A magical love spell to help you decide which lover to choose:

Apple Pip Love SpellIf you’re lucky enough to have several suitors but can’t decide which one’s for you then here’s a simple little spell to help you decide:

Items required: White candle, oil of your choice (jasmine, almond and rosehip are all excellent), apple pips.

Suggested lunar phase:  Best done when there’s a full moon.

First, dress the candle with oil, moving from both ends to the centre of the candle.

Next, take as many fresh apple pips as you have suitors and stick them in a line around the candle, naming each pip after each one of your suitors as you do so. Now light the candle and watch to see which pips falls first. The last pip to fall from the candle is the one you should choose.

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Posted on Fri 19th Jun 2009 20:53:00