjoy them. Make sure you’re well supervised and they will become an invaluable part of your life.


Super-energetic, impatient and competitive, you just can’t wait to get started – on any kind of open-air sport that pitches you headlong into heated action.

Your first love will always be football – and that applies whether you’re a lady or a lad – but hockey, squash and badminton are also powerfully attractive activities for you.

You can be an excellent team player but you also get a big buzz from beating a single opponent (as in tennis singles and squash matches). You should aim high. Always try to hit the standard you might have achieved if you’d become a professional player (lots of Aries play sport professionally!) Join a club or association to take your game onwards and upwards, with a string of badges and cups to show off.

Vigorous exercise, at least once a day, is your best way of banishing those headaches that come from trying to stem your impatience and desire for action. You benefit from working up a real sweat and making your high adrenalin levels go to work for you.

And you like to use your local gym or sports club as the hub of your social life. It’s where you’re most likely to meet your love partner, too.


Easygoing and slothful? Yes, but you have a strong, fit body and natural good health. To get the best out of life, that body needs to be stretched and pushed to its limits.

You’re not competitive, but you feel angry with yourself if you allow your body to get out of shape. Your nervy, edgy moods are often the result of physical inactivity. Dancercise any overindulgence away.

Pick a stamina-building hobby that takes you out into the wildest parts of the countryside – climbing, caving or hiking. Blend your love of nature with developing your upper body – rowing or kayaking perhaps. Take up long distance to build that ideal Taurus inverted triangle torso shape.

You’ll be happiest sharing outdoors activities with a love partner or close mate.

Weather bad? Shift into the gym. Working out with weights is your best indoor exercise. But try a modern movement class that blends into more acrobatic routines, too.

Singing in a choir or group will also keep you fit, expanding your lung power along with your social circle. You’ll find singing in public addictive – you’ve a talent for it. Just don’t overdo late, after-show eating.


You talk yourself into starting a new physically active hobby – then drop it once the novelty’s worn off (and muscles begin to ache). It’s easy to spot Gemini at the leisure centre, gabbing to a pal in the pool’s shallow end or rushing to answer their mobile, wrapped only in a towel.

To succeed, you need a regime that will tie your mind, not just your body, into the action. Routines that force you to slow down physically are what your frazzled brain craves.

Learn the evolved, intricate moves of an activity like T’ai-chi Ch’uan. It means ‘wholeness’ and it can give Geminis the mental challenge they need. It is much more than a workout – a combined life philosophy, dance drama and recipe for mental simplification.

By forcing you to think in a focused way, breathe correctly and move fluidly, it’ll calm you and help you shape your day. It will improve the way you walk, sit and concentrate in your everyday life, too.

You need to expand your lung capacity, so singing, running, swimming and skateboarding will all suit you.

And if you combine your physical activity with 20 minutes’ quiet meditating alone each day (early morning’s your best time), you’ll avoid tiredness.


Your perfect exercise combines regular, smooth movement with helping other people. Learn to massage correctly, train as a sports physiotherapist or become an osteopath. You won’t have to make time for exercise, but your work will keep you fit, supple and emotionally satisfied, too.

Prone to worry peaks and inactivity troughs, your moods often dictate how much activity you get. Schedule a regular monthly cycle of different exercises – and make sure friends keep you at it; it will help you get on top of your moods, which are often hormonally-led.

Music’s important to your new regime and you will always find it inspires you to put more energy into your movements.

Access to water is also vital – whether you swim in it, shower in it or drink it. You will also benefit from having mirrors around you to gain a sense of space even in an artificial indoor setting. Walk or work by the sea. Crew on a boat for your holiday.

At home, DIY projects and any form of gardening will give you a life-long satisfaction and keep your cardiovascular health good.

You’ll only ever stick to an exercise routine that allows you to immerse your mind and moods into it with clockwork regularity.


Embrace a sport or physical pastime that lets you show off in front of others. Become a coach, not just a pupil, and practise till you’re perfect.

Only the best will do for you – the most famous club, best equipment, highest standard. Win games, rounds, prizes and applause. It’ll keep you coming back to that activity indefinitely and it will give you the athletic body shape your personality deserves.

And you’re one of the few signs who, having signed up to an expensive club or invested in fitness equipment, has the willpower to get their money’s worth.

Watch out for overuse skeletal injuries and especially guard against back and neck damage. Warm up well before any match or training.

Learn to horse-ride – show-jumping and cross-country appeal to your daring physicality and flair for control. Cycle or dance (to competition level). Or join an acting class. Fast walk your nervous aggression and work problems away on a treadmill.


You’re one of the few star signs that sticks to regular exercise – ­often as a penance, not a pleasure. Have more fun and ensure you pick activities that get you into the fresh air.

Wear your running shoes to get you to your allotment. You’ll get a buzz out of designing an organic vegetable garden and improving your plot’s soil will work every muscle in your body. And it will satisfy your desire for order and refinement, as well as fulfilling your quest for healthy natural produce.

Then expand your expertise and offer your services to others – you’ll be so fit and it won’t cost you a penny in class membership or equipment. Just make sure that you carry a couple of changes of dry (old) clothes with you and you’ll be able to exercise in all weathers.

Hiking, rambling, or helping out at a big plant nursery would also give you lifelong exercise that kept you fascinated and fulfilled.


Being bossed by personal trainers and sports instructors turns you off – you’d rather nibble chocolate gingers and watch a fitness video. With you, it’s always tomorrow – so start your new regime with a friend or partner. They’ll nag if you try to back out or let them down.

Let vanity be your biggest spur – pose in front of cruel mirrors that tell the truth about your back view.

Pick a sports centre where you can mix socially – after exercising.

Cycle, swim or ride to keep those Libra buttocks and thighs from turning to jelly. Concentrate on improving your style. Aim for prizes and certificates and pin them up – near the fridge.

Swimming underwater for alternate widths can recharge your mental batteries while you limber up your body – very important for air sign Libra.

Combine your love of animals with muscle-toning and volunteer to groom horses, train dogs – you could aim for sheepdog agility trials . Help disabled youngsters enjoy sport : you won’t notice you’re ‘exercising’.


Don’t even consider a physical activity that leaves your mind cold.

Get involved in an archaeological dig on a working holiday and you’ll look as if you’ve spent a fortune on a personal trainer.

Make sure that your activity gives mental challenges as well as physical ones. Learn the basic skills of diving then swap the library for an underwater salvage op – treasures and mysteries on the sea-bed are the kind of mental jigsaws you love.

You love guessing games, so orienteering and realistic survival courses satisfy the thrill-seeker in you while making you as fit as a wild animal.

Make your holidays back-to-nature wilderness breaks and become an instructor to pass on your skills – you’re a natural leader, although you can prefer to work alone and hate incompetence.

Water activities like pool volley ball are good tension releasers for Scorpio – they cool your passions and frustrations.


Sport’s in your blood and you probably ran through the A to Z of physical activities in your teens.

Problem is, many of your star sign turn chunky round the hips after a certain age. When that happens, you don’t want to revive your former sporting loves in public: ‘If I can’t do it as brilliantly as I used to, I’ll leave it alone.’ Big mistake – and you know it.

Look for activities that combine some of your former faves. Le Trek puts together your love of cross-country horse riding with long distance racing and orienteering skills – and it’s a real fitness challenge.

No physical activity’s a success for you unless you work up a healthy sweat (which is why your skin’s usually so good and you seldom feel toxic).

And you don’t have fitness fun unless there’s a good social scene on tap, too. So stick with the madcap whirl of keep-fit draws that you think sound most fun – skiing, riding, surfing or assault course training.


You’ve amazing stamina and a teeth-gritted determination to see through any challenge to the end. But lighten up when choosing physical activities, or it will become more and more of a torture.

You need exercise that does not put long-term strain on joints and tendons – your knees are particularly vulnerable and, as you mean to live to a great old age, it would be a pity to wear them out prematurely.

You’ll feel most at home with walking tours – you need to feel your feet on the earth and rocks and your soul soars in wild settings with no one around (just a few grizzlies and coyotes in the distance).

You thrive when you can link your quest for knowledge with improving practical skills; so pick study holidays with crafts or trade-skills lessons.

For dull winter evenings nearer to home, take up Latin American dance in order to limber up your body and knock away those stuffy, conventional thoughts that can make you gloomy. It’s so sexy, too!


It’s vital for a party person like you to get outdoors more. But you skimp on exercise because it cuts into your sociaIising time. lt’s no good going to the country if you never get out of the car!

You must be emotionally involved with all you do – so learn as much as you can about yoga from a teacher – and immerse yourself in the philosophy behind it. It conquer stress and you can use it for a whole range of ailments, from strains and sprains to asthma and circulation problems.

One of the biggest benefits of yoga movements (once you’ve limbered up and become more supple) is that they can be done anytime, anywhere. You won’t need to readjust your day unduly – though you’ll probably find it more fun to study and practice alongside other people.

You could also try pilates and judo. Take care though: you might become a born-again fitness freak and even decide to run your own club!


Pisces do enough running around to last several lifetimes – usually on other people’s behalf. If you do have a health or fitness problem, it won’t be through lack of exercise but because you dive into platefuls of fat-soaked and sugar-saturated foods whenever the emotional going gets tough.

It’s very important given your dramatic, excessive nature that you build up gradually to any new exercise plan.

You are inclined to rush headlong into keep-fit or sport – and retire hurt. You can’t expect the superb fitness of an athlete or trained ballet dancer in the early weeks of a new regime. Stamina, strength and flexibility have to be worked at and worked up gradually.

Dance and dance-drama are the creative movements best suited to your temperament. You have a talent for fast dance steps – tap, Irish and Scottish dance – as well as ballroom. Perhaps you once wanted to do this for a career – and maybe there is still time … Swim at least twice a week to unlock pent-up feelings and to build a healthy muscle ratio.

Which Sign Will Cheat On You?

The answer to, “Which sign is most likely to cheat on me?” is, “All signs.” But before you panic – you need to understand that there’s no one sign that is more or less likely to cheat. It’s really all about what makes each sign most willing to cheat.

But some star signs are just naturally hard wired to seek excitement!. However, this is, of course, most likely to occur when they are unhappy in what they see as a current negative situation, and perhaps feeling lonely and neglected. Many potential cheaters have self-esteem issues and are always on the look out for the person who makes him or her feel attractive. And, yes, a few are just permanently on heat!

