The Advantages of Keeping A Dream Diary

The Advantages of Keeping A Dream Diary

The Advantages of Keeping A Dream DiarySleep, everyone needs it to rest and recharge the body for a new day. Likewise, everyone needs to dream, even if you can’t actually remember your dreams.

Dreaming is thought to be the mind’s way of resting. It also offers a way of sorting through the events and experiences of the day and trying to find solutions to unresolved problems.

Your conscious mind hands over to your unconscious for the night shift and leaves it to work away whilst you snooze! Dreams are essential for good mental health and if you weren’t allowed to dream you would quickly become disorientated, or possibly even  psychotic.

Dreams frequently puzzle us and we often find ourselves telling a strange dream to someone else in order to try to make sense of it. Often though within the space of minutes upon waking from a dream it will begin to fade and slip from our mind. But, as dreams are so important to us it may be worth preserving the essence of it.
Many talented people use their dreams as a source of inspiration and ideas. Horror writer, Stephen King, author of ‘Carrie’,’Salem’s Lot‘, and many other best sellers, said that a dream he had whilst on a flight from New York to London inspired the plot of his book, “Misery” – later made into a film.

Ex-Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, whilst unable to give precise details of where he draws his inspiration for the lyrics to his many hundreds of songs, does admit that his dreams often provide him with a starting point and said that the words from one of the Beatles  most famous songs, “Yesterday” came to him in a dream.


Keep a journal or a notebook solely for this purpose. Place it next to your bed to record any dreams you remember next morning. To help your recall you could trying placing an amethyst crystal (known to enhance intuition & artistic abilities) on top of your book.

Get into the habit of thinking through your dreams as soon as you wake while they are still fresh in your mind. Then write them down with as much detail as possible before they vanish and you get caught up in your day.

Don’t be discouraged if you find this difficult at first. If there’s a day or two when you simply can’t remember or you don’t have time, don’t worry. More importantly don’t give up.

Don’t be tempted to use an A-Z dream dictionary to analyse your dreams. Dreams are very personal to you and only you alone can ever truly understand the meaning of them. Some therapists specialize in dream analysis and whilst they might have much experience in this area – it would only be their opinion. The dream is yours! It may take you a little while to work out the meaning, but it’s worth persevering as dreams can often offer profound insights into your life.

Sweet dreams.

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Posted on Fri 19th Jun 2009 16:53:00