Your good luck predictions

Earlier on my Facebook page,  I asked you to choose one of four lucky horseshoes, to bring you a message of good luck.

Scroll down the page to find the number that you chose.

Did you choose horseshoe number 1?

You will receive a wonderful and unexpected surprise from a lover within the next 7 days to 7 weeks. This prediction applies even if you are currently single. The number 11, will prove ‘lucky’ for you. Watch out for it in an address where water is close by.

Did you choose horseshoe number 2?

Financial improvements will uplift you and start you on a new and exciting path. Expect a windfall or a pay rise. A contract signed in early September,  will bring you much personal happiness.

Did you choose horseshoe number 3?

A big improvement will happen soon, particularly with regard to a concern that is currently worrying you. . In six weeks, you will be viewing life in a different way and feel more optimistic about your long-term future. Someone who you have had differences with in the past, moves away from the area for good.

Did you choose horseshoe number 4? If you, are someone close is studying for exams of any kind, that the results will be good. An influential person may soon be singing your praises. This may relate to career, when a new pathway opens up for you before autumn arrives. If  you have given any thought to working in nursing, care or social work– the Universe supports you in this venture.

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