Aries fits into the excitement category. Rams feel with their ego, need lots of attention, and so fall into the self-esteem sector, too. Many flirtations are just emotional or about how much acceptance they can get. Although a fiery sign, many Aries actually run away fast from forbidden attractions. They may consider infidelity, however, if their mate is unfaithful to them in a tit-for-tat battle.

Taurus is well-known for loyalty, but like Aries, may cheat if their partner is unfaithful or is suspected of being so. A negative situation for Taurus is when they get little affection, touching, and attention. Cheating satisfies the sense of loneliness and neglect for this tender, loving sign.

With Gemini, lust isn’t usually the motivator, it’s intellectual cheating or intimate conversation more than sex. It’s excitement, too, for this eternally restless sign. Also, when Gemini feels neglected and lonely, he or she reaches out for kindred spirits and shared interests to pass the time.

Cancer is another loyal sign, prone to personal guilt trips, so motivation to cheat isn’t high. If they do become involved, they often get caught up in soppy not to be taken seriously type romances. They often have self-esteem issues and are extra impressionable if they are in need of a bit of attention and flattery.

Fiery Leo craves excitement. Lions also fall into the self-esteem category because of the need to be the centre of attention. A few think they are the world’s greatest lovers, and they set out to prove it. Leo is especially vulnerable to having a midlife crisis, drawn to charming individuals at least 20 years younger than they are because they want to feel youthful again

The Virgo is another potentially emotional cheater. In this case it’s not a physical, but a mental affair. Needless to say, the sign of the Virgin is prone to heavy, personal guilt trips. The motivation to cheat might be that they have tried everything to make a relationship work, but they go to another lover out of frustration.

Libra likes to please. Natives of this sign do have strong principles, sound instincts, and take commitment seriously, so they aren’t tops on the list of potential cheaters. However, this is a sign that finds it hard to say no, and is a potentially dangerous flirter. Librans need affection and attention. They may fall for the fantasy of finding a love that lasts a lifetime, so most won’t take cheating lightly.

Passionate, mysterious Scorpio gets bad press when it comes to their fidelity. Oozing sex appeal, they get accused whether they cheat or not. Scorpions fall into the need-for-excitement category, liking the intrigue of clandestine activities. They have strong physical appetites many can’t keep under control. This is another sign that is definitely out for revenge if a partner cheats.

Sagittarius is another sign that needs excitement. They often wonder  if there could be someone else or a grand, passionate adventure around the corner. An ultimate, starry-eyed romantic, they get in trouble when innocent flirting leads to something more. They panic when the passion gets heavy, which is one reason why they do try to do the right thing in a committed relationship.

Capricorn’s down fall is self-esteem when it comes to a lack of respect and feeling unloved. A few natives of the sign  find intimate relationships”naughty,” and therefore exciting. Most Capricorns, however, discover that the worry of getting caught and losing everything takes the adventure out of it. This is another sign torn by guilty feelings and is very capable of controlling their “forbidden” passion.

Aquarius natives need to receive a lot of attention and also to feel needed. Often, Aquarians themselves get cheated on due to their cool nature, because their partners need romance. Like Gemini, they are more likely to get involved in intellectual cheating, or emotional affairs, instead of sexual flings or physically-based cheating.

Dreamy Pisces’ motivation is self-esteem. Like Leo, they could be lured into a midlife crisis situation. When they realise that life is short, they don’t want to grow up, and may wonder, “Where’s the magic?!” And like Scorpio, Pisceans are often attracted to mystery and clandestine meetings. Ever the romantic, they can feel like a passionate fling with someone new is ‘fate’ and meant to be so they are totally powerless to resist!

Flirty Geminis Are Naturals In the World of Film And Music

Versatility is the hallmark of Sun Sign Geminians. With a strong desire to communicate on all levels, they are usually perfectly comfortable in the public eye – and, indeed, many actively seek out fame and become global stars in both the world of film and music.  Natural flirts and often blessed with a charismatic personality they have no problem attracting legions of fans. But in their personal life they can be very different and once  in a committed relationship they will be unswervingly loyal to their partners, as if Sir Paul’s case who was happily married for almost 30 years until the death of his wife Linda in 1998.

Definitely beautiful and controversial, lively Supermodel Gemini Naomi is anything but a wallflower! Known mainly for her high-fashion career and quick temper, Naomi’s chart shows that her Moon is in Sagittarius, which is probably where she gets her bold, rebellious side. Legal issues have plagued her due to her famous temper tantrums, but her humanitarian side helps balance her more volatile aspects. She always seems to come out on top professionally, regardless of the mistakes she makes in her personal life

Sir Paul’s impressive list of accomplishments includes singer, songwriter, composer, entrepreneur, record and film producer, poet, painter, and animal rights and peace activist. Before he was known for most of these, however, he was of course a member of the legendary Beatles. As you can tell, he did all right on his own, too. Examine his chart and you’ll see he gets his versatility from four aspects in Gemini, including his Sun. His love of performing no doubt comes from two aspects in flashy, confident Leo.

Most people identify Helen Hunt from her long-running sitcom Mad About You, but she’s also been in many movies and has the titles of film director and screenwriter on her CV. She also the proud winner of  an Academy Award for her outstanding performance in the romantic dramedy As Good As It Gets, and some of her other films include Twister, Cast Away, What Women Want, and Pay It Forward. And as a triple Gemini, she adapts easily to diverse roles, as is evident in her body of work.

Born in Memphis, Morgan Freeman is the epitome of the southern gentleman. His easy going, flexible Gemini persona comes across both on screen and off. In addition to acting, he also directs and narrates films. His reserved demeanour and compassionate spirit no doubt come from his Pisces Moon, but with two other aspects in driven and assertive Aries, he’s no pushover either. With many acting awards and nominations to his credit, it’s easy to see that he takes his job – and his life – seriously!

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Stubborn Taureans Who Made It to The Top In Hollywood

Most Taureans have a great love of money and the security it can bring. They are therefore prepared to strive hard to establish this in their own lives . Persistent and determinated to the point of stubbornness they rarely give up on accomplishing their goals. Once a Tauren has made their mind about something there is is very little that will divert them from their main aims. Often deeply humanitarian too they get passionate about injustices in the world and many famous Taureans have lend their names to such causes.

Here are few of showbiz’s most well-known and respected Taureans:
George Clooney director, producer, and screenwriter. This Taurus has won two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award for his efforts along the way. His Venus is in Aries, meaning he tends to be pretty up front and honest in his romantic pursuits. With two aspects in altruistic Aquarius, he’s also quite the humanitarian. Could he actually be the “perfect” man? Lots of women think so!

Very few celebrities make it to single-name status, but Cher is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to one-name fame! In her long, successful, and varied career, this tenacious Taurus with her Moon in ambitious Capricorn has taken on the roles of singer, songwriter, actor, director, and record producer. She’s won an Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy, three Golden Globes, and a People’s Choice Award for her outstanding achievements in film, music, and TV.

Joanna Lumley This Taurus beauty not only has an interesting and varied history – born in India, raised in England, former top model and acclaimed actor – but her present is fascinating as well. She still acts from time to time, is a famous voiceover artist, and has become a fervent human rights and animal welfare activist. And her Moon is also in stubborn and strong-willed sign of the Bull, which means she knows what she wants and rarely stops until she gets it.

Pierce Brosnan is a dual citizen of Ireland and the U.S., Pierce is a persistent double Taurus – both his Sun and Mercury, the planet of communication, are in this conservative sign. His Moon, however, is in emotional Cancer, so we can see why he’s able to play with equal flair the rugged James Bond and the sensitive Sam Carmichael from Mamma Mia! Outside of his acting, Pierce is known for his humanitarian and environmental activism, and he’s happily married to journalist Keely Shaye Smith.

Although Michelle made her first movie appearance in 1980, she didn’t really get noticed until her appearance in Scarface (1983). After that, her career really took off. She went on to star in successful films like Married to the Mob, Frankie and Johnny, and Batman Returns. Michelle is a dependable, efficient Taurus with her Moon in responsible Virgo and her Mercury in assertive Aries, so she has an excellent work ethic and worked hard to earn her three Oscar nominations.

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Ambitious Arians Are Usuallly Destined For Success

Sun Sign Arians are ambitious, enterprising and love to stand out from the crowd. As most are usually blessed with deep resources of determination they have the ability to succeed even in the most competitive of arenas such as showbiz. Here are a few superstar Arians who have not only achieved world fame but also made it last!

To say singer Diana Ross has accomplished a lot is an understatement. Including her work with The Supremes, she has released 67 albums! As a solo artist, she has sold millions of records. Diana’s also credited with helping to shape the Motown sound in the 1960s. It isn’t surprising to learn that she’s a driven, ambitious double Aries with her Moon in determined and stubborn Taurus. You don’t reach her level of success without being just a bit of a diva!

Singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist Elton, born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, has sold over 250 million records in his long career, making him one of the most successful artists of all time. Elton’s Sun is in energetic Aries and his Moon is in stable, security-seeking Taurus, which gives him a very balanced outlook. It shows in his accomplishments, too. He has had more than 50 Top 40 hits, and won five Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Tony Award.

William Shatner is, of course, best known for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek. Some of the other credits of this innovative Aries are lesser known and show the Canadian-born actor’s lighter side, like a spoken-word album and daily online video postings about his life on They no doubt come from Venus in Aquarius, an aspect that portrays an open-mindedness and desire to have people love him for his eccentricities and innovation

She got her start as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls and then became even more famous as Mrs. David Beckham, but no matter how you think of her, Victoria is an energetic, spirited Aries with Leo Rising, which may be where she gets her strong need to be the centre of attention! And with all that excess energy, she definitely likes to keep busy, which is obvious from her jet-setting life as a wife, mom, solo singer, designer, and trend-setting fashionista.


Born to Score?

The time of year you were born might affect your chance of becoming a world-class footballer, say researchers. They analysed 763 players from 10 European national youth teams and found that 43 per cent of the players were born in the first three months of the year, while just nine per cent were born between October and December.

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Is Your Sun Sign Likely to Splash the Cash or Save?

