Amethyst For AftershockAmethyst is well-known for promoting calm after stressful encounters, such as confrontation, and working with this crystal can also help you deal with the effect of little stresses that build up throughout the course of the day, month and even over a number of years.


When you begin to feel stressed, it’s iAmethyst For Aftershockmportant to take yourself away from the situation as quickly as possible. Take hold of two amethyst crystals, one in each hand. Wait a minute or two until you notice that you are feeling calm and your breathing returns to normal. If you work with your crystals every time you feel even the slightest stress, you will quickly find that few things stress you out and you relax more easily after each stressful even.


Amethyst For AftershockAquamarine, celestite, lapis lazuli and smokey quartz can also promote a relaxed state of mind and body.




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Posted on Tue 10th May 2011 16:57:27