Ask An Angel

Many people have a strong belief in angels, and reports of these heavenly beings are to be found across all cultures and religions.

Indeed history is peppered with sightings of angels usually in response to some great need by man. During the First World War, soldiers afraid for their lives before great battles reported sightings of angels. The most famous sighting was in August 1914, at Mons, in Belgium, when the British Army was involved in a desperate clash with overwhelming numbers of German troops. It was reported that an angelic army came to their aid and brought hope and comfort to the men so that they were able to successfully defeat their enemy.

And how many times have you heard stories of “dramatic rescues,” or “near miss death incidents,” when the person surviving the danger was reported as saying that they felt that “someone” was watching over them and keeping them safe”?


Angels can be called upon by absolutely anyone, whatever their faith. Angels are beings of light and love. They are here to offer help and protection but they can’t intervene in human lives unless we ask them to. Everyone of us has our own guardian angel waiting to be of assistance all we have to do we is be willing to reach out. As angels are telepathic you do not even have to voice your request for help – just sent out a silent message.

An easy way to invite angels into your home is to invest in a candleholder with an angelic design and burn white or gold candles in it regularly. Let the candle burn for as long as you are in the room and then continue with your day.

Filling your home with bright colours is another way to invite angels in. Also add lots of flowers, and pot plants. Crystals too increase the positive vibrations. The love stone rose quartz will also attract the angel’s unconditional love into your home. A clear quartz crystal will catch the light and send a rainbow of colours in all directions. This will draw a host of angels around you to maintain joy and harmony for you and your family.

Angels also love music so play something beautiful each day.

If you begin to notice white feathers around your home – your efforts are paying off as this is a sure sign angels have accepted your invitation to draw closer.

If you feel the need for more powerful angelic help from time to time then you can also request help from the “Archangels” who are wise and loving guides who can motivate and help you in miraculous ways. Here are a few reasons why you may ask an Archangel for help:

If you are concerned your home is filled with negative vibes or stagnant vibrations despite all your efforts to attract light in then you would need to ask Archangel Michael for assistance. He can also protect your home and your loved ones . Michael works especially well with us whilst we are sleeping. Ask him to enter your dreams and clear away any fears that are blocking you from enjoying your home and family life.

If you have lost someone dear to you and you’re feeling sad then Archangel Azrael can offer comfort. Although he is sometimes called the ‘Angel of Death’, his role is to accompany souls, as they journey to the spiritual world.
Archangel Azrael can also console loved ones left behind on earth. Ask him to send extra angels to support you in your difficult time.

If you are lonely and long for romance ask Archangel Haniel to help. This angel will let you see that it is safe to take risks and follow your hearts desire.

Remember angels can take many guises. They sometimes appear in earthly form as someone we trust in their desire to help us.

So if a stranger with a beautiful, serene face goes that extra mile to help you then you are quite likely to have received angelic assistance.

Have you had an angelic encounter? Let us know and we will feature your story here.




Posted on Mon 8th Jun 2009 15:02:00