According to a survey a couple of years ago by Lloyds TSB, your sun sign gives a fairly good indication of your habits good or bad with money. It’s no surprise to astrologers. But it’s interesting that something as down to earth as a financial institution should come up with its own results based on 2000 people. Check out the results below:

Aries They don’t seek fame nor fortune and generally have no desire to get rich. Many prefer spending to saving and rarely organise their finances, saying they prefer to spend times in bars and clubs to doing this.

Work hard and make steady progress with money. And many say they spend two hours a week working our finances. One in five saves more than £100 every month. Almost a third say their biggest stress is in lack of cash.

Sociable, unpredictable and adore spending. Spend little time sorting out their finances. One in five get stressed if they can’t pay bills on time, while seven in ten say they aren’t paid enough.

Obsessed by security so like to have money. Make perfect business partners as they save and budget. They save more than the other signs one in five of them between £100 and £200 a month. (Richard Branson is a Cancerian!)

Enjoy spending and dislike debt, so keep a firm check on their finances. Spend more than three hours a week shopping and one in ten say they can’t save as they like luxury holidays. Have a laid back approach to cash.

Cautious and sensible, they are great money managers. Can live on a tight budget. Spend less than three hours a week shopping. One in five would give up booze and fags to save.

Crave a sense of order and balance. One in three saves £50 a week and more than half of those that don’t say they don’t earn enough. One third of Librans would give up luxuries like cigarettes to save money.

Fiery tempered and often obsessive, but can be good with financial matters. One in eight admit they spend too much of their earnings. A third say their partner’s financial habits are their greatest source of stress.

Last of the big spenders, they never worry about money and like gambling. Can be good with money but find it dull. One in five saves over £100 a month, the rest say they’d save more if they cut back on seven hours a week socialising.

Money management comes easily as they’re prudent and enjoy hard work. Spend the most hours working and the least spending. One in ten saves over £100 a month.

Capable of making vast amounts of money but don’t see it as the most important thing in life. Almost one in four manage to save £50 to £100 a month. They say traffic jams are their greatest source of stress not money!

They often make money from inheritance or sheer luck. They admit to being forgetful so misplacing cash comes easily. One third say family issues worry them most, while unpaid bills stress out one in ten.

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The Dawn of Astrology

In the ancient world, humans lived mostly under an open sky. They were filled with wonder at the workings of the heavens—thunder, lightening, meteors, Sun, Moon, and stars. The bright lights in the night sky, the Sun, and the Moon held a different meaning to humans than they do now. People, in those long ago cultures, sensed something beyond the physical lights in the sky. They sensed something magical, something esoteric. They began to incorporate the stars in their mythology, and their religious and spiritual rites. In ancient Sumeria, the symbol for divinity was a star.

Looking up into the sky, the planets, Sun, Moon, and stars all look like they are moving across the sky and circling the earth. It’s no wonder that humans, for so long, believed the earth to be the center of the universe. From our perspective, it is. Ancient civilizations called the planets that they saw moving in front of the backdrop of stars, “Goats.” But it wasn’t long before the great civilizations, like the Babylonia and Sumeria, began naming the planets after their gods and goddesses.

To modern science, the relationship between a god or goddess and a planet was random, without any real meaning. But astrologers believe it was done purposefully, through sensitive priests and priestesses who claimed to experience the subtle energies emanating from the planets. Each god and goddess had dominion over a particular area of human life, and the gods and goddesses were paired with planets that matched their particular characteristic s and influence.

This practice of naming the planets after the deities was borrowed by the Greeks, who renamed the planets after their versions of the same gods and goddesses that reigned in Babylonia. Each planet had the same influence as before, but with a new name. This was the birth of astrology.

Oddly, astrology seems to have started all over the known world at about the same time. The planets were all given basically the same influential characteristics in each civilization. Mercury, regardless of name, had the same influence in the Americas as it did in China or Babylonia.

The form of astrology we use today can be traced back to Egypt around 4200 BC. And, until about 300 years ago, anatomy, astronomy, and astrology were the same science. Events, as well as health were foretold or analyzed according to the planets.

The Chaldeans were the first to create an astrological chart. They devised mathematical calculations of the planets in relation to a specific plane (ecliptic) in the heavens, and devised the ephemerid—a chart showing the movements of the planets. The earliest known ephemerid dates from the mid 7th century during the reign of Assyrian King Assurbanipal.

The Chaldeans mapped the twelve constellations within the ecliptic. It is these twelve, that the planets seem to move across. They noted that every two hours, the constellations would shift in the sky about 30° (1/12th of a complete circle). The Chaldeans also divided the heavens into twelve other segments, called “Houses.” Houses represent areas of life and are influenced according to which planets are passing through them. The angle between the planets would determine the nature of their influence.

Most astrology of the ancient civilizations was concerned with large-scale events such as war, natural disaster, and the rise and fall of kings. Personal astrology came much later. Around 25 BC, the Babylonian astrologer Berosus opened an astrology school in Greece. Over the next 400 years, the Greeks succeeded creating a complex and formal system of astrology which calculated horoscopes for individuals based on their moment of birth. Ptolemy, astronomer, mathematician, and geographer wrote the first astrological textbook around AD 150. This book established the astrological principles we still use today. This form of astrology spread to Rome and became so popular that Juvenal reported, around AD 100, that some people wouldn’t appear in public, dine, or bath without first consulting the stars.

When Ptolomy died in AD 180, astrology in Europe began to decline because the system of calculation was lost with his death. When Imperial Rome crumbled, astrology slid into a corrupt superstition. Then Christians gained power in Europe. They knew astrology only from this decadent state and denounced it as evil. Astrology would have been lost entirely if it had not been for the Arabs of North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the 8th century, the Caliph al-Mansur of Baghdad founded an important observatory and library. Damascus also held a major center for learning which included astrology.

The Arabs devised a system of astrology that would predict auspicious times for things in everyday life, such as journeys, weddings, celebrations, and such. This method was later incorporated into Western astrology. Albumasur (805-85) wrote, “Only by observing the great diversity of planetary motions can we comprehend the unnumbered varieties of change in this world.” His was one of the first Eastern books to be translated into Spanish and read by Europeans. This book sparked a revival of scientific astronomy and astrology in Europe.

In the Middle Ages, the Christian leaders in Europe were faced with the dilemma of what to do with astrology. Should they rethink it and declare astrology a legitimate science, or keep it forbidden as sorcery? John of Salisbury (1115-80) believed that astrology usurped God’s power. God was, after all, the creator of the stars. Could they steal the power of prophecy from Him? However St. Albertus Magnus (1200-80) believed that the planets did influence both the body and free will. St Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) wrote that astrology was an acceptable subject, worthy of intellectual study—as long as necromancy was excluded. He believed that astrology was in harmony with church doctrine.

Because of the change in attitude about astrology, studies flourished throughout Europe. The universities now taught astrology as a part of their curriculum. Astrology was again a respected occupation. Even Pope Sixtus IV was an accomplished astrology, and Pope Julius II consulted an astrologer to help him select a good day for his coronation.

Soon came a new astrology. Risking the wrath of the Church, in 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus published a book supporting the theory that the sun, not the earth, stood at the center of the solar system. This heliocentric theory was already accepted by many scholars and mathematicians. But the Church upheld Ptolemy’s Earth-centered theory because they believed it to be more in line with Biblical teachings. Later, Tycho Brahe, an astrologer and astronomer, who was adamantly opposed to Copernicanism , became a famous astrologer by predicting the death of the Sultan of Turkey.

The Church stubbornly clung to its belief that the heaven’s were fixed and unchanging, with the earth in the center of the solar system. But that all changed in 1572. A supernova occurred which was large enough for all to see in the middle of the day. Everyone, including Church officials, were witness to a spectacular change. This opened the door for scientists like Tycho Brahe.

Brahe spent his life trying to prove Copernicus wrong but could not. After he died, Kepler, an astrologer and staunch supporter of Copernicus, used Brahe’s records to prove a heliocentric solar system and to correct Copernicus’ mistakes. Kepler had discovered that the planets revolved around the sun in elliptical orbits, and that their speed is not constant.

One would think that this new view of the solar system would have disastrous repercussions on astrology, but not so. Whether the Sun or the Earth was the center of the solar system, we experience the universe as if it were all revolving around us. The planets, Sun, and Moon still appear to cross our sky. The constellations still appear to circle the earth. The influences remain the same , but now we are able to predict the motions of the celestial bodies with more accuracy.

Toward the end of the 17th century, there was a growing trend toward separation of science and religion. The Church still supported astrology. The scientific community was growing more dependent on mathematics and more skeptical of anything intuitive. When Isaac Newton published the Principia Mathematica in 1687, the end of astrology as a recognized material science finally came. It, again, declined into superstition and corruption, becoming mired in trivia and mystical exploitation. Astrology didn’t revive until the end of the 19th century when Madame Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, taught the validity of astrology in her writings. Then Alan Leo began writing seriously about astrology. His works are still used by astrologers as a base for modern astrology.

Astrology cannot yet be explained by materialistic science, but neither can some aspects of weather. The laws governing astrology are those not yet uncovered by modern science. The future of astrology, as a respected science, rests in the hands of qualified astrologers. Astrology, like astronomy is only as good as its interpreter.

Although astronomers would have the public believe that all astronomy is based on proven fact, much of astronomy is still based on intuition and guesswork. Yet many astronomers , who cry out “blasphemy” against astrology, base much of their work on that same intuition and guesswork.

Fortunately, a new wave of science is sweeping the earth. Science is revealing mysteries that may one day bring materialistic science and spiritual science together. That there are “unseen” and unknown forces at work in the universe is being experienced by quantum physicists and others every day. Eventually, we hope, there will be a time when the best of both worlds of science and astrology will again work together.

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Love, Passion and Astrology

Sexuality is a complex subject. It’s probably written about more than any other subject. When it comes to sexuality in astrology, much can be said that goes far beyond your sun sign at birth. I’m often asked questions like “I’m an Aries. Am I compatible with Virgos? This is something like saying, “I’m English. Am I compatible with Italians?” Astrology can determine, in finite detail, your sexual nature; what kinds of mates are better for you than others; what types you will be attracted to or draw to you; what you expect from a mate; whether you are likely to have one committed relationship or many, and what they’ll be like.

Determining all this however, takes more than just looking at your “Sign.” A complete horoscope needs to be charted. The astrologer will then look at your Sun and Moon signs, the asteroid Juno, your fifth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth houses, what planets are there and what signs are on those houses and the planets that “rule” them. Pretty complex stuff, but worth the effort. You’ll know more about yourself, or another, than years of traditional analysis could ever reveal. I won’t go into technical detail here, but there are some important things you can found out from your Sun sign.

