Your psychic love predictions

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I asked you to choose a card to reveal a future love prediction for you.

Scroll down the page now to read what your number choice reveals about your love life.

Did you choose card number 1?


If you receive an invite to a party/celebration then do be sure  go. The Universe, is conspiring to bring ‘lasting love into your life and a romantic encounter is more than likely. Watch out for someone with a  good head of blonde/reddish hair with regard to this.

If you’ve recently met someone new and wonder how it will go, a happy romance will develop.


If you are already attached, your partner will continue to love you, but you may find before summer is over that you find someone within your circle of acquaintances extremely attractive. Temptation? Will you give in or just continue to flirt?

Did you choose card number 2?

Single: You will meet your life partner within 2 weeks to 2 months. This will happen quite out of the blue, when you are not actively seeking a partner. The initial ‘A’ will be important here and may start the beginning of a first name or surname.

Relationship: A choice needs to be made. Are you as happy as you should be in your relationship or do you feel the need for more interest/emotional support from your partner? There may be an outside influence on your relationship which is not helping (another person).

Did you choose card number 3?

Single: Commitment and marriage is much closer than you imagine. Watch out for a meeting with someone new on a Tuesday evening, in a place where water is nearby – this is particularly well-starred. It’s likely this person may have a child from a previous relationship that you to will grow to love as if your own.

Relationship: You and your partner will have a stroke of good luck making your affectionate marriage/relationship more prosperous. The next seven months will be the start of this upward trend of achieving some of your dearest wishes together as a couple (this may involve a better home).

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