The day you are born, the Sun is said to be “in” a certain sign. This is what you known as your “sign.” Although your Sun sign is but a fraction of your lover personality, it is a significant one. The Sun represents your basic inner self, your overall inner direction. Keeping in mind that other things in your chart will adjust and alter the influences of the Sun, these energies will be with you and you will express them in many, if not all, ways.

ARIES: With your fire, you’ll be a driving force in any relationship. Your powerful libido energy can stir newly awakened feelings in your partner(s). Choose partners who aren’t likely to be singed by your heat.

TAURUS: Your romantic nature is down to earth, constant and enduring. You are a generous lover and delight in pleasing your partner. But you expect loyalty and steadfastness from your partner. Choose a partner who is emotionally flexible for you don’t often give in when you want your own way.

GEMINI: You like variety. Whether you have many partners or one, you need change. The same lovemaking routine will leave you cold and bored. Choose a partner who likes to experiment and is willing to try new ideas or act out your fantasies.

CANCER: You are self-protective where relationships are concerned and you may keep your intimate life secret. You tend to nurture lovers and can be very generous to them. Find a partner who will appreciate being cared for, wanted and needed.

LEO: Your romantic personality is generous and charming. You are tender, affectionate and free with your loving heart. But in return, you want to be appreciated. You need a partner who is as lavish as yourself with affection.

VIRGO: Although Virgo is often viewed as “virginal” and analytical, you are a caring and nurturing lover. You take the time to find out what your partner wants and to provide it. You also want a lover to know what pleases you. You set great importance on loyalty and faithfulness. You need a partner who is interested in the long-haul. Casual affairs are difficult for you.

SCORPIO: Scorpio is probably the sign most often associated with sensuality. Perhaps this is because you are passionate and feel your emotions with intensity. You have a charismatic magnetism and will attract many potential lovers. In love you know what you want and go after it with single-minded attention, no matter how long it takes. You tend to be secretive about your relationships and don’t commit lightly. You need a partner who will match your passion but not want to be in charge all the time, for you like running the show.

SAGITTARIUS: You find casual sex difficult and prefer to be intimately involved with your lovers. You are passionate and this energy is best when used as an expression of closeness and love. The closer you are with your partner, the stronger your sensual passion is. You also like your love life to be fun and playful. You need a partner who can have fun with love making and not take life to seriously.

CAPRICORN: You don’t commit to a relationship unless you’re sure. You are steady and reliable and want a relationship that is secure and likely to last. You also expect loyalty and faithfulness from your partner. You may be a sophisticated, aloof person in the boardroom, but in the bedroom you can be extremely earthy and sensual.

AQUARIUS: You are an understanding and sympathetic lover, but not necessarily one who takes commitment seriously. You like a variety of romantic experiences and need a lover who can be adventurous as well as affectionate. You don’t like to be limited—physically, emotionally, or intellectually, and need a partner who gives you the emotional space you require, and at the same time, can create intimacy and closeness.

PISCES: You can be passionate and sacrificing. Lovemaking, for you, is a spiritually elevating experience and you feel it body, mind, and soul. You tend to idealize your lovers and overlook their faults until it’s too late. You need a partner who is grounded and practical and won’t let you be too self-sacrificing. You require a lover who will also be able to use sexuality as a transcendent experience.

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Are Astrologers Right That SuperMoons Can Cause World Disasters?

The powerful tsunami that today slammed into Japan’s eastern coast comes just two days after warnings by astrologers that the movement of the moon could trigger unpredictable events on Earth.

Astrologers predicted that on March 19 – a week tomorrow – the so-called ‘supermoon’ will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992, just 221,567 miles away, and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos to Earth.

Here’s an article by astrologer  Richard Nolle who coined the term ‘two decades’ ago explaining exactly what a SuperMoon is. And Richard feels fully justified in his claims about the chaos it can create.
by Richard Nolle

Clearly there’s a lot of confusion about what’s really a SuperMoon. I know, because I created and defined the term in an article published over 30 years ago. When I see people misrepresenting the idea, not really understanding it at all, I feel impelled – not compelled – to try and set the record straight. Words mean things, after all . . . For example, referring to the date of the last SuperMoon as 18 years ago – as several media reports are doing lately – is completely wrong. There are 4-6 SuperMoons a year. The one on March 19, 2011 is in fact the closest SuperMoon of the year, but it’s not by any means the first one in 18 years, nor even the first extreme SuperMoon in 18 years. The truth is, March 19 will be the second SuperMoon this year, and we only have to go back to January 30, 2010 to find the last example of an extreme SuperMoon; as revealed in my tables published in the last century. There was a SuperMoon in effect February 12-21 this year in fact, which anyone who actually read my 2011 World Forecast Highlights would know. And I’m sure you’re aware of the Christchurch earthquake that practically destroyed that city on the last day of that interval. (All my forecasts are in UT, which equates to February 22, 2011 New Zealand time.) I’ve done a few interviews on this subject already, for example on the Red Symons ABC Radio program in Melbourne, Australia; and in each and every case the contact was due to other sources writing about “supermoon” effects which do not fit within the parameters as I defined them more than three decades ago. Clearly, it’s time to set the record straight. (This is a work in progress, in fact just the stub of an article I’m writing to clear up all the confusion – so check back often to get the whole story.)

SuperMoon is a word I coined in a 1979 article for Dell Publishing Company’s HOROSCOPE magazine, describing a new or full moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. In short, Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth. At any new or full moon, Earth and Moon and Sun are all in a line: Earth is in the middle in the full moon alignment, while the new moon happens with Moon in the middle. This coming together in an alignment is technically termed a syzygy. Sometimes – from a few times to a half-dozen times in a given year – these alignments also happen when the Moon is in its perigee, or closest approach to Earth. Astronomers call this very special alignment a perigee-syzygy. I call it a SuperMoon – which is a whole lot easier on the tongue. (My most recent print article on this subject appeared in the October-November 2007 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.)

SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet – including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment – within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule. SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event. And other lunar extremes (of declination, for example) can extend the geocosmic stress window by a day or two here and there in any case.

If you’re interested in the history of SuperMoon alignments in connection with great storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, you’ll find a sampling of them in my book Interpreting Astrology (published by the American Federation of Astrologers). But a simple review of the news over the past few years should serve to get you acquainted. Take Hurricane Katrina, for example; spawned from a tropical depression formed within three days of the August 19 SuperMoon. My forecast for 2005 warned of severe storms within plus or minus three days of the day Hurricane Katrina formed, and even specified the Gulf of Mexico as one of the areas at risk in connection with that particular SuperMoon alignment. I’ve done this for over thirty years now, from articles in the astrology press to the online forecasts at my website, astropro. You can play along at home, using my handy tables of all 20th and 21st Century SuperMoon alignments. (You might even find that you were born under a SuperMoon.)

Examples of the SuperMoon connection with major storms and seismic events abound: the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the largest volcanic event in the second half of the 20th Century, took place on June 15, 1991 (within three days of a SuperMoon); the October 6, 1948 Richter 7.3 earthquake that struck Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and took 110,000 lives, one of the deadliest earthquakes on record (again within three days of a SuperMoon, allowing for time zones); and the September 8, 1900 hurricane and tidal surge that struck Galveston, Texas on the day of a SuperMoon, which killed more people (8,000 dead) than any other Atlantic hurricane on record and remains the deadliest natural disaster yet to strike the United States. I’m just scratching the surface here, citing only a few historic instances in the past hundred years or so. Look a little deeper, and you’ll run across literally hundreds more greater and lesser seismic and meteorological disturbances, from Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to the 1989 World Series (Loma Prieta) earthquake – just to name a couple contemporary notable examples.

More recently, there was the February 28, 2010 SuperMoon, which well illustrates the storm and seismic potential associated with this alignment. As described in my 2010 World Forecast Highlights, the geocosmic shock window associated with the February 28 SuperMoon ran “from February 25 through March 3,” signaling a “newsworthy upsurge in moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions), plus strong storms with damaging winds and heavy precipitation; along with extreme high tides.” My forecast described the alignment as “global in scope by definition,” but with “special risk zones” including “west-central South America.” If you don’t remember it, Google the freakish combination of a monster megathrust 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile, a Pacific tsunami, the “snow hurricane” in the Northeastern US, and hurricane-force killer winds in France – all happening at once on February 27.

Obviously it won’t be the case that all hell will break loose all over the world within a few days either side of the SuperMoons of 2011. For most of us, the geocosmic risk raised by SuperMoon alignments will pass with little notice in our immediate vicinity. In the grand scheme of things, we may live on a little blue marble in space; but it’s still a rather roomy planet, after all. A SuperMoon is planetary in scale, being a special alignment of Earth, Sun and Moon. By the same token, it’s planetary in scope, in the sense that there’s no place on Earth not subject to the tidal force of the perigee-syzygy. Of course, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions don’t go wandering all over the planet. They happen in (mostly) predictable locations, like the infamous “Ring of Fire” around the Pacific plate. If you’re in (or plan to be in) a place that’s subject to seismic upheaval during a SuperMoon stress window, it’s not hard to figure out that being prepared to the extent that you can is not a bad idea. Likewise, people on the coast should be prepared for extreme tidal surges. Severe storms on the other hand can strike just about anywhere, so it behooves us all to be ready for rough weather when a SuperMoon alignment forms. Astro-locality mapping each SuperMoon can help indicate areas of special risk, but the whole planet is in the bull’s eye when one of these geocosmic shock windows opens up. Don’t be paranoid – but don’t be complacent, either.

That said, there’s no harm in making sensible preparations for this year’s SuperMoons. The worst that can happen, if the worst doesn’t happen, is that you end up with a stock of fresh batteries and candles, some extra bottled water and canned goods, maybe a full tank of gas and an evacuation bag packed just in case. (The US Department of Homeland Security has a detailed evacuation kit inventory that, to quote them, “could mean the difference between life and death”.) And maybe you’ll think twice about being in transit and vulnerable to the weather hazards and delays that are so common during SuperMoon alignments. These are the kind of sensible precautions that can make a big difference if the worst does come to pass. It certainly will come to pass somewhere – hopefully far from you and me, but we can’t be sure of that.

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Astrological Love Matches

Find out what your star sign says about you as a partner and lover and which star signs are best suited to you … and those best to avoid.

Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr
Aries are emotionally intense lovers with fiery temperaments and their partner needs to be a match for them, or they will walk all over them. This will keep things interesting.
Top match: Leo, Sagittarius,  Bad match: Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius

Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May
Taureans are dependable, but can be stubborn. They need stability and security like no other and that applies to love and relationships as well as their careers. Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning that they are artists of life and love, possessing the merits that both bring. Taureans know a bit about eroticism – they like to indulge their lovers: seduce, give and receive pleasure.
Top match: Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn
Bad match: Aries, Leo, Scorpion

 Gemini 22 May – 21 Jun
A Gemini’s appetite is rarely satisified and they always hunger for new experiences. Because of this, they are always on the move, and their love lives are no exception. So it should be clear to anyone, that those born under the planet of Mercury can find themselves all aflame in passion and desire one minute and cooled down the next.
Top match: Aquarius, Libra, Aries
Bad match: Capricorn, Scorpion, Virgo

Cancer 22 Jun – 22 Jul
Cancerians love romance, tenderness and dreaming together with their partners. They are natural protectors in platonic and romantic relationships. The mood for love has to be right, and with a little candlelight and some romantic music, Cancerians will lay their protective shell aside. They will teach their partner what heartfelt and fulfilling love can feel like.
Top match: Scorpion, Cancer, Taurus
Bad match: Gemini, Libra, Aries

Leo 23 Jul – 23 Aug
Leos are known for being bold, courageous and passionate, not just in life, but in love as well. Love allows the big cats of the zodiac to express their strong, stormy and intensive feelings, which is what nourishes and spurs them on. They take pride in their partners and like to spoil them. A Leo is never frugal with compliments, promises or generous presents.
Top match: Aries, Libra, Capricorn
Bad match: Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sep
Above all, Virgo is a partner that you can rely upon. In contrast to some of the other signs, Virgos take commitment and marriage seriously. They don’t just want to share the good times in life with their partner, but also the difficult times, which make strong qualities in a loved one.
Top match: Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus
Bad match: Virgo, Leo, Pisces

Libra 24 Sep – 23 Oct
Librans like to be together with others and seek harmony and balance throughout life. The focus on a partner and the blossoming of a relationship is, for Librans, an important key to happiness. Charming and obliging as they are, Librans don’t find it hard to charm and seduce the opposite sex.
Top match: Aquarius, Leo, Libra
Bad match: Aries, Scorpio, Pisces

 Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are very mesmerising, passionate and fascinating, but also very faithful partners. They will go through highs and lows with their partner and they take the promise of “Till death do us part” seriously. Scorpions relish every part of their lover – which is why they are known for being possessive and jealous.
Top match: Cancer, Scorpion, Pisces
Bad match: Leo, Aries, Aquarius

Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec
Sagittarians view life from an exciting and adventurous aspect, including love. The Sagittarian needs, among other things, emotional and affectionate communication with their partner. Sagittarians are true flirts and like ensnare their object of desire by intensive conversations and discussions to test the waters. And only then when there’s a spark, does the eroticism begin.
Top match: Leo, Libra, Aries
Bad match: Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan
If you’re looking for an emotionally consistent and utterly reliable partner, then you’ll find it with a Capricorn. Saturn-ruled Capricorns take love as seriously as they do work or other important obligations. Having said that, it can take time for a Capricorn to open themselves emotionally and have deep feelings for their partner.
Top match: Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius
Bad match: Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb
Where love is concerned, Aquarians are similar to Sagittarians and value their independence and personal freedom. They expect their partner to allow for this and they are of course very tolerant with their partner in return. Sex is a wonderful part of love, but for an a Aquarian, regardless of their sex, it’s not the most important thing.
Top match: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Bad match: Taurus, Leo, Capricorn

Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar
Pisceans are born romantics and are best matched to signs that can bring them balance. Full of fantasy and commitment, they possess a lot of sensitivity and intuition. They like to indulge their partners as they instinctively know what makes them happy and there won’t be many wishes left unfulfilled. In spite of their deep and intensive feelings, Pisces won’t give their hearts away too easily. When a Piscean falls in love, it’s usually a serious thing.
Top match: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio
Bad match: Virgo, Leo, Libra


Astrology And Past Lives

Astrology is remarkable in its ability to hone in on specific past lives and eras that are the most influential in your present life. Those lives aren’t necessarily the ones which are most easily revealed by psychic readings and past life regressions, but they do form the “bones,” the structure of belief and experience, which are most relevant to your present soul development.

Each of the outer planets – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn – contributes an important piece of the puzzle, along with the moon’s nodes. The astrological sign in which each one is placed indicates when in history (which Astrological Age) you spent the past lives which hold the clues to this incarnation’s tasks and highest possibilities.

The ages are defined by the precession of the equinoxes, which, as you will see, moves backwards.

Planets, Karma and Evolution

Saturn indicates the time period in which you developed the spiritual and psychological foundations that provide the “bones,” or belief structure of this life.

Pluto placement, whether or not it’s retrograde, indicates how you signed on to help humanity. Pluto retrograde shows when you incurred karma, positive or negative, that you signed up to balance in this lifetime.

Uranus reveals when your soul developed the (then) rebellious spiritual understandings that will help you transform what Saturn indicates you are working on now.

Neptune usually shows the Age in which your present artistic, psychic or mystical abilities were developed.

Through the Ages

Look at either the Age or sub-Age below to learn when you had the defining experiences for each of the transformational, outer planets in your chart. The dates are approximate.

Age of Pisces (Virgo sub-age), 100 BC to AD 2060 – Deeply mystical, seeking the truth behind what we perceive with our five senses. The Virgo sub-age (980 -2060 AD), including the Crusades, has attempted to define what Jesus symbolized. The sub-age creates a challenge that deepens the age’s lesson, in this case Virgo trying to define and make concrete that which is formless and mystical.

Age of Aries (Libra sub-age), 2260 to 100 BC – The survival of the tribe was paramount. Moses and Pharaoh’s laws gave form, while wars were waged to protect both tribal identity and boundaries. During the Libra sub-age (1,180 to 100 BC), classical Greece and Rome in their prime tried to balance their needs with the intellectual and creative possibilities of both the individual and the tribe or nation.

Age of Taurus (Scorpio sub-age), 4300 to 2150 BC – In the first part of this phase, slow, careful lives were led, laying the foundations of great cultures in Egypt, Asia, the Middle East (Babylon and Sumeria), as well as Central and South America. The Scorpio sub-age (3340 to 2150 BC) saw the pinnacle of Egypt’s courts and priesthoods, the rise of the Zoroastrian religion, and the sacrificial practices of Indochinese, South and Central American cultures. This age featured pain, underground gods, and great temple schools; also the power of sex as a religious and social process, as with the Great Rite.

Age of Gemini (Sagittarius sub-age) 6460 to 4300 BC – The idea of the great temple schools of the Scorpio Age was seeded here, with thriving goddess-based cultures such as the Neolithic site in Malta. Women in particular seem to have memories of sacred schools and often recognize friends of today from those past lives. The theme of duality, Yin/Yang and sacred twins was important. The Sagittarius sub-age (5380 to 4300 BC) marked the time of great adventure and exploration, peopled by wanderers who spread human influence across Asia, Africa, Europe and Russia.

Age of Cancer (Capricorn sub-age), 8620 to 6460 BC – The rigid ideas about power, discipline and certainty which led to Atlantis’ downfall, described by prophet Edgar Cayce as land and temples sinking into the sea, and clouds full of fire and lightning, were developed and bore their poisonous fruit during this age. The subsequent Capricorn sub-age (7660 to 6460) was all about surviving, with powerful personalities dominating needy people.

Age of Aquarius (Leo sub-age), 10,660 to 8,620 BC and soon 2060 to 4420 AD – Although we don’t have much of a recorded historical context for the first Ages of Aquarius/Leo, early Atlantis probably developed during this time, perhaps following the Lemurians, who are believed to have been composed more of energy than matter. We will be finding out more soon about the lessons of the new Age of Aquarius/Leo, already dubbed the Age of freedom, technology, humanitarianism… and, if we’re not careful, Big Brother.

Can Incompatible Star Signs Still Have a Successful Love Relationship?

Why is it that relationships between “incompatible” sun signs so often end up achieving lifelong happiness? And ones which should be a match made in heaven end up being a match made in hell?

Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the New York Times bestseller Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships says that “what counts in making a happy relationship is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility.”

A more detailed look at astrology can show you exactly how to develop win-win ways to deal with problems that crop up in any partnership, whether it’s romantic, friendly, family or professional.

“Regular” Astrology

As you know, most daily astrology is based on what zodiac sign the Sun occupied when you were born.

While the Sun’s location shows your basic character traits, a chart which includes the sign and house placement of the Moon, Mercury and Venus helps you understand how you and your partner as individuals can most effectively deal with incompatibility. And, of course, if you know your birth times, the sign on the 7th House cusp identifies how each of you tends to behave in a partnership, and what you expect from it.

The Moon describes your experience of reality. Venus is the key to your values, how you express love, and how you relate to others. Mercury shows how you communicate and think. The thumbnails below describe what each sign can best contribute when dealing with incompatibilities.

Composite Astrological Charts

An amazing but relatively little-known way to understand a particular relationship’s strengths and weaknesses is the composite chart. If you have the birth date and time for both people, you can get composite charts as well as reports online.

Composites are a chart of the relationship, not the individuals, and they reveal many layers of information, including past life connections. They also show how the relationship itself is best able to deal with incompatibility, as well as how it’s most likely to shoot itself in the foot.

Skills by Sign

Here are the strengths that that you can call forth from your partner and yourself when working out difficulties.You can even assign prep work for planned dialogues or negotiations to each partner based on their astrological strengths.

After you’ve learned which sign rules each partner’s Moon, Mercury, Venus and 7th House, use this information to call on each other’s unique gifts to build real, lasting resolutions to any dilemma.

Aries – Honest answers are their specialty. Put passionate, active, Aries in charge of making sure that you each promptly act on your part of the solution..

Taurus – When they’re committed, Taureans are loyal, practical and patient, and rarely have impossible expectations of partners. Put them in charge of makeup sex.

Gemini – Not only are they ingenious, adaptable and resourceful, but Geminis can lead the pack in clear communication, and can think of lots of possible solutions.

Cancer – Cancer’s commitment to home and family makes them highly motivated to do whatever it takes to maintain stable, long-lasting and caring relationships.

Leo – Leos can infuse the most difficult situations with energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. This positive thinker just knows there’s a solution.

Virgo – Kind-hearted Virgo can usually pinpoint what’s really wrong with uncanny accuracy, if you two talk first and then give them some time and quiet to meditate on it.

Libra – Libras have an innate understanding of psychology and sociology which can be invaluable. And they’re astrology’s diplomats, so put them in charge of discussions.

Scorpio – In addition to having healing powers unmatched anywhere in the zodiac, a committed Scorpio will journey with you to hell and back to find a solution.

Sagittarius – Optimistic Sag will read the best relationship books, and then contribute useful, up-to-the minute theories about how to negotiate and resolve issues.

Capricorn – Call upon Capricorn’s loyalty, their powerful sense of duty and responsibility, and let them be the ones to nail down necessary structures and resources.

Aquarius – There’s no better friend than an Aquarian. Evoking friendship in problem-solving dialogues will motivate them to surpass even their exceptional ingenuity.

Pisces – Empathetic, compassionate Pisces knows just how you feel, and their understanding of your relationship’s history and their intuitive insights can be very helpful.

If you and your partner lead with your astrological strengths when dealing with difficulties, you will be using real, long-lasting bricks to build a more stable and compatible future.

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Leo Men The Bad Boys of The Zodiac

Celeb Kings of the Jungle

Whether they are naughty in real life or portray a villain onscreen, Leo bad boys are hard to resist. As a Fire sign ruled by the Sun, they light up a room with their charisma and entice us with their passion. But when a lion turns temperamental, demanding or wilful, they can be just as fascinating. Let’s take a look at the charts of singer Mick Jagger and actor/directors Robert De Niro and Sean Penn to discover the secrets of Leo bad boys.

Mick Jagger
The term “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” was made for this legendary Rolling Stone. Born on July 26, 1943, he’s a force of nature. He’s got Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto conjunct in Leo, the sign of creativity, performance, and willpower. This intense focus assures that Jagger possesses both the positive and negative traits of his sign.

On the plus side, he’s manifested his creativity on a massive scale. He formed The Rolling Stones while in his late teens and he’s still going strong at 67. And since Leo is the sign of leadership, he’s the perfect front man for the group.

On the downside, Leo can be the quintessential playboy who never grows up. Jagger has seven children by four women. His first wife, Bianca Jagger, filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. Later, he sired a child with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez while he was involved with former supermodel Jerry Hall, with whom he has four children. It’s a good thing for Jagger that Leos are usually loving and supportive parents. Still, a rebellious streak from Uranus conjunct the ascendant in Gemini — where he gets his manic energy onstage — assures that this rock star will never lead an ordinary life.

Robert De Niro
The memorable tough-guy line, “You talkin’ to me?” from Taxi Driver is a taste of De Niro’s genius for portraying thugs. Born just three weeks after Jagger, on August 17, 1943, De Niro shares some of the same astrological influences, such as Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Leo (De Niro doesn’t have Jagger’s Sun-Pluto conjunction, though, which decreases the wilfulness).

One of De Niro’s best alpha male performances is as boxer Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, which earned him an Academy Award for Best Actor. De Niro undoubtedly accessed his dark side to portray a character consumed by rage and jealousy. Other tough-guy roles include the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II, a thug in Mean Streets, a Vietnam veteran in The Deer Hunter and a mobster in Goodfellas.

Still, De Niro also has Leo’s playful side, which is evident in his comedic performance in Meet the Parents. And he combined his bad-boyishness with humor in Analyze This, where he plays a Mafioso in therapy.

In contrast with his villainous characters, De Niro’s real life seems relatively normal. He’s on his second marriage as of 1997. An Earth emphasis that includes Venus and Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Taurus indicates he needs stability in his personal life. More importantly, Moon in Pisces reveals he’s actually a softie at heart.

Sean Penn
Born on August 17 1960,  Penn has Sun conjunct Uranus in Leo, which makes him unusually wilful, even for a Leo. He rebels against constraints of any kind. He also has an explosive temper, which the paparazzi can attest to. In 1987, during his marriage to pop star Madonna, he served 33 days in jail for assaulting a photographer.

Still, having a strong Uranus heightens Penn’s inventiveness as an actor and director. What’s more, because it’s such an unconventional influence, it helped him win an Academy Award for Best Actor in Milk, as gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk. It was the perfect role for Penn, who relates to the outcasts, rebels and downtrodden of society. This Uranian energy is also responsible for his dedication as an activist.

In romance, Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo indicates a love life filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. After his marriage to the material girl ended in 1989, Penn became involved with actress Robin Wright, whom he married in 1996. After several separations over the years, the marriage ended last year.

Leo men whether they’re naughty or nice, captivate our hearts with their passion, creativity and courage



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Job Hunting By Astrological Sign

With so many people in the UK out of work and still more dissatisfied with the jobs they’ve got, it seems like everybody is in the market for a change. If you’re looking for a way to work out your next move or to make your CV stand out, why not harness the power of astrology? Be sure to read your Sun Sign — and your Ascendant — to make the most of your planetary possibilities.

Aries: Activate!
Direct to the point of bluntness, Aries isn’t afraid to say what they want, or to go after it, which makes them great at finding work. On that note, rather than sit behind a desk surfing job sites, Rams will do well to literally pound the pavement. Do the research at home for companies you’re interested in (with or without current openings in your area) and hand-deliver your CV. And whilst you’re at it, make sure to introduce yourself to the personnel manager. Your face will not be forgotten — and neither will your confidence.

Taurus: Work Smarter, not Harder
The Bull is a habitual creature. As such, the sheer freedom of unemployed life can be overwhelming for Taurus. That’s why, even more than most, Taureans need to resist the urge to give in to day-long stretches of online applications and search engines. Instead, create some stability of schedule in a more rounded (and productive) fashion. Get up, exercise, clear your mind, and set aside a particular window each day (say two to four hours) for the job hunt. Within that time frame, have a plan. For instance, if your work involves a set of computer skills, why not brush up once a week instead of reviewing the same vacancies? You’ll make more progress and feel better in the process.

Gemini: The Talking Ticket
Known for their gift of gab, even the most experienced Gemini will not necessarily stand out on paper. But, given the chance to get their chat on, the Twins will make an instant impression. Whenever a prospective position includes contact information (and doesn’t specifically say, “no calls”), pick up the phone and speak to the hiring manager. Meanwhile, take every chance you get to network. Your social skills may just be your route to a rewarding role.

Cancer: The Road Less Travelled
Crabs — like the crustaceans they’re symbolized by — have the tendency to move sideways. Translation? The path to Cancer’s desired end may not be the most direct or expected one. Cancers have a way of circumventing the conventional. Armed with this knowledge, Crabs would be wise to consider alternative routes to their ultimate career destinations. Might it be worthwhile to apply for a position you’re overqualified for at a larger, more prominent company? Or perhaps you may consider taking a step up earlier than planned somewhere smaller? The point is, don’t look at other people’s paths — forge your own. Cancer has the emotional acumen to know what will (and what won’t) work.

Leo: Widen Your Circle
With a knack for inspiring others, Leos make fantastic leaders. Apply these qualities to your job quest by starting an out-of-work support group or professional organization in your area. It may seem like a waste of time, but by taking the initiative to connect other people in similar situations, you’ll put yourself in the center of a group of professionals, increasing your reach exponentially, courtesy of forging face-to-face connections. It’s been proven that people offer jobs to people that  they like. And for natural charmers like the Lion, that means the more people that know you, the better.

Virgo: Loosen up a Little
Perfection and precision have near art-form status for the Virgin, which is why the footloose and (not so) fancy-free state of being out of work will drive Virgo even crazier than most. After all, this wasn’t part of the plan you laid out oh-so-many moons ago, and deviations from plan are simply unacceptable. If, however, you can learn to roll with the punches and grow from this experience — relinquishing control, focusing on the positive and accepting that this too shall pass, odds are it’ll pass sooner. Does that mean you shouldn’t try? Absolutely not. But you need to look on the bright side… maybe it was time for a career change, anyway.

Libra: Make Some Waves
Notorious for their desire to keep the peace, Librans are not the sort to make demands. In fact, it’s your given gift to compromise in favour of the greater good. Trouble is, you often compromise yourself, refusing to stand up for yourself or go after what you want. Librans, more than other, more self-centered signs, need to become proactive on their own behalf in order to pack a professional punch in these troubled times. When applying or interviewing, resist the urge to have it both ways, and the fear of saying the wrong thing in favour of making an honest impression. After all, by simply saying what you think someone wants to hear, you’ll risk coming off as wishy-washy. Whereas, if you honestly assess your strengths, and apply them to positions you’re actually interested in, you’ll have the chance to do yourself some much-deserved justice for once.

Scorpio: Intuition Is Everything
Well known for their shadowy side (you know, the one that stings), Scorpio actually has an often-overlooked higher nature. This is one of the most courageous and powerful signs around. Scorpios also possess an uncanny ability to read a situation, sitting back and waiting for the right moment to pounce. Bring that skill to your job search, and the world can be yours. Translation? Lay the groundwork. Set your goals, beef up your skills, network, and expand your worldview. Commit to the process (which involves self-care, as much as it does pavement pounding), and above all else, trust your gut instinct. You’ll know when the timing (and position) is right for the long haul. Granted, you may have to take some short-term work along the way to make ends meet, but keep your eyes (and intention) on the prize.

Sagittarius: A Different Kind of Fire
With a natural love of freedom and unparalleled spirit of adventure, Sagittarius will do better than most with the unorthodoxy of unemployment. Add to this an idealistic nature and endless optimism, and the Archer might even be hard to be around if you’re another sign also out of a job. Sag offers a valuable lesson in living in the moment. The moment, on the other hand, doesn’t pay the bills. In order to survive in this job market, Sag needs to put their escapism in check and set specific goals and a concrete schedule. In addition to actual job-searching, that also means knowing who the leaders are in your (desired) field and keeping track of must-attend industry events. If you can reframe this commitment as taking care of yourself, instead of adhering to convention, you may find it ignites a fire within, giving you a glow that makes you stand out.

Capricorn: Beyond Practicality
The Goat is the master of getting things done, and as a success-inspired, driven Earth Sign, Capricorn will be a master of navigating the job market. As such, the only and best advice is simply to avoid letting yourself get too obsessed with what is and isn’t worthwhile. Value can be found in all sorts of unexpected places — even in seemingly unproductive unemployment. Instead of digging your feet in, dig a little deeper into your emotional and spiritual sides. You may find a new purpose, as well as a new position.

Aquarius: Find Value in Convention
The Water Bearer holds within the very spirit of unconventionality. That said, Aquarius also has a tendency to poo-poo the establishment. Don’t let your desire to be different prevent you from taking realistic, everyday steps to find work. Likewise, try to see the value in a good day’s work, even if it’s not advancing your higher ideals. Sometimes, the best way to make progress is to put yourself in a less-stressful position, literally and figuratively. Meanwhile, if you have a hard time making sense of a common Aquarian problem (a varied CV), seek the help of a career coach in your desired field.

Pisces: Two Fish as One
Like the symbol that represents them, Pisces often feel the urge to swim in two opposing directions. On the job hunt, this can lead to too many half-baked, fruitless efforts instead of one, singular (and successful) focus. For the best results, resist the urge to branch out into multiple directions, applying willy-nilly for various positions in various fields. Instead, select a singular type of job, and when submitting your CV and/or interviewing, play up your adaptability. After all, you can easily slip in and out of all kinds of roles, and have the innate ability to understand others and their needs. The end result will be a position where you where multiple hats — which is just the way you like it.

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Your Psychic Strengths By Sun Sign

Do you want to take that first step to explore your psychic gifts, but feel unsure about where to begin? Use astrology to determine your natural strengths.

Here’s a breakdown of the 12 Sun signs, their respective characteristics, and how astrology reveals your innate psychic skills:

Keywords: “I am”
Psychic strength: dowsing rods or magical wand

You’re a fierce leader. You love to take charge and have great courage and initiative, which ensures success in all of your endeavors. No challenge is too great. When an Aries sets their sights on a goal … move over! An Aries individual acts like they have an invisible wand in hand, guiding the direction to success. They will naturally be able to divine with dowsing rods, enjoy crafting, working, and experimenting with their own magical wand.

Keywords: “I have”
Psychic strength: meditation

Born under the sign of Taurus, you have the strength and steadfastness of a Bull. At the same time, you’re very grounded. Keeping your feet firmly planted on Earth is your path to success — and necessary for endurance. Daily 15-minute meditations are a welcome refresher in the middle of a hectic day. This exercise will foster focus and ensure success. Not only will your meditation practice flow with ease, but it will become routine, leading to visionary messages for survival in difficult situations.

Keywords: “I think”
Psychic strength: accessing the Akashic Records

Gemini is the sign associated with the freethinking and flowing individual who tackles intellectual undertakings with child-like enthusiasm. When seeking answers, you desire the truth, craving the purest form of information possible — straight from the divine source. A trip through the Akashic Records library will awaken your soul, bringing your understanding of divine knowledge to the next level.

Keywords: “I feel”
Psychic strength: Empath

A Cancer experiences connectedness through their unique ability to feel surrounding energies. Having a natural ‘antenna,’ Cancers are a natural-born Empaths who easily tap into the emotions underlying any situation. Unfortunately, this sensitivity can become energetically burdensome. Developing these solid talents involves self-protection from negative energies. Once mastered, you will feel alight and sane.

Keywords: “I will”
Psychic strength: telekinesis

Leos are powerful, vibrant, and dominant. Eager for a challenge, they continually set the bar higher for themselves. They do not give up. The mental stamina and sheer willpower makes way for desiring the most challenging psychic abilities — developing telekinetic skills and using sheer will to move objects. Perhaps now is the time to learn spoon-bending.

Keywords: “I analyze”
Psychic strength: graphology or divination through handwriting analysis

Task-oriented, Virgos enjoy the particulars in life. Their analytical nature and meticulous attention unveils success in practically any undertaking. With a proclivity for details, especially those revealed in handwriting analysis, stimulates a Virgo’s overactive mind. They thrive on working for hours on end. They actually perceive this type of work as a refreshing undertaking.

Keywords: “I balance”
Psychic strength: pendulum

Librans seek fairness, often swaying from one direction to another. They aspire to strike that perfect balance and rhythm in life. When achieved, they have an innate sense of accomplishment. Their body and fine-tuned inborn senses act as a pendulum. It is no wonder that a pendulum in hand will naturally sway rapidly, and the rocking motion will be a familiar rhythmic pattern, displaying answers with ease.

Keywords: “I transform”
Psychic strength: dream analysis

The Scorpio is one of the most powerful and intense individuals of the zodiac. Scorpion’s transformative abilities lead to many cycles and rebirths, as each experience brings them closer to the other side. In fact, these repeated encounters with the other side wield messages or rapid dreams, which are all-consuming to the Scorpio. Frequently lured into daydreams and intense nocturnal dreaming, they’ll be provided with detailed imagery and meanings for predictive interpretation.

Keywords: “I understand”
Psychic strength: Tarot

The Sagittarian seeks higher learning and philosophical experiences as motivation. Their quest for deep knowledge sustains them as they ‘go-go-go’ until finally hitting the point of mental exhaustion. Their determination fuels excellent research abilities, while their focus provides the necessary support for the serious undertakings and understanding the Tarot. From its basic history to the hidden symbolic interpretations, Tarot will captivate the Centaur, since it provides an endless amount of material for scholarly investigation.

Keywords: “I use”
Psychic strength: lychnomancy or candle divination

Goats have a practical approach to life, which keep them focused on long-term goals. Capricorns generally achieve what they strive for — however, patience is mandatory. Familiarization with the skill lychnomancy, candle divination by reading flames of burning candles, lead to controlled success in all pursuits. The focused discipline required to practice this skill will result in an increase in day-to-day patience, as mysterious divinatory messages are revealed in the candle’s flame.

Keywords: “I know”
Psychic strength: Claircognizance

Sometimes we simply have a gut feeling or just ‘know’ the answer in a situation. Well, imagine for a moment what it would feel like to consistently have that inborn sense of knowing. This is what propels the forward-thinking Aquarian. Not requiring any physical tools, they simply have inborn intuition, or Claircognizance (clear-knowing).

Keywords: “I believe”
Psychic strength: tasseography and divination through tea-leaf reading

The impressionable and free-thinking Piscean is quick to bring ideas to the surface, but avoids being tied down to the details. Similar to their personalities and approach to living … ‘Life is a cup of tea!’ It’s no mystery for a Piscean. They receive messages with aplomb, which is why it suits them to practice the art of tea-leaf reading.


Zodiac Beauty Tips

A recent beauty survey suggested that ninety per cent of women would refuse to leave the house without make-up.

Almost all of those quizzed  said wearing cosmetics made them feel more confident and attractive. Without it they felt insecure and exposed.

And 65% said they reapplied make-up before sex.

But what does your zodiac sign say about your attitude to beauty and how can it help you enhance your looks. Read on to find out.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Like sporty yet dashing Aries Kate Hudson, you’re a blow-dry-and-go kind of girl. Because your sign rules the head, however, it’s worth investing in the right cut and colour to frame your fabulous face. A few blonde highlights will go a long way toward boosting your youthful appeal. Though you’re usually too busy to fuss with your face, taking the time to apply a little mascara and tinted lip gloss will make you look and feel great.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Your beauty stems from your innate femininity. Because you’re ruled by voluptuous Venus, like screen siren Uma Thurman, you have curves aplenty and a lovely complexion worth preserving. Wear sunscreen religiously, and use high quality skin care products — not only on your face but also your neck and chest. Highlighting your luscious lips with the works — liner, lipstick and gloss — will give added glamour.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Like Gemini goddess Angelina Jolie, your appeal comes not just from your beautiful face, but also from your quirky intelligence and unpredictable moves. Enhance your reputation as a quick-change artist by constantly trying out new hairstyles and the latest makeup tricks. Pay particular attention to your lovely shoulders, arms and hands — tone them with weights, baby them with rich oils and invest in regular manicures

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
It’s no accident that Cancer is associated with the breasts and belly, since Cancer is one of the most womanly signs. Whether bestowed by nature or acquired through plastic surgery — like Cancerian Pamela Anderson’s — your cleavage is one of your most alluring attributes. Enhance it with rich moisturizers, shimmery highlights and revealing tops. And, learn to love your belly’s curves while toning it with regular sit-ups.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Your gorgeous mane is your beauty trademark. Like glamorous lioness Jennifer Lopez, known for tossing her curls over her shoulder, you get extra mileage with long hair. Pamper it with the best in hair-care products and salon styling. You also have a dazzling smile, so invest in keeping your teeth healthy and whitened — and straightened, if necessary — so you’ll look your best in rich red and bronze lipsticks.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
There’s a certain purity about you, which gives you a special allure. Like diva Beyonce Knowles, you’re characterized by seeming innocence coupled with keen intelligence. Some of you abandon makeup entirely, preferring the natural look, while others spend hours trying to camouflage  imperfections. Instead, why not go for the middle route and aim for a fresh-faced look that plays up your most attractive features

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
Never was there a more perfect Libra icon than the cool, blonde, impossibly lovely Gwyneth Paltrow. Like her, your beauty flowers not just from your pretty face, but also from your fierce idealism and elegant presentation. Your eyes are one of your loveliest features — play them up by investing in high-quality shadow and mascara. Having your makeup or colours professionally done will bring you the sense of harmony you crave.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
There’s a dark mystery and smouldering depth to you. Like magnetic beauty Demi Moore, you radiate inner power. Because you’re ruled by both energetic Mars and passionate Pluto, finding a sport, workout or active pursuit you love is the key to tapping into your true splendour. Invest in martial arts training or yoga classes, and you won’t need more than a hint of lip gloss and mascara to bring out your natural beauty.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Like songstress Christina Aguilera, who belts ’em out with passion and panache, you’re not afraid to make a statement. Whether you go over the top with playful makeup and hairdos or prefer to present yourself au naturel, it’s your spirit and enthusiasm that make you beautiful.  You like to be wild and carefree and enjoy the wind in your hair — so keep it lustrous with top quality products and styled for ease of movement.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
There’s a no-nonsense beauty about you, and people rightly sense there’s more to you than meets the eye. Like take-charge diva Mary J. Blige, you’re willing to do whatever’s necessary to reach the top. You apply the same philosophy to your beauty regimen, scheduling workouts and haircuts with military precision. Be sure to showcase your softer side, too, by wearing pastel colours and light, shimmery makeup.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Like curious, intelligent Jennifer Aniston, your friendly style wins converts. You may be the girl next door, but you also have an experimental side that’s reflected in your cutting-edge hairstyles and outfits. The most radical among you may put pink streaks in your hair or pierce your nose, playing up your ‘offbeat and wacky’ side. Give equal time to your feminine self via ‘girly’ things like having your makeup professionally done.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Dreamy and romantic are the words most often used to describe you. Like starry-eyed beauty Eva Longoria, you radiate a mysterious allure that stems from your connection to spirit and compassion for others. Play up your beautiful eyes by taking the time to be creative with shadows and liners. And, be sure to pamper those lovely feet with pedicures and reflexology — it’ll give you some relief from all that fancy footwear!

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Sexiest Men of The Zodiac

Girls have you ever wondered why you are drawn to one man’s zodiac sign more than another? Then read on -as astrology explains the seductive qualities of each individual sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
The Aries guy is fresh and youthful, no matter his age. Ruled by action-oriented Mars, the Ram’s passion for life is legendary. But like Aries Russell Crowe or Robert Downey, Jr., he often tends to live on the edge. This can be exciting but dangerous. Not known for his discretion or fidelity in youth, it’s later in life that the Ram learns to bank his fire and settle down a bit more.

Wiry and fit, the Aries man’s physique will grab your attention before he’s even had a chance to wow you with his devilish charm. Aries comes right out and tells you what he thinks, which can be disarming. If he finds you hot, you’ll know it. He wants someone who can keep up with him — athletically as well as sexually! The Ram is always up for a spontaneous trip to the mountains or a competitive game of tennis. The thrill of speed turns him on, and so does the color red. If you happen to drive a sporty red car, you may just be the lover of his dreams.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
There’s an earthy charm and confidence about the Bull that makes him sexy. Even if he’s not classically handsome, his sweet ways get him just about anything or anyone he wants. Fun and flirtatious, when it comes to commitment he moves slowly, like his other animal, the Tortoise. As with legendary actor and Taurean, Jack Nicholson, he’s likely to stay single until someone really special comes along. But if he knows you’re “the one,” he’ll take his time and wait ’til you come around.

Taurus is good with his hands and very sensual — trading massages really turns him on. He’s also tuned in to his body — and yours! — which makes him a sensitive lover. Unflappable and serene (unless pushed too far), he’ll make you feel safe. He can get stuck in ruts, however. Often broad-chested and a bit fleshy, his warmth is comforting on chilly nights. Ruled by artistic Venus, he’s both creative and practical. He’ll build put up shelves for you or plan your diary, and feels manly doing so.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

With that twinkle in his eye and sexy smile, the Gemini man is a real delight. You’ll be dazzled by his quick wit and sexy comebacks — nobody can speak the language of seduction better than the Twins (Remember sexy Gemini Johnny Depp in that delirious romance Don Juan de Marco?). There’s often an androgynous quality about this bloke — his Twin aspect shows he’s got a strong feminine as well as masculine side. And that means he understands the way both sexes think, which melts your defenses.

Though he can be fickle or two-faced, this guy will stick around for a partner who stimulates his mind. Ruled by mental Mercury, he’s turned on by lively debates about media and culture. Travel stirs his blood, as well. Plan a spontaneous trip and keep him guessing about the destination to really fire him up.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
The Leo guy is a natural showman and has a sexy, devil-may-care wit. Like the Sun, his ruling planet, he radiates manly confidence (despite his insecurities) and won’t back down from a fight. In essence, he’s a hero — like Leo Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro — and his strength is his most appealing quality. Even the quieter Leo has a thrilling sense of masculinity about.

The Lion has the biggest heart of the zodiac, and shares it freely once he realizes (sometimes later in life) that the world doesn’t revolve around him. He’ll cook you a gourmet meal or take you shopping for a new stereo system. He likes the finer things in life, and wants an elegant (but fun!) partner on his arm. A little bit of praise turns him on; stroking the Lion’s ego will really make him purr. As long as you don’t upstage him or challenge him too forcefully and trigger his temper, this guy will be eating out of your hand. Letting him know how special he is on a regular basis will also tame the Lion.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
The Virgo guy is intelligent and thoughtful. He’ll remember your birthday and your favourite scents. Ruled by lightning-quick Mercury, his mind is always going a mile a minute, and he tends to be overly analytical and sometimes critical. Yet just when his fussiness is about to drive you crazy, he’ll give you that sexy, sheepish grin (like Virgo Hugh Grant) and melt your heart. Actually, his intelligence is his sexiest quality: he sees straight into you like a laser — and lets you know how much he cares.

Though he can be overly mental, this is also an earthy guy. You can help him bring out his earthiness by doing yoga or planting a garden together. His desire to serve is another sexy attribute — let him fix your computer or make you fresh carrot juice, and watch him beam with pleasure. Another plus in the turn-on department is Virgo’s health-consciousness — he usually has a fit, toned body. He’s also a sensitive lover, once he gets past any performance anxiety.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
The Libra man understands and adores his lovers, which is his most attractive quality. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, he knows how to treat you (probably because he paid attention when his mother taught him manners). Candlelight dinners appeal to this guy, as do romantic walks on the beach. But he’s also the thinking woman’s turn-on. His agile mind and charming way with words can keep you up half the night, as he takes pleasure in talking about anything and everything. Libra is always up for a discussion about relationships or culture, and is a champion of fidelity and civil rights. Some may find him overly intellectual, though.

Artistic and creative, Libra has a real flair for style and his home is usually beautiful. His sweetness is irresistible, and you can lose yourself in those clear, all-seeing eyes. Luckily for you, Libra is a one-partner man. He’s also quite social, and loves to cultivate mutual friendships. His delightful wit comes out at parties, but he will share the spotlight with the woman he loves. Chivalrous to a fault- this guy is a true gentleman.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
There’s a quiet intensity to the Scorpio guy that’ll reel you in. One look in those smoldering eyes (like those of Scorpio Joaquin Phoenix), and you’re a goner. Even sexier is his sultry voice. This guy can literally mesmerize you. That’s why Scorpios make great magicians and hypnotists. The Scorpion’s sexual magnetism comes from someplace deep inside him, and its power is almost touchable. He’s definitely not a match for those who want to stay on the surface of things.

Because he’s ruled by Pluto, Lord of the underworld, this man knows how to keep secrets — and may frustrate you with his reluctance to share his deepest feelings. But he’s definitely not superficial, as you’ll discover behind closed doors. If you fear the experience of being utterly consumed, then stay away from the Scorpion. At times possessive and jealous, he thrives on going all the way (and then some) sexually. But if you can match him, he’ll bond with you for life.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
This guy has the call of the wild in his soul, and that far-off look in his eye is part of his attraction. Think of Sagittarian Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall or Seven Years in Tibet, and you’ll understand the Archer’s outdoorsy appeal. “Don’t fence me in” is his motto. Like his animal, the horse, he responds well to gentle caresses and soothing words. Yet some may find him too hard to pin down.

The Archer is well read and well traveled, and he’s a born teacher, too. He’s also strong and appealingly muscular. Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, he tends to look on the bright side of things, and can pull you out of a funk in no time flat. His natural wit and storytelling abilities are thrilling. He’s not what you’d call predictable, but this can make him irresistible. If you share his adventures but are also independent enough to let him be free, this man will adore you. Let him go off on his cross-country motorcycle rides or fishing expeditions, and he’ll be more than happy to come home to you.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
The Goat has it together, or at least projects the image of being in control. Ruled by ambitious Saturn, he’s a master of the material world. He also possesses the seductive attractiveness that goes with that kind of worldly power. Like the mountain goat, he always aims for the top. Think of indomitable (and ultra sexy) Capricorn Denzel Washington in all those roles where he triumphs over unimaginable challenges. You can’t keep this guy down for long.

A natural father figure, the Goat will protect you — which, along with his warmth and sheer physicality, make you feel secure. He is a solid, reliable presence once he commits. He gets better with age, too (think of Capricorn Anthony Hopkins, still sexy at nearly seventy). The Goat may not be as attuned to feelings as you’d like, but he makes a good mate if you can forgive him his occasional insensitivity and long hours at work. Though he appreciates a good parent for his kids, he’s also looking to you to spice up his life.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Here’s a guy who doesn’t fit the mold. A true free spirit, his appeal comes from his courage to follow his own path in life. Usually ahead of his time, this guy’s quirkiness is part of his genius. Ruled by inventive Uranus, he’ll dazzle you with his utopian ideas and turn you on to worlds you never knew existed. Experimental and even kinky at times, he’ll keep you guessing and take you to the edge, sexually. Emotionally, he tends to be reticent and doesn’t like to talk about feelings. Accept him as he is, and he’ll love you for it.

Freedom-loving Aquarius makes a great friend, though he tends to be gun-shy of commitments. But if you can give him a long leash, he’ll stick by your side. Like Aquarian John Travolta flying his jet or Paul Newman racing his cars, this guy loves the sound of the wind in his ears. Be like Joanne Woodward, who brings her knitting to the track to quietly support her man. Sharing an interest in metaphysics or volunteering for humanitarian pursuits can give you a higher purpose that will keep you together.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Sensitive and caring, Pisces fills you with tingly feelings as he swims straight into your heart. And when he fixes that dreamy gaze on you, it’s hard not to turn to jelly. Pisces loves to touch and be touched — and often communicates best non-verbally. You’ll be transported to other dimensions just holding each other. Sex and spirit are one in the same to this guy, which makes your lovemaking ecstatic.

There’s something appealingly wounded about Pisces that makes you want to rescue him and take him home. Sometimes accused of not being “manly” enough, this guy may overcompensate (like Pisces Bruce Willis in all those action movies) to prove he’s not a softie. Ruled by imaginative Neptune, he’s often a talented musician, artist or dancer. Despite his strong physique, his spiritual nature makes him seem otherworldly. As long as he’s not trying to avoid reality through addiction or escapism, he makes a stalwart and attentive mate. Go swimming with him in a quiet bay or take a dance class together. This guy doesn’t like to be alone, and will respond to your desire to bond.

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